Top Low-Cost Business Ideas in Pune for Everyone

Business Ideas in Pune

Pune is one of the fastest-growing sectors for industries, and in terms of population, it ranks second after Mumbai as a crowded place.

Many of them consider Pune is the best place to earn and live, primarily Pune cities and village areas are fully occupied by the energetic youngster who are financially not stable yet but still wish to get out of the comfort zone to build their empire.

Fundamentally, business ideas in Pune might differ in some points of Mumbai because the whole Pune is not a metro city, so your business and local market will revolve around how people accept your ideas and need.

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One thing I like about Pune is that you will feel like a villager, as I already told Pune in some part has beautiful villages, and others are the whole city, so there is an immense opportunity to start their own business ideas in Pune.

Why am I focusing on Pune for a startup? See, Mumbai is satisfied with the richest people and we cannot stand in front of those IItians or Wealthy peoples who have captured every market, yes I agree, if you have a unique startup idea, then it’s great to work on in a place like Mumbai, but again will face fund problem or space problem right. And now we have one hope after Mumbai is the Pune city.

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For business in Pune, you don’t need any specific amount to invest because I have does not include any franchise or license-related business. I am here about targeting mainly to those youngsters who are ready to spend time with a small investment.

Like my old post, here, I will do not include any high-tech startup idea. These is primarily cheap business ideas mentioned after analyzing the local market and the need of resources.

Top 10 Business Ideas in Pune

Small Food Stalls:

This one of my proven suggestions, to work on a small food stall in your area or region, small food stall is less expensive and highly profitable business ideas in Pune.

Small food ideas work in any place, where the crowd are present in a vast manner like most of the colleges, industries, and youngster are staying in Pune for a longer time.

The massive population will undoubtedly give a helping hand to grow your business, on one condition provides a spice with a delicious taste to your food, which you are about to sell.

There are many ways you can invest in small food stall ideas, includes pani puri, ice creams, dabeli, vadapav, Chinese corner, etc.

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If you do not wish to invest in a full-time food stall, then I recommend you focus on breakfast-related food items, starting with pohe, upma, Shira, idli, and dosa item mostly sold at the morning times.

So try to prepare your first dish and then make a wise decision.

Canteen Business:

Canteen business might sound weird to you, and I just want to re-name as (Khanaval). This is a home-based Tiffin business.

Around 40% of youngsters are staying and live life in hostels. Because some are staying in Pune hostels to complete the probation period, some are about to complete engineering, and some belong from a village in search of a job or work.

If they are married and with the family, then it’s easy to save money on foods, but most of them are getting 2-time food from the home-based canteen, which is not free, Right for 2-time lunch, you have to pay around 3500 to 4000 per.

So if you think, if the family agrees to start their own canteen, then I would suggest focusing on those people who are really needy. Similarly, you will earn too by serving food.

Real Estate Advisor:

As per my knowledge, becoming a real estate advisor in regions like Pune is one of the challenging business ideas.

Real estate business depends on three parties as you already know, buyer, seller, and agent, sometimes only 2 parties involved if mutual understanding exists.

If you are a talkative person or have some previous selling job experience, then it’s a bit easy to crack the deal. The main thing is you have to convince the buyers to accept that property (I honestly suggest you, do not involve in any illegal agreement)

As per my experience, you will crack 1 or 2 deal in a year, that is still worth to try because on an average you will earn 1 to 2% commission per estate or house property, if the house is sold at 50Lakhs you will be getting an average 50k to 100k.

For this business, you don’t need to have any certification, but you have to travel a lot in your region and meet daily new people, to get an upcoming deal or customer.

Digital Device Expert:

A digital device expert is not a fabulous business to start. However, it’s worth trying, and the digital device can be range from smartwatches, android devices, iPhones, temperature devices, and many others.

Grow your skills in repairing or advice to cell phones issue, which surely earns you handsome money. Everyone is addicted to cell phones not in cities in villages also, so it does not matter if this kind of repair shop is already available in the local market.

There are many other things you can do with cell phone repair work, like sell earphones, chargers, connectors, USB cables, etc.

