Top 6 Food Business Ideas – Low Cost and Highly Profitable

food business ideas

Are you looking for innovative ways to earn money, which helps you stable financially, then read the top 5 food business ideas, which works at every location?

No matter in which country you are now? There is always scope for the local market for different foods and tasty items.

The food business is something that you don’t require any talent or education knowledge to prove someone that you can do this.

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Everyone loves to have unique food items, and people tend to spend more on foods than the other necessary things, which is not a kind of seasonal business to lower your income. Yes, But the rainy season will affect sometime, to the Infrastructure and setup.

Have you ever imaging food business ideas have the lot potential than any other average job, most food stalls are so much popular in the local region, and people can’t resist self to eat those items, it’s like an addiction, once you feel the taste you will never ever wish to lose those food items.

Most travelers, tourists, and employees who don’t even get breakfast food at the time, will move to this kind of stall, and one more thing food ideas are never old, every day we need to eat, that’s the basic necessity of humans. Right.

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Most food business success rates are 80 % only because of their taste and quality if you wish to attract the consumer by keeping low prices that are a good move, but that tricks won’t last long with you.

This post is only for those youngsters who are tired of their 9 to 6 jobs, and after lockdown, the job time extended that’s worst, Right. If You are job time is limited like bankers, you have ample time to work on ideas that otherwise utilized weekdays for your business ideas.

Top 5 Profitable Business Ideas:

Snacks Stall:


Snacks stall are something that you won’t require any significant investment for beginning setup, only the thing you need to buy is the raw material of that food.

Most local guys do not enroll for a professional food stall like every country has its own rules for selling foods on the street. In India, people will mostly buy the food license once they acquire enough customers and money to spend more on the food stall.

If we compare food stall owner income vs. Full-time employee’s salary. Then yes obviously its win situation for a food stall owner, because the employee in the whole year getting the same pay, but if you’re seriously working on food and concentrate on food taste and quality, then you will defiantly earn more.

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Most employees in India earn anywhere between 20K to 30K if we compare it in dollars; it’s 265 to 400 USD. And in another case, for example, a Vadapav maker can quickly sell 200 to 300 items daily, per item it will cost you 15rs right, for 300 it’s 4500 only from one item per day and so on. There are infinite ways to prepare foods and well present it to customers. This will get you more attention from customers.

If we take the example of another country like the Philippines, there are different items count as street food like a banana cue. It is easy to make its like stick, which has a piece of banana with coated by brown sugar and has deep fry in oil, it’s trendy street food in Filipinos.

So, take your time, and analyze the local market and search for the right opportunity, always focus on items that are not available near the local market.

Soft/Cold Drinks Counter:

Soft/Cold Drinks Counter

As we have seen many soda shop/ soda pubs on the street, they are much like a one-time business plan, and you have to invest once and are ready to proceed.

Essentially, the soda pub is famous in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and many other places, where itself is a tropical country where we usually feel the hot atmosphere.

Soda shop business shop you can start anywhere, if you have the place to keep the machine safe, do not attempt to try manual soda makers, it will change the taste of original drinks, and you will be danger of losing customers.

Most sodas are sold at a minimum of 20rs to 50 as per local market price, and these businesses are high in demand almost every season except rainy.

You have to buy the machine that costs you around 130k, if you preferred the van-based machine, then its goods to carry and travel wherever you want and no need to invest in the market place.

If you have some amount to invest, then definitely try this business idea, it is quick and doesn’t require any other equipment and does not matter if the machine owner is good or not in the kitchen.

Bakery Items:

Bakery Items

Bakery Shop is another great demanding and high-cost business plan to start, and this plan requires a lot of homework and how you execute quickly.

There are so many items in the bakery business that starts from cakes, bread, buns, rusk toast, pastry, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream raw materials and sweets most popular items which you can sell to the customers.

