Top 10 Highly Profitable Wholesale Business Ideas

Wholesale business ideas

Today, in this post, I will introduce the top 10 wholesale business ideas, which is easy and full proof to guarantee success.

Now, we all aware of the current market situation. We are on the edge of losing money, losing a job, hopes, and everything, and we need a robust plan to survive in this pandemic crisis financially.
We should consider many things as a side income; we all know this is side business income, and we need to convert it to lifelong business.

Opportunities are everywhere if you identify the right market and the demanding product to that particular region, then nobody will stop you from becoming a self entrepreneur.
India is the only country where you will find all kinds of goods that are always demanding compared to the services.

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How will you decide which idea is for you?

Choose the appropriate business ideas is very crucial when you are about to start a new wholesale business. Market condition, local authorities, peoples buying power, demands these are certain things you need to make sure before establishing your own business.

Before proceeding you need to make sure these things first

Check whether I have enough capital to invest in the first initial phase? That’s because you need huge money to buy the stuff.

Do you ready to invest your time in the business or hiring someone to monitor? Yes, that really matters, because you are the only one who carefully inspects every activity.

Will I have enough space to store all the products? The area is always a must to store your physical items and keep them fresh and insects free.

So without wasting, let’s come to the main topic.

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Top 10 Wholesale Business Ideas:

Be sure to investigate first and talk to local wholesalers because the real market is situation dynamically changes every season.

Gift Ideas:

Investment in wholesale gift items is a massive opportunity for everyone who is in metro cities. There are countless ideas you can work to make gift ideas to store a profitable venture.
From fashion accessories to toys, everything you need to collect under one place and gift store idea is beneficial to run offline and online too.

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One thing is to monitor the geographic location where you wish to open your store; a massive crowd on that location is a must, as well as colossal foot traffic, and market expansion is really affecting. Most gift items do not have any expiry date, that means you don’t worry about stock items and their maintenance cost. This business defiantly gives you 1 lac per not initially but one day for sure.

Tissue Papers:

Start your tissue paper business today is a great deal to invest in the smart and rising sector. All most everyone from commercial place to household, you will find tissue on almost everyplace. The tissue is always in demanding stuff in hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, and many other places, where the crowd is in huge numbers.

You can choose to become a wholesaler of tissue as per the types, including toilet tissue, facial tissue, napkins tissue, specialty wipes, wrapping fabric, and paper towels, etc. If you wish to become a wholesaler of tissue, then it’s still its great move. Otherwise, you can start your own tissue paper manufacturing business, which is around 5 lac of initial investment.

Fashionable Clothes:

Buying fashionable clothes in wholesale at low cost and sell it higher price, will be a great deal to earn huge profits in an early stage. Cloths are always demanding in young age group people. That’s why I mention here fashionable clothes, its niche in the clothing market, as per the survey, an average 60 % trendy clothes selling quickly more than another traditional outfit.

Do you wish to become the wholesaler of clothes, then contact first to local garment companies, which promotes every cloth at the same time, you can buy from them at a little cost. Most cloths business can earn more than 1 lakh or more per month only by selling fashionable outfit for you to succeed in that business, then always make sure to follow the latest clothing trend and give a discount when customers buy your stuff in bulk.

Textile and Fabrics:

Textile is the biggest and one of the high demanding industries not in 2020 but exists in ancient times also. We always love to have luxurious soft cotton around us to feel comfortable. Table cloths, vehicle seats, curtains, bedding, and medical kinds of stuff, roofs, tents, nets, these all are high demanding textile applications, which can be quickly sold and necessary items in every season.

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Fabric made items are not degradable, so you don’t worry about stocked items, and as per my knowledge, the more creative kinds of stuff you have in store, the chances are getting more price per item. Some many shops and outlets sell bulk towels to bedding stuff at a high price. Selling fabric item at wholesale price makes a worth to try businesses.


Furniture always plays a significant role in the house for decoration and impressive look. Why always focus on common wholesale business ideas? Give a try to this venture at least once. Making excellent, hand-made wood things to sell is an incredibly imaginative and remunerative approach to bring liquid cash.

Sofas, beds, dining table sets, showcase stands, books library, study table, shoes rack, and many other items, you can easily consider for quick selling. The one thing you need to always protect your plywood’s and other items from fungus and insects; they are the real enemy of your business. You can easily earn more profit from these businesses, for that you need to make sure to open your wholesale furniture shop where foot crowd are more.

Kids Toys:

Kids are everything for us; parents are always there for kid’s every need. Toys are everything for growing kids from ages 1st to 10 years or more. Wholesale toys shop other great business ideas to start in your region, toys are a one-time investment, and you can sell it anywhere quickly.

Parents always ready to spend more on toys only for their children. You can find many categories that exist in toys, from plain simple to electronic automatic stuff and more. Make sure to check people’s buying power in that region, where you wish to start your kid’s toy store, if offline is not possible to you, Then you can surely sell it online via your own ecommerce platform or Amazon.


Wholesale stationary ideas are another excellent approach to start their own business, and there is the only business where customers never bargain for any school item. Hence, a fixed margin on every product is worth it. There are so many items that can be quickly sold to stationery stores, including pen, pencil, graph book, map paper, and all other geometrical stuff.

You can buy all stationery items from retail markets or supermarkets at even low cost, and needy students will pay to the items, no matter how much it is now. There many other supplement ideas we can add along with stationery stores, like Xerox machine, printing books, scanning, and more. If you are in profit, then many countless services include expanding your existing venture.

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Shoes and Sneakers:

Footwear is a must thing to have for everyone that is stylish, and some consider foot brands to define their personality. There are so many brands based only on footwear items, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Vans, Puma, and they are really costly. But still always demanding brand in youths and everyone have at least purchased one item in whole life.

Wholesale shoes and footwear are great ways to start a business in 2020. In the beginning, do not try to invest in top brands that could disturb your overall budget. Non branded shoes are quickly sold at $10 in India, which is around 700rs, first analyzed the market, and the local crowd then decided for the venture.

Kitchen Goods:

Kitchen appliances are a must to have in your house, which directly helps you feed your family a nutritional item. The kitchen is the backbone of the complete home. Many wholesale kitchen items can quickly be sold at combo prices, ranging from the mixer, juicer, knives, oven, Tawa, pan, cookers, toaster slice, etc.

All kitchen items are sold at a very high price, and customers mostly avoid bargain with those products because they found the item is branded, so then the profit ratio will be high-priced per item. You can quickly start your wholesale kitchen appliance store, with average investment, make sure to check whether your first one to open these stores in the locality.

Tiffins and Boxes:

Tiffin and kitchen boxes are easy to sell items; in the local market, these items made from plastic, so you don’t have to pay much to this item when purchasing in bulk. School bottles, Tiffin’s, and household boxes, which we use daily to place small items, these plastic made items are non-branded, so it can easy to sell.

There are now many top brands invest in making branded plastics items, which are about to sell at a higher price. Even lunch boxes are now worth $10 to buy. Selling small storage boxes is beneficial business ideas to try. It depends on you how you manage to sell those items in bulk.

Bottom Line:

I have included my personal top 10 wholesale business ideas in this post. Let me know which ideas I should cover in my next post. Hit the share button if you like the post.