Zara Franchise – Comprehensive Summary and the Opportunity

Zara Franchise

Are you looking for a clothing brand to invest in then you should read out this post, which lists the essential points and overview of the Zara franchise.

As we know, there are many brands in 2020 that are popularly known for clothing and accessories, but Zara is one of them and has grown tremendously from past decades.

You will find a lot of clothes and accessories at Zara, including men’s, women’s, kid’s, bags, and many more. Etc.

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Zara is a trendy brand and has spread among all countries as per the latest report there are 2259 stores in all 96 states.

If you want to follow fashion, then Zara is the ideal fashion destination for you, and it’s one of the fastest-growing retail chains as of today.


Zara is the Spanish fashion clothing brand, and it was founded by the Spanish guys Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in 1975.

The company has its original name is zobra, which later changed by the Ortega, and now we know this brand as Zara.

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There are so many things that would matter when you are in an apparel and clothing business. Because we know everybody is on the race to sell their clothes quickly but why Zara is different from others. In 1975 the owners defined some rules that should be the critical point to the success of Zara’s journey.

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Zara is popularly known as instant Fashion, which means Zara has many unique clothes that have never repeated yet. And the manufacturing department has a tremendously achieve the target to deliver the clothes within a week compared to the other who takes almost 40 days to produce garments.


Zara is the fashion retail marketplace where everything they handle by themself and do not believe in third-party manufacturers.

Clothes designing, manufacturing, and transportation All the things they have to manage internally and have their in-house team to handle every clothing request, so this is the most significant point of this Zara.

The team and the owner’s primary aim to reduce the manufacturing and designing time, which would be 40 days for some other retailers, but Zara has managed to deliver clothes within 10 days.

Requirement and Apply:

Zara is known as an independent brand and now owned and operated by Inditex. Start delivering since 1976 from Spain. I know there are so many youngsters and opportunists looking for the moment to invest in a Zara franchise, but the sad news is that Zara does not provide its unit franchise to India.

Zara is a massive and expensive brand, and for the license cost, the average amount you like to carry to buy the Zara franchise is $30,000. This cost I mention here is for outer countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

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Furniture and Equipment, Advertising and Royalty fees, If you sum up everything, it would nearly reach the $80000.

Currently, Zara is work with the TATA Group, known as trent it as a joint venture. Still, we have hope if the company wishes to invest in Indian markets to and now we have the one store of Zara, which is in Haryana.

If you like to contact one of the supervisors, then below are the details you can check.

Zara Contact Details

Zara Edificio Inditex Av.

Diputación s/n 15143 – Arteixo A Coruña – Spain Tel: +34 981 185 400

Bottom Line:

There are many clothing and fashion franchises you can consider today, but the Zara franchise still does not allow us to open a store in India. If you like this post, then share the post with your friends and colleagues.