20 Easy Online Business Ideas You Can Start From Today

Online Business Without Investment

In this post, we will guide you on how you can generate your side income with the help of the below-mentioned online business without investment.

As we are all aware of the current situation in the world, it’s like we are to the edge of the carrier due to the corona crisis and decreasing the country’s financial stability.

There are so many things we should do as a business with a little or sometimes without any investment that only needs pure skill and precious time.

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Whether your boy, girl, or housewife does not matter, and everyone knows the dark side of the corporate world, nobody in corporate life cares you, even your hardworking person or not. To survive in corporate, you should be mentally healthy and intelligently present everywhere, but honestly do not expect any corporate life, because you are not the only one for that job right.

We lived in the digital era, and due to technical advancement, we now have a hundred of business opportunities to try. Only the thing we need is hard work, honesty, and time; yes, none of the business ideas is small or low profitable. Its how you take the business ideas seriously with great purpose.

So without wasting your time, let us start.

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Top 20 Online Business Ideas without Any Investment


Blogging is one of the trending work fields, where you can be your boss, there is infinite opportunity to work on. To start your blog, you need some skills or talent to showcase your audience.

You can find lots of websites, which available on any topic, like tech blog, health blog, DIY blog, crafting blog, Plumbing blogs, coding blogs, and many more.

There so many ways you can earn from blogging, the first significant revenue partner is the advertisement, which includes Google AdSense (there are many other goggle certified ad publishers to try). The second thing is Affiliates marketing. If your blog does belong to any physical product, then it’s an excellent opportunity to earn more bucks via banner ads. Don’t worry, you can sell e-products too, via your blogs like ebooks.

Content Writer:

Do you thin content writer will earn, yes, even more, might be more to that of professional SEO. Writing skills were not demanding before ten years, except for the news and publication industry. Now the top company pays the perfect amount to write the blogs, and even dependent bloggers can hire content writers because google gives more priority to the content.

Proofreading is like a subdivision in the content writing field. Your work is to read the content and identify whether it’s suitable to the audience grammatically or for reading purposes before it goes live.

If you think you can write more content on a specific topic, then it’s a golden opportunity to create your online profile to get hired as a content writer, most content writers are premium, they charged you per word, and that’s huge. Right. Don’t waste your time, work on your skills from onward.

Ui Ux Designer:

Ui and UX both are different and by the work, but I consider both of them hereunder designer skills. After year by year, we tend to execute our work in an offline way or some sort if excel work, but now the time has changed, every resource are available online, and 80% of business work now executed in an online platform, in the form of apps or website.

Ui and UX designer makes your online work easy and compatible. Primarily UX is known as user experience, which purely focuses on how your online platform is work. Similarly, Ui designer focuses on the looks and feel of the website or app.

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UI and UX designers are always in demand because we still need to execute front-end web or app activity. If you have that talent, easily anyone can hire you as freelancer, not in India, but from outside too.

Digital Marketer:

Currently, I am a digital marketer so that I can explain to you many things from my personal four years of working experience.

Digital marketing is like one roof, where under there are many branches, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay per click), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Affiliates, etc.

Do you are occupied or learned anything which I mention above, then it’s a great time to expose yourself as a freelance or start your own. In digital marketing, you need to focus on how you get the more sale of a product or leads to your client. If you crack this, then you are invincible.

Online Trading:

Online trading is a valuable field and risky too. Trading is like buying and selling online entity which includes derivatives stock, commodities bonds, and mutual funds.

Many online apps can serve you better knowledge as well as live tracking your stocks.

Around 40% of Indians love to invest in stock because online trading is a non-educational skill, where you don’t have to learn from books to be the expert. (but there are many books available online to read)The only way to become an expert is to give a try to self, invest, and analyze.

The value of stock ultimately depends on how market value is going for the whole day, so take your time, start from the low amount and then dive in the market when you learn entirely.

Social Media Hacker:

Everyone connected to the internet, right, at least 90% of the population is on Facebook and now on Instagram too, right.

Social media is the one place, where you have to acquire lots of audience in the form of followers, take an example at Instagram, this is the place where you can quickly get brand deals individually.

You have to promote products or services through your profile, and they will give you some commission to it. Why they do this? Just because social media influencer tends to have a more loyal audience and their promotion can reach up to a thousand people at the same time, so there are more chances to get leads from you.

Earning money is depending on skills and capabilities.


Youtube (which is now acquired by Google in 2006) is a brilliant platform for creators to showcase their talent to the world.

To become YouTuber, you need to follow some guidelines. There was fewer restrictions before ten years, but now youtube has set policy and some rules to follow if you want to earn money. YouTubers can make anywhere in between 100$-1000$ per month, and if you cross the 100k Subscribers, then earning limit could be double.

We earn from viewership, where users come to you and see your videos with ads, then you will get a small amount per thousand views. Youtuber not made in one night, its years of hard work and dedication, and keep your community more engaging these secrets keep in mind when you are about to join youtube.

Create Banners and Graphics:

Creating banners and graphics are the less known talent, but they are still really demanding in metro cities. Banner, templates, and graphics are not the natural thing to create, and you have to play with millions of color shades.

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Whether you have to announce any event, news, and political activity, this is the ideal way to inform the audience without spending more money on any type of promotion.

