How to Make Decent Money as a Teenager in 2022

how to make money as a teenager

There comes a time when every teenager has felt the need for money, to own their expenses with their own choices. Because everyone wants to enjoy the perks of living a decent life and save for the future. 

There are many opportunities in the digital and offline space to earn as a teenager. So if you are looking for information on how to make money as a teenager. Then you have come to the right place. 

As in this article, we have a list of opportunities to help you earn money as a teenager as the internet dominates and influences a large part of our lives. Especially with work from home at flexible shifts, one can earn income with online streams. 

High-school students and collegers have too much to earn online at the given time. So here are a few ways to earn money as a teenager and gain invaluable experience. 

These are mostly the ones you need to pick from and find out which one works the best for you to save up for your college fees or courses or pay just up for everyday expenses. 

How To Make Money As A Teenager?

Taking Online Surveys: 

Though this isn’t a great opportunity, it can help you earn a few bucks by answering online surveys because most sites pay in rewards rather than cash. If gift cards are okay for you, doing online surveys is great. Some of the sites for online surveys are inbox dollars, survey junkie, life points, I survey, etc. 

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If you are interested in writing and blogging about a certain niche, you can launch your blog to turn a hobby into a profitable part-time business. There are various ways to blog. You can blog on YouTube or start your page on a specific niche with ad placements via Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, doing product reviews, guest posts on other blogs, etc. To attract readers, you have to include articles, videos, and podcasts in your blog. 

Freelance Writer:

One of the creative ways to earn money as a teenager is freelance writing, graphic designing, editing, app development, marketing, and copywriting. There are companies, brands, and startups looking to design and write about your niche. You can get clients from India as well as international ones. You can show your skills, and they will hire you on a project or monthly basis. 


Suppose you are good at teaching and love to teach others. Then you can be a tutor for a specific subject. Mostly academic subjects such as science, math and social science are usually most in demand. You can also market your services as a tutor online through platforms. You can get between 60 – 80% of the tutoring fees from the website. 


Work moms or dads often need babysitting to look after their children. Especially one they can trust, so building a relationship with your family, friends, neighbors, or even parents is necessary. So that when it is time for any emergency, they can assign you the job of looking after their child. There are websites where you can advertise your services. 

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Buying & Selling Stuff:

Suppose you are a creative type of making something for others. And have an eye for bargains, then you can own your shop online by selling things online at a decent price keeping your price in mind. You can handle your business by buying items from artisans and selling them online. You can sell them on eBay and Craigslist etc. 

Camp Counselor:

If you have gone to summer camp, then you can know that being a camp counselor in your summer holidays for kids will help you earn a few bucks where you get to enjoy e playing games with the kids, learning with them, and teaching them new habits and quizzes to build up opportunities with all types of people. It is one of the best ways to make money. 

Help out a senior citizen:

It can be a service of helping older people by running errands for them or helping them get groceries, or doing any tasks. It can be anything but be sure you are following all the COVID-19 protocols by wearing masks, hand sanitizer, and other things as much as possible. 

Become An Event Photographer:

If you are good at clicking photos, you can become an event photographer. People like to click photographs during events to show their photography skills to family and friends. Who is looking for a photographer to click their photos for memory? You might charge a flat fee at an event according to your experience. You also get to enjoy the perks of being a good photographer and enjoy the event. 

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Housecleaning Assistant:

If you are good at organizing things at home, you can work as a house cleaning assistant to assist people looking for house cleaning services. From cleaning to washing, there are several things you can do in your house cleaning services. 

Manage social media accounts:

Suppose you are always on social media and love to work. Then you can become a social media influencer by handling the social accounts of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and others alike. They always look up to social media managers to manage their accounts due to their busy schedules. You can run an update with them to know more about their activities to keep up the trend online. 


These are a few of the ways to make money as a teenager. There are many creative ways to earn as a teenager, but you need expertise. 

So we hope you have liked this article and got the necessary information. If you have creative skills and ideas, you are a free bird to look after other job opportunities.