Start Preschool with the Help of Bachpan Play School Franchise Model

bachpan play school franchise

Wish to invest in a unique business idea? Have you ever heard of playschool? It’s also the best, innovative way to earn, here we elaborate on the complete overview of the bachpan play school franchise and its cost.

Bachpan is an Indian Play School brand that offers innovative and technologically advanced education to children before going into school.

 Everyone knows what preschool is and what they serve? As the name implies, preschool is only a dedicated learning and fun-loving school like a playground. Every kid gets to know others socially and learn to interact, grow and adapt to the social environment.

History of Bachpan Play School:

Bachpan Play School has been brought to the market by the SK Education private limited around 2004.

The first door of a Play School opens in 2005, And within one year, the Bachpan Play School have seen tremendous growth, and around 2006 the playschool has started its own publication house where they can manage every book, which is approximately 100+

Technology advanced learning method and the Holistic approach where children easily share their thoughts and identify themself better.

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The education Idea works better, and the parents also love the method and the approach they delivered to the student; that’s why within three years, the Bachpan Play School has risen to 100 numbers in the country.

Why Bachpan Play School is Unique

Bachpan Play School’s approaches are different from other Play School, year by year, the play School has made some changes to their teaching approach with the help of technological advancement.

That’s why within a four year of establishment, Bachpan Play School have decided to make its own identity with the help of customizing school uniforms.

Due to tremendous growth in the first four years, the brand has been nominated for the Top 3 best preschool brands in the country in 2010.

As for the data of 2011, there were more than 500+ preschools that have been successfully running in the country.

Services offered by Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School is a specialized nursery for children and newborns, and they offer kids various teaching lessons as per the age. 

  • Playgroup Program: 
  • Nursery:
  • Lower kindergarten (LKG): 
  • Upper kindergarten (UKG)
  • Activity Junction

In recent years the Bachpan Play School has launched their E-tablet especially for kids, and AR VR Technology Equipped smart classes. 

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Bachpan Play School Franchise Cost:

For those who want to start their nursery or playground for the maximum profit, it’s excellent news for the investor, the Bachpan Play School offering franchise to extend their business.

The Bachpan Play School has covered the whole country with the 1200+ Play School that operates in 400 cities. 

As you all know, the nursery playground is like a School, so to start your own Bachpan Play School franchise in your area, you must have a carpet area of around 2000 square feet.

The initial cost required is 12 lakh or more to establish a Bachpan Play School franchise in your city, the place must be warm and healthy, and it must be noise-free.

Why to Invest in Bachpan Play School Franchise:

If you are interested in the preschool franchise, you will get every help from the company; the office staff will come to your place and analyze and advise how to set up.

Once you set up everything, the staff will help you regarding the teaching material and the necessary training.

As you all know, the franchise business is ready to serve the industry. However, you need a little bit of marketing whenever you start, not to worry. The company will handle all the media and social activities for you, even they have their publication team to manage a franchise work.

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Contact Details:

Bachpan Corporate office

9988/B-1, S.K. Tower, Sarai Rohilla

New Rohtak Road, Delhi- 110005 (India)

You can directly visit the link below and submit your details and requirements for the franchise.

Bottom Line:

Bachpan Play School is now the bigger brand and well-known nursery chain in India; as you can read above, Bachpan Play School’s progress began. The latest innovation in technology and teaching method makes the Play School unique than rest. So if you are planning to invest in the education sector, I suggest investing in the Bachpan Play School franchise. If you found helpful information on this site, then kindly share it with your friends and family.