This is quick work for you if you are a regular user of Photoshop or any other graphics editing software. There are many courses available to become graphics experts. Graphics experts can earn anywhere between 30k to 5ok as per skills and how efficiently you deliver output that matters a lot. Explore yourself and then take the decision wisely.

Online Photographer:

Photography is good business and highly demanding in festivals or event occasions, but wait. Wedding photography or photo shot is always good for side income, but sell your photos online is also a reliable option.

Top sites like Shutterstock, istock, they are entirely image-based website, which allows creators and buyers at the same place, most of the photo can even sell at $100 too.

This is a great potential business, for that, you have to analyze the market situation and most selling photos online, then grow your album wisely.

Become Freelancer:

Freelancer is not related to development work, even not necessary to have professional knowledge, there are many other available online work that doesn’t need any background experience.

Data sorting, transcribing, and typewriting jobs are also popular, but they also pay you the right amount to work.

If you wish to enroll for this kind of job, then kindly visit freelancers, Upwork, and Fiverr job portal sites. They have a massive opportunity for the person who loves to complete this task. Accurate and high-speed typing will make a huge difference for these jobs.

Become Voice Artist

Have you ever notice the voice in any video ads, its also kind of popular voice artist jobs, you don’t need to enter film industry for that.
There many sites available which ultimately serve job for voice artist, I recommend you to visit voice.com, submit details and create your beautiful profile,

This website has excellent jobs. Most of paying you in dollars, your voice will be using for internet ads.


Dropshipping is an excellent business idea to a youngster who are looking to start a business. For dropshipping, you don’t need any investment.

Dropshipping business model work on a simple method, first of all, you have online crate portfolio which lists multiple products from different manufacturers. When the user purchases any products online, you can directly contact the manufacturer for the product. Then you can take this item with you and send it to the destination with your commission.

This business helps manufacture to free items from stock, that means no need to store any item physically, this will save a lot of maintenance cost for the company, and you can earn too.

Online Teaching:

Teaching or Mentoring is surely worth business, explore, and grow your teaching skills will surely help you get more money.

There are many platforms where you can submit your course online at the paid-price, like udemy, udacity, which accepts free registration.

If you wish to work in this field, there are many topics to work on and become expert, including coding, musical course, business course, financial course, photography course, personality development course, language learning course, etc.

Language Transcription:

Let me clear you what Transcription is? This is a task where you have to listen to audio or videos carefully and then write down each word clearly and send it back to the company.

There are freelancing sites that offer language transcriptions jobs, and you will be paid on an hourly basis.

If your language expert and have good listening and grammar finding ability, then this freelancing work is for you, and you don’t even need to submit any experience to enroll for these jobs.

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Work on PTC Sites:

PTC sites are useful to earn some pocket money, and you only need to have a good internet connection.

One of the oldest and trusted PTC (Paid to click sites) Ysense (which previously known as clixsense), offers a complete list of a small task, which range from $0.1 to $1 (I don’t prefer this site now, in between price and task might be changed)

The top-earning task is a paid survey that offers $0.1 to $1.25 per job Then, cash offers and figures eight tasks, which gives you some additional values.

Programming Expert:

Do you love programming? Or spent whole in solving code errors, then this business idea is for you.

Many ways you can showcase your talent, you only need to create Facebook and Instagram page and join community blogs and groups, which helps you get queries.

Many bloggers and freelance once a life could be stuck in hard code, where they nearly about to left project, so you can help them to identify the problem in code, charge per hour, or once as you like.

Become Influencer:

Do you ever notice that YouTubers promoting a product that is irrelevant to their youtube niche, like a prankster, suggest the audience invest XYZ stock, right? That’s kind of influencer marketing.

Every new product needs a promotion to reach the right audience, and the company already spent millions in one product to launch in the market, so the company wants feedback.

Youtubers are always ready to take these deals because they get a massive commission for promotion, ranging from 10k to 90K as per product price.

Voice Over Services:

Many companies were looking for voice-over services online. If you can pronounce words in plain English and robotic pitch, or if your voice is fulfilled their requirement, then definitely company hire you as voice provider.

Voyzapp, voicecrafter, voicebunny, this are the top freelancing company which helps you provide voice over services.

Visit the website, create your profile, and submit your voice demo to the site, they will review it manually, and if your voice matches their requirement, then one of the agency will definitely hire you for that job.

Logo Making:

As we know, every day, many startups want to establish their brands in the market, the rule of successful brands is to make a meaningful logo, which can describe your business perspective.

50% agency hires a third party and freelancer to design its logo. Amazon, one most extensive ecom company, has hired London based agency, Turner Duckworth, to work on the brand logo.

Top freelancing sites have this kind of work, and you can set your price for logo designing work, most found between 1k to 10k.

Data Entry:

Online data entry usually found in the medical and health industry because they are getting daily tablets, pills, liquid, and many more, and to keep records updated every day, they required one person to type the data in excel or any other sheet.

If you are from a medical background, then this work is ideal for you, because a person needs to be accurate in typing and copying words.

Highly expert in medical data entry could charge 60K only for five days of work, which is the average salary of the manager.


This are the top 20 recommended business ideas without investment. It is not necessary to always have physical address for your business, but to earn from part-time work is also a kind of business idea that efficiently helps you earn.