How To Apply For Tunwal e-Bike Dealership In Your City

tunwal e bike dealership

Are you looking to start a profitable business in the automobile industry? If yes then this article is for you to start a new business with the Tunwal e-Bike Dealership franchise. 

Do you know Tunwal e electric was started by Mr. J P Tunwal? Who introduced this venture with a vision to create a green value in the market. That will benefit human beings as well as the environment in nature. 

Manufacturing Facility Of Tunwal e-Bike?

Do you know the manufacturing facility of Tunwal e-Bike has its unit located in the Green city Gandhinagar, Gujarat? It aims and promises to deliver high-quality and reliable products to its customers. 

The bike comes with an anti-theft alarm, remote lock along a motor. That gives up to 2 KW that gives around 50 mph max speed. Also, the vehicle comes with an ARAI card. 

Tunwal e-Bike has its selling point that uses 48 V batteries and some of the vehicles use 60 V batteries. 

Their bikes are completely Li-ion or lead-acid batteries. Some of the scooters also have IBS which is an electronic braking system. Along with DRLs and remote rear wheel lock functionality. 

The Tunwal E-Bike has made a good network that is designed in such a way that can be used in every activity. 

Benefits of Tunwal Electric Scooter Dealership?

Tunwal e-Bike has many best models of its scooters that are always in demand among people. They offer a two-year insurance policy with at least basic third-party insurance. Some of the benefits of the Tunwal e-Bike dealership Franchise are 

  • They are in demand. 
  • They are pollution-free and convenient to use. 
  • They are the futuristic model in the coming years. 
  • They save greenhouse emissions. 
  • They don’t have to use any driver’s licenses. 
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But the main drawback of this Tunwal e-Bike is that it takes more time to charge. Once you charge your vehicle. Then you can travel with your vehicle to approx 70 – 100 km. 

Tunwal e-Bike Dealership:

Tunwal electric bike start production provides economical, smartest with premium design electric wheelers in the Indian market. Right now the company is producing nearly 4000 – 4500 bikes on monthly basis. 

The aim and target of the company are to produce 1 lakh electric vehicles each month. The company also targets to reduce the cost of transportation. 

Where in India the price hike of petrol and diesel is increasing day by day. As on average a petrol vehicle can travel 40 – 50 kilometer in one liter of petrol. The current price range of one liter is 120 INR per liter. 

But in electric vehicles, it will cost you only 10 – 15 rupees for over 70 – 80 km of travel. That is economical for everyone to travel. These bikes are the future of India. With the latest technology, you can also start your own business under the Tunwal E-Bike Dealership.

As in upcoming years, the market share price is going to get increase for these e-bikes. Tunwal e-Bike is also being a tough competitor to Hero electric, Tvs, Bajaj. As they to have introduced this new series of e-bikes. 

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The first e-Bike of Tunwal bikes consists of Strom ZX, Sport 63 48V, Sport 63 60V, Lithium-Li, Elektrika 60, In addition to the list. Making it the first electric bike by the company. Here are the low-speed and high-speed e-bikes of Tunwal company down below. 

Low Speed Bikes:

  • ROMA
  • LITHIUM 2.0 60V
  • Sport 63 60V
  • Sport 63 (48V)
  • Sport 63 Alpha (48V)
  • Mini LITHIUM 48V
  • Storm ZX
  • Elelltrika 60V

High-speed bikes:

  • ROMA S
  • STORM ZX Plus
  • TEM G33
  • T 133

To Apply online for Tunwal e-Bike Dealership here are the steps below to follow. Become a part of this versatile company and improve your entrepreneurial journey with it. 

  • Firstly visit its official website online
  • Then on the homepage, you will see various options available regarding the company. 
  • See the page information about Tunwal, their products, find us page, become a dealer, and other categories. 
  • Become a dealer and book them for a test ride on their official website.
  • A new page will be opened when you select the become a dealer option. 
  • This is a Tunwal e-Bike Dealership application form. 
  • So fill in all the details about your contact number, email ID, address, State, City, Pincode, Current business qualifications, Name of the firm, Business turnover yearly. These are the details that you need to fill in and submit the application form. 
  • At the end write about your business and your vision for this business in the comment section. Before submitting the form go through all the information and click the submit button. 
  • Company officials will contact you with the proposal at your earliest. Either they will mail you about the selection or ping you a call. 
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Tunwal e-Bike Dealership Franchise Company Details:

Dealership inquiry number:- +91 8448448763

Warranty-related issue number:- +91 7016359761

Spare part related information- +91 63543 34184

Dealership inquiry mail:-

Customer care number – +91 8448448763


Service-related issues:-

Company address:- Office Number 302, 3rd Floor Guru Kripa Tower, ARANYESHWAR Corner, Above HDFC Bank, Sahakarnagar, Pune Maharashtra. Pin Code 411009.


Tunwal e-bikes are specially designed for elders, senior citizens, and handicapped people. That demonstrates the path of promoting greener vehicles. 

The company also believes in working with dealers from across the country. To promote their outlets as well as the main motto of their company is to have sustainable travel. There are numerous outlets in various parts of India. 

If you have any dealership issues or doubts regarding the Tunwal E-Bike Dealership. Feel free to connect with the company’s official website which is mentioned in the article itself. We hope that this information is helpful for you if you want to contact the company. Mention below your doubts we will try to solve them at your earliest.