Start your business is not always easy, and this is the example: first, you have to write a business plan. Its like blueprint of the bakery shop, then proceeds for the loan, because we don’t always hard cash. If you have commercial space then its good to save money, the license is another must-have thing, which categories as gumasta license and FDA approve food license,

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As per my knowledge, the full license will cost you around 40K and kitchen equipment, and these are must-have things if you seriously about to start your bakery shop.

Kindly rethink about this business plan if you have good capital to invest, then it’s profitable to invest.

Breakfast Food:

Breakfast Food

The morning breakfast is a must to absorb food, and everyone loves it. Healthy breakfast makes your day a pleasant and peaceful.

This idea is always profitable even at low-cost investment, and there are so many couples out there who do not get morning breakfast on time (behind the scene, there are many reasons that you did not get morning breakfast). Still, most youngsters preferred street-based foods.

Breakfast food is one of the quick and short-term business ideas that can even gain more profit, and you don’t have to open stall the entire day except for morning time.

Still confused about where to start? You can prepare many things like idli, paratha, methi thepla, missal pav, pohe, upma, mendu vada, and the list so on, and this item does not require any expensive ingredient to prepare, all the raw material quickly available at the supermarket.

Do you think this is worth trying? Yes. It’s obvious. This is one of the quick and easy to prepare foods that sell at the highest price as per local regions.

If you have solid kitchen skills, then it’s worth to give a try for this business.

Ice Cream Shop:

Ice Cream Shop

Ice cream parlor business is very profitable and most loved by the foodies not in India, but worldwide. Right after heavy lunch, everyone demands lets have something sweet, including children’s too.

The ice cream shop divided into two categories, one is the normal one that we usually have seen on th street, named mewad ice cream, and the other is professional ice cream parlor, which might be base on the franchise.

Did you know mewad ice cream is not a franchise, there were many Rajasthan people out there, who sell regular ice cream behind the name of mewad. Actually, mewad is a famous place for ice cream in Rajasthan.

This is the real home-based business to start and does not require any expensive raw materials. If you wish to open a professional ice cream shop, you have to buy a refrigerator, machines, equipment, license, and more. But this is a one-time cost for the initial setup.

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This is one of the prosperous businesses and works in every season. If you in the tropical region, then it’s much profitable too.

Tea Stall:

Tea Stall

Don’t ever judge this business before try. There were many people out there who feed their family with the help of the tea stall business. This is a pure, effective, and Zero waste business plan.

A tea stall is an excellent thing to start if you truly want to feel how the business works, because experience matters more, and you will habitually deal with customers.

If you wish to gain popularity at the beginning, I would suggest you invest in the yewale tea franchise, and it’s one of the famous tea brands that originated from Pune.

Small tea shops can help you earn 50k per month. It’s an average income from the tea stall, and if you have the brand behind, then you can make more, even tea stall has the contract-based employees.

I will advise you to start your tea stall, no matter which place you belong, from metro cities to villages, everyone loves to have a nice cup of tea to enjoy every moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start food business ideas?

Be ready with your food plan and check the above points if any of the category suitable for you. First, analyze your local region, check word to mouth suggestions, check out the availability of items, and then take action.

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI is a food license issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It is the must to have thing if you are serious about your food business plan. There are many criteria to issue a new license for food as per the turnover of your business.

Can we bring our customized food in the market?

Yes, why not first introduce to your local shop to have taste, once they approve you can ask for a favor to sell if it’s liked by everyone then issue for a license because you are selling from home.

Do we get a loan for a food business?

Yes, food business loan are approved quickly, from 50k to 10M as per your plan, but before jump into that point, analyzed in small in scale, once succeed, then established full fledge business.

Bottom Line: These are the top 6 food business ideas to work on. The initial stage is challenging for every business, whether it’s usual or professional. Still, there is one secret key to growing your business is to attract customers at the initial stage, and additionally, you can give them offers or cash back schemes, etc. I hope you clear on top food business plan, let me know what you think.