Top 10 Logistics Franchise Opportunity to Consider for Business

Logistics Franchise

Logistic franchisees are responsible for the transportation of goods. These include all transportation methods like ocean cargo, airlifting the cargo, trucking warehousing, and goods distribution.

This sector’s total contribution in Indian G.D.P. is around 14%, which is a huge percentage, and it is even higher than Japan and U.S.A. When it comes to exact numbers, it is approximately USD 215 billion in 2025. 

It is expected to reach around USD 255 billion industry, a tremendous growth of about 10.5% in CAGR (Compound annual growth rate). 

Being so big, this industry also opens doors for many small as well as significant business opportunities.

You can start your own logistics franchise by making even small investments and earn in lakhs per month. Here are some logistics ideas to begin with.

Let’s dive in

Logistics Franchise Business with Low Investment:

Livestock Transport:

In India, there is a 35 billion dollar non-vegetarian industry that is overgrowing. Around 75% of the Indians are non-vegetarians. 

Solitary birds, chickens, goats, and eggs transportation comes under this LiveStock carrier business. The best part is that you can even start this with a small investment. 

The non-veg market is expected to grow USD 126 billion at the end of 2024, so it is an excellent opportunity for you to start.

Livestock Transport:

Ambulance Service:

Yes, it also comes under this sector since you are transporting something. You might have already seen the importance of ambulances under this pandemic. 

The number of ambulances required and the number of ambulances in India is almost half. 

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Hence there is an excellent opportunity to start it, but before starting this, you have to make sure that you are in good relation with big hospitals near you, helping your business increase.

Logistic Companies:

These companies let you work with them and help you start up your franchise, but these all ideas require a significant investment level before going further.

InXpress Logistics:

It is a U.K. based company founded in 1999, and it has been working in India since 2003. Currently, it is operating in 14 countries with 350+ franchisees worldwide. 

They also focus on small and middle-sized enterprises. You can start your franchise with a minimum investment of 9 lakhs ( not including G.S.T.). 

The best part about this is its business model, which is very flexible. Their support team is also very responsive and provides training for beginners. Their franchisees in India are earning around 75 lakhs to 1 crore per annum.

Unishippers Global Logistics:

It was started in 1987, and since then it is doing best in this sector. It also provides people S.M.B. ( small and middle-size business) resources for small and middle-sized enterprises. They also offer hassle-free eCommerce integrations for a seamless shipping experience to your customers. 

They also have an entire web portal dedicated to S.M.B. best value customer support. They also provide a time and cost calculator to calculate the exact information.

The amount of investment you will require is around $75,000 UDS, of which $50,000 must be in cash.

Pack & Send Franchise:

It was founded in New Zealand in 2008. This company offers service of moving and packing freight. It also assists pre-packed freight. They are progressively providing solutions for many problems. Their main motive is to send anything at anyplace.

Pack & Send Franchise


INTERCARGO (The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners) is a U.K. based company founded in 1980. They ship from all ways from air, road and waterways. Their immediate plan is to provide safe, high quality, efficient and profitable cargo shipping. 

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To use their intercargo shipment, you have to give 5% of your total sales to them. The minimum deposit you will need to have is around 36 lakh INR or 50 thousand USD. They also charge training fees from trainers which is refundable.

Safe Ship:

They were initially founded in America in Florida in 1988. With national and international cargo shipping, they also provide mailing supplies, office supplies, fax services and many other types of services. They have also won many prizes for sales and shipping services. 

The Fox business report declared them to be The Best Franchise Concept for the 21st Century. The company provides high-level knowledge and skills to their franchises. The minimum investment required is around USD 55 thousand. Note that this total amount will be in cash. The maximum investment will be approximately 1 lakh 50 thousand USD.

BlueGrace Logistics Franchise:

It is the fastest-growing third-party logistic provider and shipping industry. The company was initially founded by Robert Harris in America in Florida in 2007, and since then, the company became one of the most respected companies in this sector. 

They provide a five-year contract to work with them. After that, you can renew the contract. The minimum and initial investment are around USD 40,000. You also have to pay approximately 15-19% of the royalties fee. Their franchise has about $100,000 worth of liquidity.

P.A.S.S. Packaging And Shipping Specialists:

It is a U.S.A. based company initially started in 1981. It is a logistics services company that provides people with more choices and flexibility. Since it is very long term in the market, it has a significant amount of experience through which it gives service better than others. 

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Unlike others, they will also help set up your business in every way, from opening your office to the interior design of offices and installation. They also provide comprehensive pre-opening training for beginners, and on top of that, they provide continual field assistance to help with all situations.

You have to invest at least USD 90,000, of which USD 50,000 must be in cash.

Craters & Freighters:

Craters & Freighters provides speciality crating, packaging and a seamless transportation experience, and also they provide full insurance for your goods. 

It is a United States Company founded in 1990, so they have vast experience in this field. They ship almost everything from guns, barrels to live animals. 

They also ship military and government property. The initial and minimum investment is around USD 90,000. You have to pay a royalty fee of about 5% of your total shipment.


In this world where the population is increasing rapidly, the Logistics Franchise best way to earn a handsome amount of money since people’s needs will rise as there will be more working people in the same family. 

Of Course, many of them require a significant capital investment, but you can start with trim investment options and then move to the bigger ones

Hope you get all you answer in this blog. However, if I have missed some points then don’t hesitate to share them with me in the comment section.