Start own Premium Tea Shop with Chai Point Franchise

Chai Point Franchise

Looking for a low investment franchise opportunity, then the chai point franchise is the ideal one that you can consider for your next business opportunity in the future.

Chai Point, the Indian-based tea brand, successfully achieved their best place in the market within a few years because of its work ethics and the uniqueness of its products.

The brand name is entirely oriented for the refreshing drink that is Tea, but they are more than ordinary tea shops. Let’s find out why they are different from the rest.

Founders and History of Chai Point:

Amuleek Singh Bijral invented the chai point concept from the city of Tech and a startup hub Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, in 2010

The first outlet opened in Bangalore around 2010, and in the same year the Amuleek realized the importance of online presence and, around Dec 2010, started a website.

The brand is dealing with the Tea; they have various flavors; you will get multiple snack items, including biscuits, peanuts, etc.

Market Expansion and Growth:

The company started around 2010, and in the same year, they launched their other outlets in India, and two years later, the company reached the ten count of stores.

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Chai Point has a strong presence in more than eight cities, including airports and business parks locations; there are more than 100+ outlets present in India.

The company has seen tremendous growth in the first five years, then later on around 2016, the company launched its largest distributor network for the Tea, which is known as Boxc.

Why Chai Point:

If you are reading the post and reaching this point, you have to know why the brand is growing day by day and profit from Chai Point Franchise.

  • Chai point is known for the best and fresh ingredients for the tea.
  • The company delivers fresh tea to the consumers without adding any preservatives. 
  • They also provide snacks that are purely wrapped from their packaging.
  • The company supports the save earth concept, and that’s why all packaging is biodegradable and does not produce any waste.
  • If you are not available to reach their physical store, you can call them for the online deliveries of tea, and the guy will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes.
Tea Franchise

Menu of Chai Point:

Chai point brand is famous for its products, but they are also serving related snacks, as below.

  • Hot Chai
  • Chai With Milk and Without
  • Occasional Special Drinks
  • Cold Chai
  • Coffee
  • Lassi
  • Shakes and Poppers
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The above start menu you will not find on the official website visits their online store, an Ecommerce website, so it’s easy for you to order your snacks.

Chai Point Franchise Overview:

Chai point offers the franchise opportunity for business investors and entrepreneurs, but you need to understand their requirements to take a Franchise.

  • The first requirement is to have a large commercial place that must be around 600 to 800 square feet, and store visibility is a must. The more you visible, the more you get a sale; that’s the agenda of every business.
  • To start your chai point franchise, the capital you require is around 40 to 50 lacs; that’s the amount included franchise agreement, fees, equipment, and material.
  • Chai point uniqueness is they continuously work on their staff to improve their End to end tea preparation, which does not compromise its taste.
  • The minimum staff required to run your exclusive franchise outlet is around 3 to 4 with the proper training and necessary material.

Contact Details: 

Head Office: 

Mountain Trail Foods Pvt Ltd,

Umiya Emporium,

#102, 2nd Floor, Hosur Main Road,

Kaveri Layout,

Adugodi, Bangalore – 560 029.

Contact Numbers: 

Phone: 8880141000

Bottom Line:  I hope I have explained everything to you through this chai point franchise post. The chai point franchise has now become a well-known brand. At around ten years of age, the brand has touched heights in the market; their top program, MTA, is a master program under which they show the staff how to make original chai. Not only this but also started online coaching so that there is no reduction in staff skills. Chai Point has put a loyalty program for its customers, under which if you buy tea, you will get some rewards, which you can later redeem through their store. If you liked this post, you can share it with your friends or with people on social media.

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