How to Get Top Golf Franchises, Complete Procedure

top golf franchises


Are you a professional golfer or someone who loves to play golf? If yes, then we have got something for you. Do you know one of the leading franchises that offer lucrative businesses is the Golf course stadium? 

One of the leading companies that offer golf courses is topgolf franchises which is a leader in sports entertainment. This sport allows all walks of people who have the skill levels of playing golf. Where one can enjoy playing golf in the lively atmosphere. 

Do you know this company Topgolf franchise has plenty of fierce competitors due to its massive entertainment, and charming staff members? 

It is an exceptional venue that entertains the family and guests with an entire buffet of delicious menu selections and drinks. Also, the franchise offers tons of fun for the guests with their activities. Here is the complete list of topgolf franchise details and procedures for you. 

The headquarters of this global sports entertainment community is in Dallas, Texas with its locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Currently, there are 57 locations in the United States, 3 in the United Kingdom, and one in Australia. 

Why Open a Topgolf Franchise? 

Moreover, there are 12 topgolf that are undergoing construction which 9 in the states themselves and 3 in the rest of the world like UAE, Mexico, and Canada. 

Do you know topgolf also offers leagues, golf courses, corporate, concert, and social events? Do you know why the topgolf franchise is catching eyes among others? 

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It is due to their core values that benefit the franchisor as most of the businesses need to start from scratch. But what if it’s made easier with its readymade plans that offer only a loyal base of customers and money. 

So that’s why being a part of this franchise can increase your chances of having a successful business. 

Topgolf offers a delectable array of benefits that attract customers and entrepreneurs alike. Not only they have taken the game to an upper level. 

They have almost got better in everything by bringing the micro-chipped balls in an outfield. Wait, are you shocked like us! Well, topgolf has up its game with unique microchipped golf balls. That follows like a real club and takes shots into an outfield. 

The talented players will delight you with the perfect shot and positive environment on every shot. Where the targets are taken vary from 215 yards to 20 yards. 

Advantages of Topgolf Franchise:

  • You will not have any problem with establishing this business franchise. As it is a household name in itself. 
  • Financially you don’t have to stress much about backing your venture. As this is a much bigger company that offers advantages from start with being a supplier and distributor as well. 
  • Most of the topgolf franchise costs will cover the training and management team training for your associates. So you don’t have to worry about paying for this. 
  • Majorly there are a lot of benefits from this franchise as we already know what kind of equipment to lease, and what kinds of inventory to purchase. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your marketing status as they will take care of marketing and advertising. If your business becomes independent with the cash flow. 
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How to open a topgolf franchise?

Typically the topgolf franchise center is about 65,000 Square feet with 3 feet of floors high. That ensures to have an adequate amount of capitalization which includes an average initial investment of about $18 million. 

Also, you need to consider the cost of equipment, signs, real estate costs, and cost of licenses and permits to cost of premises to uniforms. 

However, the startup costs to build will fluctuate eventually. As each destination topgolf franchise costs differ according to their current time and stage. In Austin Texas, it was built for an amount of 15 million dollars while in Las Vegas it was built for $50 million. It follows the rules of month-to-month subscription to one-time drop opportunities. You can enjoy your golf at any time or month of the day without having to worry about climate-controlled hitting bays. 

How to Get a Topgolf franchise? 

  • If you are okay with the requirements and finance-related information. Then you need to follow these steps below. 
  • To open a top golf franchise store you need to fill out the application at the website. Where you have to mention all the necessary details with the total amount of capital that you want to invest. 
  • Wait for the email confirmation from the company. As they will review your application an email will only tell you if the company has decided to accept your application. 
  • If you have received your phone, prepare your financial papers and others related to the financing. 
  • You need to note that approval is confirmed when you meet the needs with their requirements. 
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After your approval is accepted you will have to attend the coaching and training session before the opening of the store. 

You have to note down that one thing before proceeding with this franchise. That is assessing the market for availability and seeing if there is any market of interest. 

Things you should know about the Topgolf franchise:

Topgolf franchise offers year-round entertainment with the idea of making pastimes more fun. The only requirement of the customer is to be good at sport. Because of this fundamental change, golf has become a prime source of entertainment for family and friends alike. 

Guests must buy membership cards that automatically credit the balance load onto their cards. The total investment for the top golf franchise costs will be approx $50 million. 


Topgolf is a privately owned company that has nearly 64 franchises in recent times. It was founded in 2002 with its first venue in London where the main reason is to provide a better place for the sport and socialize with the people while playing golf together. 

Maybe one day you can open your top golf franchise until then enjoy your membership cards and visit as many places as you want. These are the complete procedures and information you need to have for the top golf franchise. 

Hope this has been fruitful to you and if you have any doubts mention them in the comments below.