Start Your Own Wow Momo Franchise Store in India – Cost, and Profit

Wow Momo Franchise


Momos one of the fastest-growing craze in India amongst youngsters. It has somehow become an obsession for being one of the most fantastic snack time dishes for youth. 

Momos as a business is a great business idea as you can expand the range of craze from one shop to the maximum number in the broadest coverage. 

If you don’t want to indulge in new momo shops, then wow momo franchise can be a suitable option for you to develop the craze with your local area.

Wow Momo Restaurant:

Wow momo restaurant is a quick-service restaurant, or we can say an Indian fast-food chain based in Kolkata, West Bengal. A restaurant specializes in dumplings and momos, which are famous food in Tibet, Nepal and India.

The company was founded by Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai in 2008. Being friends and also alumni of St.Xavier’s College in Kolkata. 

Wow, momo has its imprints in India: Kolkata, Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi Lucknow and many more cities. There are over 200 outlets all over 13 cities across the country. 

So if you are convinced that the wow momos franchise should be taken, then here we are, giving you some of the process and the founder story of wow momo restaurant.

 Let’s Indulge in a Somewhat History of Wow Momos!

The year 2008, which turned out to be one of rejuvenation as Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai started with a thought to diversify the momos business in different parts of the country. 

The investment was around 30,000. The two founder minds started selling the momos through 6 by six kiosks as the few first kiosks were installed inside Big Bazaar and Spencer’s supermarkets in Kolkata. 

From then to now, for Wow momos, they never looked back. The business kept on growing year after year, and it’s still great with its no stagnant position and wow taste of momos.


Let’s Talk about the Credentials that the Wow Momos have Got up Till now:-

The main mantra, or we can say a pillar of the company, is constant innovation with the products and food items that can quickly grab the taste buds of their customers. 

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Here we are taking you towards the few awards from which wow momos has been bestowed with they are Best Dim sum Product Chain – Indian Restaurant Congress Awards, Best Unique Retail Concept Award – Images Retail Award 2017, and the last one is Coca Cola Golden Spoon Award – Best Quick Service Restaurant in Indian Origin and Best innovation in-store design 2018.

Success is beautiful when you pave your path with the utmost desire and passion. Sagar Daryani, The CEO, Binod Kumar Homagai, The COO and Shah Miftaur Rahman being The CFO of the wow momos team, is a giant with 1900 workers working under them as of 2018.

Many products taught in a single chain being a great wow momos company is surfing through new heights.

Momos have been defined with many new varieties, which has been almost palpable by all the people. They are recently producing many different types of momos in their varied wow momos franchise. 

They make pan-fried momos, sizzler momos, deep-fried momos, Butter masala momos, tandoori momos, baked momo au gratin, Moberg(momo burger) and many other varieties of momos that are available in the store. 

The innovations in their food peculiarly make them unique with the outcomes that can blow the customers’ first-paced mindset. 

Wow, momos have made a great example that the revenue earned in the food industry has a more extensive scope than it appears ordinarily. A momo brand has earned its prestige with hard work and never looked back. 

After the momos’ essential success, they are all set to launch another brand under the same name, “Chandan Cuisine, ” which intends to give the roadside cuisine a fresh look and its feel under the prestigious brand name. 

The main motto to start such a franchise is to provide mouth-watering bursts of flavours to the customers at pocket-friendly prices. The authenticity of the dishes will remain intact with every mouth-watering taste of the wow Chandan Cuisine franchise that will be available in the future.

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Wow, momos are the yummiest, authentic and good quality products. Suppose you can satisfy all those needs and ascertain the customer-oriented love for the cuisine. In that case, you are about to indulge in one of the best companies and collaborate with the Wow Momo franchise. 

Let’s indulge in the key Benefits of the WOW Momo Franchise.

If your love for food has never been invalid, the food industry is only one occupation where you want your reach to aspiring to, and then you are in the right place. 

It is one of the highest turnover private limited company with 200 crores and revenue around 120 to 150 crore as of 2018. 

They are obliged to allow a newbie to develop them further to reach out to new places. 

Here is why it is beneficial to have a wow momos franchise. 

  • The momos of wow momos are very well accepted due to their authenticity in the taste and quality that touches your heart.
  • Prices are affordable for everyone.
  • The requirement of investment in comparison to other fast-food chain management.
  • The brand identity has been powerful from the initial stage of the company, that is, since 2008.
  • Return on investment with ascertaining the Wow Momos Franchise is on the higher side comparatively.
  • The franchise number is constantly increasing day by day as the authenticity reaches many doorsteps of the country.

Now Let’s find out the requirements to start a Wow Momo Franchise.

  • The area required to open a Wow Momo Franchise is 250 to 300 sq ft, including the kitchen and the counter of the franchise. As you can see, the diameter requirement is equally low, so the investment criteria will also differ from most of the brands.
  • Passion is the main requirement for any business to grow, so the skills required to get the wow momos franchise. Employees should have good communication skills and be courteous to the customers out there to do great business.
  • Regions of operations are now 13 cities with a brand with 200 outlets, so the range is dodging relatively high for an Indian Brand Identity.
  • In collaboration with the Wow momos franchise, you need around two months of classroom and job training for the respective employees with soft skill training, customer handling, improving their culinary skills, and regularly achieving the high range of sales targets.
  • The minimum staff requirement is shallow in wow momos as it is 2 to 5 people only for the great starting.
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Now let’s indulge in the cost part how much it will be required to have Wow Momo Franchise:-

The total investment required is Rs 8 to 20 Lakhs depending upon the size and location of the outlet.

But you can quickly get back the total invested in the duration of 8 to 9 months. Wow, momos have been a desirous brand those have visited the parent city of the brand Kolkata.

Then they know the quality of the momos is fantastic and worth every money spent by you, so yeah, it will be a great help for the people to get attached to such an authentic brand if it’s not in your city already.


The decision of taking wow momo franchise is worth it as the craze for momos, especially in the youngsters is rapidly increasing with the sufficient number.

As the prices are affordable it is straightforward for every customer to buy whether it’s small school going children or the people in the office they can all enjoy the plate full of momos without any doubt. 

The company is so diligent about momos that it produces in mini stalls, Max stalls, kiosks, cloud kitchens, and many other ways. Now that the company is expanding, the wow Chandan will also be added to take your breath away with their amazing and unique Chinese dishes.

Wow, momos are basically for that banter investing in 40 outlets across the country. The Indo-Chinese cuisine around with an investment of approximately 12 crores apart from these another 30 crores has also been estimated to be invested in its momos chain within this year.

Wow Momo Franchise allows you to explore and earn in the food industry with their unique skills. Food lovers and any person who wants to make a good amount of money can invest in the Wow momos company.