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Repairing device is like a steady growing activity which increases day by day, and there are no other factors that could affect this business, so if you are about to jump in this idea, you must have a hand to hand chipset knowledge of the device.


Plumbing business is purely working on how the things work, there is no need you to invest in the plumbing program, yes there are many institutes now provides plumbing classes, sounds professional Right.

There are so many activities involves in plumbing work, like water pipeline, shower work, bathroom-related fixing parts, and so on.

Become a plumber is a like a part-time work, the thing you have to do is the word to mouth promotions, social networking tells people about your skills and they will obviously call you for urgent work.

This plumbing business is purely based on free skills, don’t have to invest money, only matter is time and how efficiently you fix the problems.

Auto Parts Repair:

Pune is fully occupied by private vehicles likes scooter, bikes, cars, etc. this is because everyone loves to have their own personalized vehicle instead of travelling to BEST buses, or ST (state transport).

Still, this is one of the hard work businesses, and most youths love vehicles, so they are the fastest-growing sector.

If you think to start your own repair shop, I would suggest you gain some knowledge and experience regarding how mechanical things work.

As of now in 2020, where 70% of people have possessed own bike at least, so don’t ever think this is low-class business, auto part repair definitely earns you good amount money, without any stress, because you don’t have to go anywhere, people will come and you will be getting paid by providing repair services.

Farming Tools:

Do you ever realize this is a great potential business idea in Pune? Yes, entirely, I told you in the introduction, Pune is not a complete metro city, there are many regions in Pune which covers by the farm.

As you are aware, farming is not a single person activity. Either you have to pay others to assist in work or have to buy automated machines and equipment. Without farming tools, it’s nearly impossible even to put a seed in the soil.

There are so many things, like equipment and machines in the farm sector we can sell, which are needed to execute a daily.

Stirrer, Sugarcane harvester, knife, jiggery remover, iron blade, siever, mixer,m chaff cutter and list so on, this equipment are costly, so for that you need a some bucks to invest or start in partnership, this is pure village business.

Brochure and Template Designing:

Brochure, Templates, is a kind of promotional item that essentially needed for those who have started their own business or are already in business.

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This is a pure tech business to learn this skill, and you need your own laptop or desktop. I will not recommend any cell device for creating banners and templates.

In India, we always love to promote information via brochures and banner’s hoardings. Even for a birthday, most youths love to have impressive pictures of banners hanging on the side of the street.

Most banners start with an average 3000 per design if this is huge as per dimension, so if you have the right skills to play with colors, then you can easily create banners from home and earn too.

Fitness Coach:

Fitness is an ever-growing sector and most reputed field not in Pune, but every region of India.

In this digital age, we are improving our human limitations. Still, as similarly, we are compromising our health too, we are becoming our enemy by consuming contaminated food, cheap snacks, and ever-increasing pollutions, this makes our immunity weak. Now our health is at risk to infect by a deadly virus like COVID-19.

The fitness industry now has enormous demand from youths like bodybuilding, private coach, yoga teacher, diet advisor, etc.

If you think money is a significant concern for you at the starting stage, then I would suggest you to join the general gym, which is sometimes cost you nothing or even less.

Train people for yoga or bodybuilding are the best skills and most earns around 30k to 50k per month, just by coaching. If you have some money to invest, then I suggest you start your own gym in the local area.

Become ISP Provider:

Yes, this is a costly business idea, and to execute, you need to have at least some amount to invest to begin legal procedures.

ISP is known as the Internet service provider. In 2020, the internet is our must to have things along with fundamental necessity right, and the internet is a needy thing.

In the area like Pune, most have their own laptops or at least computer for use, and without internet is just because as you know and nothing can beat the speed of broadband, wire-based cable internet.

Setup and legal document procedure of isp are costly, but still, this is an ever-demanding industry rise in Pune and near the area, due to migrant people.

For low-level isp setup, you need to have your own license at RS:15000, so this is a costly business idea. That’s why I put this at the end of the list.


This are the top 10 business ideas in Pune, which surely work if you sincerely follow the steps and rules. I hope you like the recommendation. Let me know if you need assistance.