Tree House Franchise Cost and Complete Setup Process

Tree House Franchise Cost

Looking for an opportunity to start your own business? Why not try to the franchise businesses, today will explore more things about preschool and one of the reputed brand, tree house franchise cost.

Franchise businesses are ready to assist and have every resource which you can utilize under the brand name to grow your business without any hesitation.

The franchise business is for investors who are ready to pay and do not wait to see how the company grows from scratch.

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There are so many franchise business opportunities out there, but they are more costly and have more criteria to apply for the franchise; that’s why I have picked one of them which looks genuine and does not require much capital to invest.

Have you heard about the tree house before? Nope. The tree house is a playschool and nursery for children who are under age for school.

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Tree House is one of India’s best preschools, and the first school doors opened in Mumbai for all children back in 2003.

The leading preschool brand in the education sector and has a spread across India, currently has more than 24 centers fully working in our country.

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What Program Treehouse Preschool Offers? 


The activities are held under playgroup only for kids of 1 ½ year to 3 years age group, Where the kid learns the nursery activities and the creative and communication building task.


Nursery specifically built for 2 ½ years to 3 ½ years of age groups kids will learn some analytical, language, and word-learning skills. 

Junior KG:

This is the third stage in a child’s learning phase, and mostly you will find the kids in between 4 years to 5 years age groups; before the ready into the real class, kids must have developed social skills.

Senior KG:

The fully grown kid and mentally healthy are ready to take the first step in a school, naturally 5 to 6 aged kids learning more friendly activities. 

Summer Camp:

Summer camp is generally for the children to understand nature’s creativity and the importance of art, craft, and physical activities.

Teacher Training Course:

It’s a complete training package for the Teachers who educate the kids; in the session, you will go through the many preschool activities frames.

Hobby Class:

As the name suggests, it is a hobby class where the child is on stage to explore his creativity and interaction with the objects.

Tree House Franchise Cost and Success:

The tree house is an Indian pre School brand, and it is the most recognized player in the educational sector.

If we consider the work and milestone from the beginning, then Treehouse has achieved the most recognized awards in the journey.

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Most Evolving PreSchool Brand honored by ET Now.

Innovative Company under Top 10 

Best Education Company

Benefits You will Get in Tree House Franchise:

Once you enroll for the franchise partner with the Treehouse preschool, you will have multiple benefits. 

As you know, you are expanding the business in the form of a franchise, which means you will have the complete advantages of using all of the resources and study materials.

The company is not new in the market; they are fully functioning since 2003 in India and has earned a reputation over time as a leading player in the education sector.

If the other franchises have rejected your application, then you can consider Tree House franchise; they have a fully supportive staff and support you to establish the business in a particular territory. 

Whether you need any kind of help at any stage, you can directly contact them, because they have a dedicated team that supports you in a franchise.

You will get Necessary things like the latest equipment and Study material At regular intervals.

Tree House offers excellent and High-quality training to the teachers For child care and other activity.

Treehouse is best known for its curriculum and its innovative educational program for students, and that’s the reason why the company has achieved the most excellent awards.

Tree House Franchise Cost and Support:

To start, you are a franchise School in a local region; you must have the commercial space around 1000 square feet and a little bit of front view space.

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There is no fixed cost mentioned on the official website, but Tree House Franchise Cost you anywhere between 5 to 10 lakh must-have in a pocket for the initial investment.

They have a dedicated franchise staff, and you will have your manager who ultimately helps you to resolve your queries and make a good association with the head office.

As the company has stated, they don’t have any concern with the local territory, so you can directly apply online if you have a commercial space.

Contact Details:

You can directly contact the company’s staff or representative with below-supplied details to get an accurate estimate.

Email Address:

Contact Number: 7777049352 / 7777051309 / 7777051422

Compliance No – 07777051421

Registered Office in Mumbai:

702/C, Morya House, Off. Link Road,

Near Infinity Mall, Andheri (W)

Mumbai – 400 052

Apply Online:

Bottom Line: 

Starting your own franchise business is a great decision you have taken for yourself. The Treehouse franchise is one of the highly recognized brands and leading players in the educational sector to trust the company. Tree House franchise cost Is budget-friendly, and along with you will get complete support from the staff. Let me know what you think about the post. If you love reading, then kindly share this blog with your friends and family.