Start Premium Fast Food Shop with the help of Tibbs Frankie Franchise

tibbs frankie franchise

Looking for Indian base fast food business franchise without spending much, don’t go beyond the Tibbs Frankie franchise. 

Tibbs Quick serving food store is famous for the Frankie item; Frankie is not a new item to the fast-food chain but is very popular nowadays to the youngsters.

The brand has been in the market for more than three decades, and even the whole journey, they have never compromised with the quality; that’s why the investor is looking for the Tibbs Frankie franchise opportunity.

Founders and History of Tibbs Frankie:  

The founder of a Tibbs frankie, Mr. Amarjit Singh Tibb, started Brand in Mumbai around 1969; at that time, I guess no one there was serving Frankie to the Indians.

Mr. Amarjit never decided to start his brand in a food chain, the small incident happened, and everything has changed, and that incident gave birth to the new brand.

Mr. Amarjit and his wife were in Beirut, and in one restaurant, they tasted Lebanese delicacy prepared from pita bread, which was marvelous in taste; at that moment, they have decided to start their own Frankie item in India. Which will purely make from Indian ingredients and garnished with Indian spices.

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Market Expansion and Growth:  

The Inventor of Tibbs Frankie later became the company’s head within a few years; then, they started working on the brand and promotional activities.

If we talked about Tibbs Frankie’s overall Nation’s presence, more than 300+ outlets are present to the significant 20+ areas. Also, they have outlets in Dubai and the UK as well.

The franchise branches spread across the country, but the taste has never changed. This is the prime rule of Tibbs Frankie; they believe in word to mouth marketing like I love Frankie, will you.

Why Tibbs Frankie Franchise:

You should have many reasons to invest in a Tibbs Frankie franchise; some of the reasons are below.

  1. The company never compromised with the quality of product; that’s why it is still growing after many years.
  2. Due to the great test, they have a huge fan base from the market.
  3. As the franchise owner, the company allows the investor to use the flexible scheme for the investment.


Tibbs Frankie offers Varieties of Frankie and other food items; some of the listed items are the local people’s, primary Love.

  1. Mutton Frankie
  2. Chicken Frankie
  3. Veg Frankie
  4. Cheese Frankie
  5. Paneer Frankie
  6. Schezwan Frankies

As per the information the company plans to add more fast food into the main you like burger and pizza. 

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Tibbs Frankie Franchise Overview:

Here is an excellent opportunity for the investors looking to invest in a Tibbs Frankie franchise but before taking a look at the requirement first.

  1. The first requirement is for the area; the commercial space you are about to consider for the franchisee must be 50 to 150 square feet; the primary aim to have that amount of site is to maintain the cleanliness and have a space to enjoy the meal.
  2. If you are applying for the franchise, you must possess food-related skills. The company is looking for an investor who already handles the food business.
  3. The employee required to handle the inside operation is around 3 to 5 with the proper training and necessary materials.
  4. The company provides training and instruction guides on how to maintain and keep the outlets clean.
  5. The cost required to start the Tibbs Frankie franchise varies from 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs, the more additional amount needed for the franchise fees and the pieces of equipment.

Contact Details:

Tibbs Foods Private Limited

Dr. Charat Singh Bungalow Compound,

Dr. Charat Singh Colony,

S B Singh Colony,

Andheri East,

Mumbai – 400093


Bottom Line:

Here, I have given all the information on how to open the Tibbs franchise. need any more information, let me know your opinion through the comment box. If you expect a food-related franchise that does not cost too much, then the Tibbs Frankie franchise model in your budget alone is the right choice. If you liked this post, you can share this post with your friends or on social media.

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