Top Low Investing Business Ideas in the Philippines

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Looking for the big dream to achieve in the Philippines, then this is an ideal post for those who wish to kick start own business, Check out below business ideas in the Philippines.

The Philippines is located in the western Pacific, which is part of South East Asia. Its surrounded by ocean and forest. That’s why it’s known as an archipelagic country.

Anyone who wishes to become an entrepreneur in the Philippines then its golden opportunity and lots of foreign investors have invested every year. Because of the seaside near, there is always a massive crowd for outsourcing materials.

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In the past, new year business in the Philippines has set a new record to the electronics and high-tech component.

If you are looking for natural business resources or wish to explore business opportunities in the natural environment, then the Philippines’ best place for you to invest.

The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing economies with huge investors looking for the opportunity, if you student or jobless, or a house owner, then you have that chance to invest time for a small startup.

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From my knowledge, business ideas are limitless. If you have that much passion and aggression to do anything possible to work consistently, then every location is best.

Career Counselor:

Career advisor, carrier coach, or counselor, they are of similar kind people, and they have to guide local students who are new to the corporate or graduate who don’t have any ideas from where to start carrier.

No matter from which location you are, there is always the chance to explore yourself and get the best version out of you.

Thanks to the internet, now the face to face carrier counseling is might difficult after the pandemic crisis. However, still we have many ways to interact with our students via Google duo, webinar software, Skype, etc.

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On average every year, thousand of a student looking for great advice from where to start carrier or business, and this is the spot where Career Mentor came into the picture.

If you are from the local region, then it’s good to guide you. Still, if you are not, then you can take the advantage of freelancing sites, you don’t need to do anything complicated task, make sure to create a clean and beautiful profile and mentions the price how much you want to charge per student/per hour.

DIY Crafts Coaching:

If you have the talent or belong to a traditional community in the Philippines, you might be aware of how our old grandparents are skillful to DIY crafting things.

Most of the rural home families can easily design a variety of headdresses, earrings, bracelets, belly rings, neckless, etc. and most things made with artistically with strong religious traditions and beliefs.

Don’t always consider gold, and platinum is the only expensive metal for jewelry. In the Philippines, most costly sets are tribal metal, which found from natural resources.

There are tons of business ideas in the Philippines to trying, starting from wood carvings, essentially wood-related showcase. Weaving is another highly demanding work in the local market, pottery, which primarily focuses on forming vessels and other things from clay.

You can directly sell your crafts item in manila’s local market or via eCommerce site and craft central.

Plumbing Solutions:

The pluming solution is the ever demanding services in not only the Philippines but also the world.

There are so many things you can do in plumbing, which is starts from investigating from septic work, bathtubs, kitchens, shower related work, drainage lines, etc.

Plumbers are always good demand in every local market, so you can build your reputation local market otherwise built local services website, and people will definitely call you repairing work.

Recipe Experts:

Food is love, and you can become a favorite of the customer by delivering excellent and crips food that force others to say wow! Delicious!

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Do you love cooking or have learned to prepare delicious food? Then its golden opportunity to start own food stall on the street or have the budget to invest then work with a local restaurant.

There are tons of recipe ideas you can work starting from Adobo, Sisig, Crispy pata, Chicken inasal, Taba ng talangka, and many others. Start your cooking from today, if you love to invest in foods.

Online Astrologer:

This is something professional and highly spiritual business ideas, but to become astrologer, you have a study diploma to move ahead.

You can advise the customer in an online direct video session or via the shop in the local market.

Online astrology is something that customers will definitely trust you because you are the one who can advise anyone out there how to make a peaceful life.

The Philippines are firmly attached to ancestor and tradition rituals, so it’s a huge business opportunity for you to start your own astrology business.

Knife Maker:

Knifemaker or Bladesmith is the art of making blades, knives, swords, and other heavy sharp objects which have used in wars.

Knifemaking is tough work. You have to spend many hours making a single knife, which involves lots of activity preparing handles, sharpening the metal, and designing carefully with razor-sharp tip. And more.

Once you prepare your knife, you can sell it to the local markets or online via websites.

Who will buy my knife? Right. There are many adventures tourist, hunters are love to buy blades at any cost because it’s the unfortunate thing for those people.

Teach foreign Students:

Teaching business is something you can work and build your vocabulary, in the local market, people prefer tagalong language.

If you think you have a firm grip on grammar and English, then you can teach international students, who wish to stay in the Philippines.

Most youngsters choose to go this way because its a secure and reliable method to earn only by teaching students.

As you can check, freelance sites also have various profiles that offer teaching services starting range from $30/month, and this is the best way to earn side income without any ventures.

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Online Trading:

Trading is an immaculate and market-based system that offers enormous profit, without moving from one place.

First of all, trading is a large market and open to everyone who wishes to pursue it. There are so many funds you can buy and sell at any cost.

Trading is like buying funds, which are most commonly known as equity funds, fixed-income funds, real estate funds, commodity funds, specialty funds, and many others.

You just need to analyze the trading market the whole day, there is one more opportunity under bitcoin, but that’s a bit risky. If you cant wait to see profits, then bitcoin is suited for you.

Pet Care Taker:

This is whole new business ideas to work if you like the pet, you need to register as a pet sitter from the local market.

Pet caring is on the boom, because lots of couples have at least one pet, in-house, and most are doing full-time jobs, so due to busy schedules, we can’t give them care what they need.

There are so many online websites that offer pet sitting services. As per organization or local shelter, you will get paid.

Create Scrapbook :

The scrapbook is something that you can do along with children for fun, and it’s refreshing tasks to perform with friends, family, and high school friends.

There are many events based on real scrapbooking purposes, which is the best moment to capture your memory.

Some people love to make own scrapbooks, and some hire local scrapbook maker, and they help you get excellent, fun-loving photos for you and then gather some memory for you in one frame which beautifully design. These moments are never come back, so most people prefer to hire local scrapbook makers to make it last longer and highly creative.


I know there are only 10 business ideas in the Philippines, which I brief here, after a lot of research, I know real situation ideas might be different from what I mention here, drop your comment, and think about the post.