TIME Franchise Business Model – Complete Details Cost, Profit

Time Franchise

Do you know study-related programs also trending, and there are franchises available also, today we are going to talk about the time franchise, which is a leading Institute in India

If you heard the term for the first time, then a little bit of TIME Institute’s information is the leading pre-test Institute that helps clear any state and national level exam.

TIME Institute is the leading player in India with a strong presence in all cities also; they are also offering a school program.

Founders and History: 

Manek N Daruvala, The founder of TIME Institute, the first Centre was open in a 120 square feet room area in Hyderabad around 1992.

The founder of Mr. Manek had never realized about the institute business before the birth of a time Institute they were considering teaching as a part-time job.

After a full-time job in a Godrej, they realize that the money isn’t enough for them, so they decided to start teaching business with their Colleagues.

Market Expansion and Growth: 

The time Institute is the leading corporate in the educational sector with a strong presence in India; if we talk about the number, there are two 251 offices present.

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As per the data, most of their revenue comes from competitive exams and other government pre-exams, and in 2018 they were looking for 10% more growth in courses.

In the recent news, the time institute has planned to acquire the English coaching center Chennai base veta, which has 250+ centers in India.

Why Time Franchise : 

The time, a well-known is Institute in India, which helps you clear top competitive state and national exams, you will get many more benefits as a franchise as below.

  • You are partnering with the well-known Institute with a strong presence in India, so you don’t have to worry about the revenue.
  • There are more chances for people from all age groups to join the institute.
  • As a franchise, the company will provide every support and training.
  • Time has different programs for school-age kids.

Products and Services: 

The time institute primarily provides the resources for study and competitive exams, their prime focus as below.

  • Bank Exam
  • Gate Exam
  • Mca
  • Jee/Engg
  • Clat

Time Franchise Overview: 

If you are really interested in the overall approach of the time institute? Then why not go with the time franchise? There are certain things you need to know before you decide.

  • The primary thing to consider is to have great space, which means the overall capacity to have students’ sitting arrangement, the minimum area required is 500 – 1,000 Sq Ft with a proper facility of the washroom.
  • The capital you required to start time institute franchise is around 15 to 20 lakh, excluding brand fees; I suggest talking to them first for accurate estimates.
  • They provide every support to the franchise, including study material, the pattern of teaching, and overall training.
  • The minimum staff you require for the office is 9 or 10; they will guide you on teaching and taking a test.
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Contact Details: 

95B, 2nd floor, Siddamsetty Complex, Park Lane, Secunderabad – 500 003.


Here is the form:


Bottom Line: The education sector is always on-trend, bcoz people are spending more money on education, so you’ll have tons of opportunities to invest in the teaching field. If you have found helpful information on the blog, let us know your opinion through the comment box. If you like reading, kindly share the blog with your friends and family.