Top 6 Ever Profitable and Quick Transport Businesses in India

Transport Business in India

Transport Business in India is one of the fastest-growing sectors compared to other countries. If we compare the Transportation service with a developed country like the USA, UK, Australia, you will notice some significant differences.

India is currently an overpopulated country after china, and we currently have a 17.7 %of population overall. Now you got my point. To fulfill every Indian’s need, you need to have your vehicles, the traffic, and increasing congestion, lead to the massive demand for transport services.

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On average the people who discontinued corporate and another kind of job, will move to the transportation business, yes it’s too easy and no need to ask anyone, you are the boss.
Ola, Uber this are the giants in India and their business model entirely rely on transportation, don’t you believe on an average single cab driver can earn up to 40k per month or more if he can take more trip. This kind of income is more than senior-level managers in almost every field. Right?

But after corona, the current market is down, and nobody is getting money as they were receiving before. We all know, humans can survive any trouble making situation, yes, but still need time to restart the market.

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Transport business is not limited to cab driving or delivering stock. There are multiple opportunities to invest in the transportation business, plus a bonus if you have any more than one vehicle.
Without wasting time, let’s come to the main topic of how we can earn more with the transportation business.

Top 6 Profitable Transport Businesses in India

Packers and Movers:

Did you expect packers and movers on the first list? You heard it right. Packers and movers services are excellent in demand, with the minimum trip, you can expect maximum income.
What packers and movers usually do? This kind of company offers moving or relocation services from one place to another with any transportation mode if needed.

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Packer’s guys usually help you wind up your household item, including furniture, valuable showcase, digital device, etc.
And Movers usually load all the packed items forwarded by packers. Once they will do, you can move the item to where a customer needed, not even for a house; this process applies to the corporate office. If you found your item broken during relocation, then you can also claim for charges from guys.

What do you think about how much they charged?
Packers and movers are most of the time work as an organization, so they will charge professional amounts, which ranges from 11k to 22k. This also comes under a certain distance, and price may vary depending on the type of house relocation 1bhk, 2bhk, 3bhk, etc.

You can definitely join as truck or tempo driver because it’s profitable and another way too when you give them your vehicle on rent and earn monthly.

Bargain Shops:

Bargain store are rising in 2020 because people love to shop when they get the best deal on a branded item when they purchase.

You can give your vehicle to them as on a rent basis, or you can join as a cab driver with them, its the best way to earn money without any hesitation.
What bargain shop owners usually do?

Bargain shop owner visits in the various auctions to bidding the items and equipment, and once they have the best deal, they shift the whole item to their own stores, for restoring every bargain shop owner needs a tempo or truck. So this is the best opportunity to stick with them as a tempo driver or give you vehicles on a monthly rent.

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Almost every industry that deals with physical items and assets daily will need transportation services, and this is your chance to earn.


Supply chain and logistics are on boom after people met to Flipkart and Amazon in the last decades. These are a growing sector in India, and you can’t imagine how much you can earn only by delivering stocks.

This ecommerce has the biggest logistics warehouse in India, and outside too, they continuously need to ship items for delivery.

Every day thousands of products will be delivered only in India, to everyone’s door. In this scenario, you can be the stock item provider by driving your own vehicles or earning money monthly to give them your truck or heavy vehicles.

India is a high demanding country in terms of every aspect. From physical items to online delivery, we need it to deliver every item at the right time to get profit.

Transport Business in India


Do you know what livestock is? Okay. Don’t worry will find out. As the name suggests, livestock is the stock of living entity or items which you can’t store for a longer time.

Livestock items are highly dynamic, and their price may change as per their freshness, those items are mainly meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, etc.

You can either directly coordinate with local shop owners for daily shipment. This is a profitable way to know how the market bids for these items and you get the interaction of many people regularly.

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We can easily give our vehicles to that owner to get rent for your cars every month, you will always be on profit no matter which way you choose.

Passenger Bus Service:

Have you notice private call center cab or standard sharing vehicles on highways, yes. These are vehicles that work as passenger bus services.

You can either join private bus Travel Company to be the driver or quickly give them your vehicles to the giant’s organizations.

Most preferred to set its own time to pick the customers from significant crowd stops like bus stand or road divider.

You can easily earn up to 30K/month from pick and drop services. Another way you can be associated partner with call centers to drop employees this is a legal and simple way to get a salary.

Travel Agency:

The travel industry is a vast and never-ending business. There is always a massive demand for travel cabs to stick with them, whenever customers travel to another place.

Like domestic travel agencies or local tourist guides, they always covered with new people who are about to explore new destinations and places.

Most travel agencies have their vehicles, but sometimes they like to call local cab drivers to entertain and help reach the destination.

You can’t imagine once you join the travel industry as a tourist driver, you will get many benefits, like a salary from a company, bonus, and regular customers, which depends on how you handle the customer during travel.


I hope you like the personal idea of beginning your own Transport Business in India. There broad ways to utilize your vehicle and explore the market to get more money. Let me know what you think or do you have any better transport ideas to earn money.