Top 5 Quick Business Ideas in India To Start

business ideas in india

Do you wish to start your own side income business, which is free from anyone’s control or order? Many people stuck in the corporate environment and lived as set by their office, like 9 to 5 jobs.

Nobody wants to listen to anyone’s right, but because it’s our need and our boss is paying a penny for the 9 hrs of work, but don’t worry, do not rely on your boss always try to create own empire, looking for the advised? Try a low-cost and straightforward business idea in India, read this entire post, if it might be helpful to you.

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As we are aware of the current situation, literally nobody gets a higher salary package from MNC, except if companies in campus placement hire that guy. In India, it’s like, we have a total population of 135 crores, and everybody is looking for money and a better job to feed his family, and be the family man.

It’s like a crowded place that makes a disadvantage: there are so many around who can take responsibility for any unprofessional work. However, there is still a hidden opportunity for local people to start their own business in India if the right person identifies it.

I want to bifurcate business ideas as per the digital era, like online vs. offline. In this digital time, we can unlock the thousands of online opportunities with the internet, so stay tuned with the post.

Top 5 Low-Cost Business Ideas in India

Open Food Stall:

Whether you have the right talent to prepare some good food, this is your call, no matter in what age your, whether a homemaker or pass out graduates, if you have the skills and taste that leave other speechless, then go for this business.

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Opening food stall is a convenient and low-cost set up a business, you don’t have to invest a significant amount in this if you are serious about cooking and wish to make this business life long. I suggest you get a food license from the BMC ward. Along with it, you will have to apply for food and health license. Most of the food stall we see on the road, which is illegal, means they don’t have approval for selling foods. That’s why bmc officers analyzed the local market once a week and then took action against unlawful food sellers.

Business is not a small thing. Whether you are selling and offering, in a crowded place like India, you need to follow all rules and regulations set by the authority. A normal chai wala can earn a good amount of money, and you can’t imagine it’s more than an associate-level engineer in any stream. Food stall category is enormous, from Chinese bhel stall to pani puri stall, even now the most trending thing is a simple chai (TEA) has its brands and franchises, like yewale chai it has more than 30 branches in Maharashtra.

So think wisely and make your decision.

Delivery Service:

Courier and deliver services is one of the fastest-growing sectors in not indin but around the world too. One can quickly join the delivery sector, no need money, no need any investment, no pressure, and you can join whenever you want and earn as per orders.

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Top companies like zomato, swiggy pay salary between 25K to 40K, But that depends on different factors like the distance they cover, no of orders they deliver, and many other things.

I know the delivery service is a similar job. It’s free to join, and no higher education is needed, not a necessary previous work experience like other professional fields. This sector is suitable only for those who are less educated and do not want to take the risk in any business.

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Become Reseller:

Reselling is a broad term to define, but I will make it in short, reselling is like someone is preparing goods at their end but send this to us for selling for ex. Fruit and vegetable sellers took goods from the agents. These agents usually come full of trucks, in market yard location, and the small shop owners or individual owners buy the stuff vegetables and fruits from those agents, at low cost.

Selling fruits and vegetables is a low-cost setup business, where you need only an agriculture dealer license. In some cases, if you sell this item to 2nd party and no other agent is involved thought the final consumer, then you can sell it without any license, but you need to follow cities rule and regulations.

Local Grocery Shop:

If you have the budget to buy a bunch of grocery items, this business is superior and more stable than any other.

Opening a local grocery store is the best business, where you have to invest some amount to stock the groceries. Now In Metro city, we have many grocery stores near us, and we like to prefer the store which near to us instead of visiting the metro and Dmart.

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Again you need a gumasta license to register any business you wish to start in India, This business idea is more evident if you have some money to invest and a dedicated place to store items.


Teaching business ideas is the least risky and profitable thing you should do in your workplace or home. If you have the right talent and that confidence, then you can surely do better in teaching.

Run private tuition does not require any permission or approvals from government bodies. In this scenario, you can teach students and give them lessons to prepare for the exams. Offline teaching can conduct in any place, ground floor, in-home, or any other place, where you can comfortably and nobody around you to disturb you.

The offline tutor can help you earn a decent amount of money, no transportation cost, no extra expense, and no online document carrying systems. If you are passionate and have that much love, then start teaching.


I hope you understood how the business works and its required procedure you need to follow. Nobody becoming rich from 9 to 6 job, but having other sources of income makes you relax and gives the relief that you can do anything you want, once you decide. If you are Indian, then give yourself a break from corporate life if possible and start working on India’s business ideas.