The Professional Courier Franchise Opportunities, Initial Cost and Risks

Professional courier franchise

Are you looking for courier based business opportunities? Then why don’t you give a try to the professional courier franchise? Stick with the post i will add some pros and cons of why to invest in a courier franchise.

There are so many organizations and delivery partners who have already covered the world with excellent delivery services, and The Professional courier is one of them i know many of have encountered them the first time.

The Professional Courier Is an Indian base courier company that provides delivery from domestic to International via cargo and by the road.

Why a am focusing on the TPC (The Professional Courier) Indian delivery partner is because it’s an Indian company, and you have more chances to get partner opportunities with them without spending too much on the franchise, if we compare with the giant players like FedEx, DTDC, Blue Dart, etc. then its really cost-effective business.

Most entrepreneurs and young aspirants who have enough capital prefer franchise business first instead of starting and building their own empire from scratch.

History of Professional Courier Franchise:

The Professional Courier Is a well-known delivery partner in India, and they are in the market since 1987, with strong 33 years of experience in the courier industry.

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Mr.s.ahamed Meeran, the intelligent and powerful man behind the professional courier company’s innovation, and now he is the Managing Director in the organization.

PTC’s story was fascinating because the youngster who decided to start their startup was actually jobless and had an intense feeling to become financially stable and independent.

Starting anything from scratch is not easy. The eight directors’ team has already determined their path of success, the initial challenges, startup obstacles, and competitors they all are against, but with great dedication and teamwork, they become excellent in their skills and achieve what they have in the current stage.

Services Offered by The Professional Courier:

Every courier partner is well versed in delivery and mode of transportation, and The Professional Courier is one of them who offers delivery of your package to the domestic and international country.

Air cargo is a premium and most costly service, and these services are door to door with the various locations and a handful of Intensive care with the delivery time of 24 to 48 hours.

Surface cargo That means your package is delivered to your destination by the road; this is ideal for giving your packet to the domestic market.

The Professional courier company offers godown Facilities for Logistics companies.

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The packing and processing services are available for the most valuable documents and physical copies.

Same-day delivery services were available as well.

TPC company also accepts bulk orders.

If you are required, something different like advertising and printing, then no look other than the Professional Courier.

How to Get Professional Courier Franchise?

The Professional Courier Is a superior Indian base courier agency that works on a hub and spoke models that aim to deliver cost-effective, timely management, and reliable delivery.

The company has a vast network across the country; at the moment, there are 200 major hubs fully functioning And 850 Sub-Hubs working under the primary hub With the widely spread 2485 corporate offices in India.

Since the first delivery, the company has covered 40000 deliveries through 2500 corporate offices.

The company has not stated any franchise opportunity for the investor, but still, you can contact them via Email and phone numbers.

On the contact page, you will find numerous regional offices to choose from, and pick one of them to talk with the staff near you.

The primary corporate office is situated at Navi Mumbai in India, where the address is.

No.1203/A, Bhumiraj Costarica, Plot No. 1 & 2, Sector 18, Sanpada, NAVI MUMBAI – 400 705

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Ph: +91-22-278 13309, Fax :+91-22-275 74590,   


Bottom Line:

Franchise business always come up with the ready to go setup; you don’t have to work on the business model and operational progress. You will find many courier franchises out there, but the Professional Courier franchise looks great to invest. Do you see some helpful information here, then kindly share this post with your friends and family. If you found any more information about the Professional Courier franchise, kindly drop your comment below.