Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas for Developing Countries

business ideas for developing countries

Are you looking for another income source in 2020? Then stick with this post, here I have listed the top 10 business ideas for developing countries.

It’s like ok we can get tremendous success if we start our own business in developed countries compared to developing countries.

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A developed country has the more potential to get the income per capital while we compare it with the developing country, there might be less income per capita.

Per capita essentially defines the average per income the person made, And that is another indication of the country’s industrial stability.

Youngsters and business people have to face many rules and regulation related problems in developing countries; that is the reason most of the new startup funding received by developed countries organizations.

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There are so many ideas we can start working on today to succeed in the future, even in developing countries.

So without wasting your time will come to the essential ten topics which will definitely work in developing countries.

Top 10 Business Ideas for Developing Countries:

Accounting and Bookkeeping:

Accounting, tax filing, and another kind of Legal procedure are essential things for businesses, and nobody could survive without paying a tax. In India, we called accounting under which we can calculate GST and all other expenses, etc. but in the US, the name is bookkeeping, so don’t get confused between these two terms.
If you are an Indian, you definitely have an idea of how much GST percentage applies to every product and service. Suppose you have something previous knowledge or your learning some business-related studies like tax and accounting. In that case, it’s an excellent opportunity to invest your time to learn the industrial business model.

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Beauty Salon:

A beauty salon is a pretty good business idea for developing countries, no matter if your target market is kids, men, or only girls. There are so many people out there who are curious about their look, appearance, hairstyle, and face.
Primarily salon offers hair cutting, facial, shaving, grooming for the occasions, and sometimes special services for clients as per demand.
We can call it a salon is the best home-based business because you don’t have to travel anywhere to earn money. So invest your time always to catch the trending style; that’s the only way to succeed in getting more customers.

Skilled Worker:

Become an expert in any skill will help you make much more money than the associate-level employee’s salary. You can learn by yourself like a painter, welding work, expert in a construction field, excellent plumber, electrician, etc.
If you think you are not enough to become mentally Skill by studying something, then it’s the right time to learn some talent that does not require more mental power.

Grocery Store:

Grocery stores are still a profitable business in most of the residential areas, from metro cities to village places. The stores basically preserve home-based food items and other raw materials, which sometimes gives you more Commission.
Establish your grocery store might be costly because you need a license and some amount to invest in a raw material first.

Food Stall:

Food stalls are still widespread in the young generation, and nobody can’t hold back when they see the food stall. Why are food stalls very much popular? Because the food item they are selling not costly, and that’s why it attracts more customers.
This is one of the best and profitable business ideas for developing countries because you don’t have to invest too much to start your roadside food stall. Before beginning the food stall, you need to research the market and the local places to analyze what people love to eat the most and every season.

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Cloths Business:

Clothing business can sometimes be very profitable and gives you more Commission on an average for clothes you sell. You can either be the reseller of branding clothes or invest some amount in establishing your own clothes designer business.
Designing clothes is a very profitable business because you don’t have to invest much in any equipment. The necessary thing you need is a digital printing machine which cost you around 20k to 30k. The clothing business’s valuable thing is to sell sports apparel and traditional outfits, which definitely gets you more profit than the fast fashion trend.


Do you love to play with the words, then the writing job is a very precious and profitable business idea for the developing countries. Digitalization creates an environment that increases the massive demand of a writer, and the bitter truth is writing a job is not easy.
The opportunities are unlimited, and you can be the news writer, blog writer, media house writer, health industry writer, and educational material writer, etc. Writing job is the real business idea where you can explore the endless possibilities to earn, the first thing I recommend you create your freelancing profile, be the partner of blog writer and news media sector.

Repair Shop:

Physical equipment, device, and manufacturing tools help you save the time and execution work quickly, but they are not always the same once it is malfunctioning, then you need to fix it as much as quickly.
Mobiles, laptops, computers, juicer, mixer, grinder, fans, television, and many other households and industrial equipment you are using a day-to-day work, there are so many repair shops on which focus on one item. Become a repair shop expert can get you considerable opportunities to earn in a local market, and the thing is you can charge as you like from the customer, and nobody is going to ask you to bargain, Right.

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Education is essential, but the mentor is also important because everything is complicated and messy at the beginning without an instructor, it’s challenging to learn new things quickly.
The teaching field is fast and still one of the best business ideas for developing countries, the only thing you need is the shop mine and the passion for teaching someone that’s how you can make more money.
Do not consider the teacher is limited to the educational sector, career guidance, language instructor, industrial advisor, and many more. If you wish to follow the modern trend, then the online teaching industry is vast, and you can be attached to a giant learning platform.

Fitness Coach:

The age of digitization and the rise of the human colonies will make your health compromise, and our body prone to become the victim of infectious virus. The fitness industry is never falling; from actor to businessman, everybody needs its fitness coach to help them stay healthy and active.
Become a fitness expert is not natural first; you need to build or maintain yourself as a fitness professional, then people start believing in you and do not consider fitness means you have to develop your muscular strength. You can be a yoga expert, personal sports coach, fitness trainer, diet advisor, and many others. Think wisely and then make your decision.

Bottom line:

I have listed the top 10 business ideas for a developing country, which I am thinking is still profitable, and I know many of them are already in business. Every sector is enormous; that thing you need to do is explore yourself and how you deep down in that field.