Top 10 Trending Home Based Business Ideas in India

Home Based Business Ideas in India

A peaceful and comfortable life is not easy in today’s age, but we can still make it possible by pushing some hard work for ourselves. Stick with this post, and I will share the top 10 home based business ideas in India.

If you have landed on this page, that means you are in a very dire situation for money or anything related to you.

Everybody knows a 9 to 5 job or any other corporate life does not make you rich. If the corporate cares about you somehow, you are still destroying your whole future and not enjoying your current moment with your family.

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Before you can start your own business or start working on any plan, make sure you stick with your work and show you are never giving up attitude for work.

Building a sustainable and profitable business requires a lot of hard work, and no fairy tales are here for you to give you the rule of a successful business; it’s you, the one responsible for building your future.

As of now, we have limited knowledge regarding business and Startup ideas, but thanks to the internet, everyone has a Smartphone and can easily access millions of work resources from the world.

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Top 10 Home Based Business Ideas in India:

Shelter for Pets:

pet shelter

Pets are the real friend of humans and the honest animal where we can live and relax with them, But most of the time, our relatives or loved ones do not feel comfortable when they are around us.
Many couples and pet lovers are in India, where they can do anything for their pet, and no matter how much it is costly to care, they can’t live their pet alone. Some are full-time employees or busy in other work, and they can’t give full attention to the pets; having pets in your home is like having a baby; you continuously need to watch them.
If you have an unused land or the property that has not been used for any work, you can use it as a pet shelter and be safe at home. If you love pets and looking for quality times, then pet shelter is a unique business idea for you to start in India.

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Makeup Artist:

makeup artist

Makeup and grooming are popular, especially for ladies, and they love getting ready for every occasion.
If you are a trained beautician, this is the best way to utilize your skills and earn some money from your home. The thing you need is your private room or space where you can set up all the accessories and makeup related equipment.
You can not earn only by providing makeup service, but you can promote other beauty kits and brand products to the customers like affiliate promotion from home.

Tiffin Services:

tiffin services

Tiffin services are the ideal way for you to become an expert cook. If you are really making good food and you get a sometimes compliment from friends and colleagues for the food, then it’s your call you can invest your time in this home-based business.
The food-related business really vast, and there are many opportunities you can explore, homemade tiffin services we are talking about. You can open your street food stall as well, but you need to be an expert in making tasty and crispy snacks items.
I have written a detailed post on the food-related business idea, where you can explore the more opportunities to grow your business.

Start Freelancing:

start a freelancing

Freelancing is another famous home based business idea, and there are so many websites that were looking for talented people online. Still, for that, you need a strong internet connection first.
The internet has made accessible every resource worldwide. You can either sign US-based websites for the freelancing work or Indian websites that offer online-based freelancing work.
If you wish to earn a fair amount of money, then you should have the least knowledge of any professional field. Don’t worry. Experience is not mandatory everywhere; you can select any job by choices like data entry, data sorting, presentation maker, video creator, and the list goes on.

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Music Tutor:

music tutor

One of the pleasant and skillful home based business ideas is “music tutor”, this is a kind of business which exists in the entertainment world.
No matter which music equipment you are handling from traditional to modern, music instrument-related training is always in demand.
You can either promote your music instrument related training videos online; either way, best to create a paid course and publish on the website. There are many musical instruments we haven’t heard them about, like a Flute, Piano, Recorder, Guitar, Drum set, Violin, Percussion, Saxophone, Flute, Cello, Clarinet, Trumpet, etc.

Fitness Class:

fitness class

The fitness industry is growing day by day, and in the future, the demand for trainers will steadily increase.
To expose yourself as a fitness trainer first, you need to maintain yourself and be well versed in a diet and other body-related mechanisms.
If you are already a certified trainer, then you can take a fitness class even from your home or from the open space ground; people are always likely to spend more on fitness in today’s age because they know the importance of health.

Fancy Clothes:

fancy cloths

The clothing business is always profitable with a low-cost investment, and you can sell clothes even from your home.
You can buy stylish and fancy clothes directly from the market and sell the clothes from your home. This is the best way to attract youngsters.
The reliable way is to expand your business to hire a knowledgeable person in embroidery work, which is another pure designing work mostly observed on ladies’ clothes.

Dance Classes:

dance classes

Dancing is another vast sector in the entertainment world, and this is the best way to turn your hobby into a money-making home based business ideas in India.
Establishing your own dance class business is a low cost, and sometimes it does not require any investment. The thing you need is the empty space where you can teach your students.
Do not always target the youngsters for the dance class; sometimes old age people are also interested in the various aerobic and Zumba activities, but they are not doing it for a career. They want to learn dance steps to be well active.

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Online Tutor:

Online tutor

As we all know, the situation right now is the global crisis and rising the demand for online education.
There are so many ways you can teach students via online, and you can either register to the education platforms like unacademy, byju, and many others you can try. YouTube is also the best alternative way where you can monetize your teaching skill easily.
The teaching industry is vast. You can concentrate on any subject from school to engineering to become the expert, dont always target on educational subjects, and you can target those groups who are preparing for the government exams like UPSC, MPSC, SSC, etc.



The babysitting business idea is the best way to utilize your free time for kids to entertain, teach, and play with them.
The parents, not even dad but the mother, also working in a day shift, and that’s why they can’t manage their time to spend with the child at the early stage.
If you love to play with the newborn babies, then this is your call, convert your hobby into and home based business; babysitting is a trend in most of the residential complex.

Bottom Line:

I hope the above top 10 home based business ideas in India will be enough for you to earn money in today’s time. Let me know if you have any other ideas which I haven’t cover the topic. Kindly share this post with your friend and colleagues who are looking for the home base business.