Start own Premium Lassi Store with Lassi Shop Franchise Model

lassi shop franchise

Lassi is probably one of the most famous Indian beverages. It is primarily drunk after eating a meal in Punjab. 

But nowadays it is considered a refreshing drink for many youths. The lassi is made up of curd, water, various fruits and seasonings. 

However, modern-day lassi contains more than that based upon their recipe and people’s mood. 

Lassi drink for taste and refreshment has its health benefits such as it helps in digestion (that’s why it is drunk after eating a meal), helps with a dental problem, and is rich in calcium. 

With that many benefits and a delicious taste, the lassi is now very popular in many other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and many more countries. 

How Lassi Shop Came into Existence?

Since lassi is quite good in many ways, it must not be limited to one state only, Punjab. The first lassi shop ever open was in Koramangala in Bangalore in 2014.

The central perspective of opening the shop was introducing the people to lassi and offering them the best quality of lassi they will ever drink in their entire life. 

Since it was a new concept with a new product, it was a huge success, and it is still growing and loved by the people.

After a huge success, the shop also started experimenting with lassi and producing new lassi varieties to give customers a unique experience. 

Nowadays, their menu contains many verifications of lassi, including many other kinds of milkshakes, fruit juice, smoothies, etc. 

Lassi shops have also become kind of Cafe nowadays. People like to hang out there with their friends and family.

What makes Lassi Shop So Prevalent? 

Lassi begins as a product of milk. It is pretty healthy as compared to other refreshing drinks out there in the market.

Moreover, it is prevalent in films and TV shows that people start drowning towards it not to forget that we may also hear the name lassi many times in our home and some of us have tasted homemade lassi. 

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As it is made up of milk, many parents prefer this as compared to the other drinks. Their unique lassi recipe and affordable price also help it in growing. 


USP of Lassi Shop:

The USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, which means how much a brand/products/services perform concerning their competitors. 

It plays an essential role in determining a brand value. You can judge everything about a company by just seeing its USP. And when it comes to Lassi Shop, its USP is best. 

With the rising summer, the sales of beverages also grow very dramatically. And nowadays most of the people prefer Indian things over foreign things. And with all the benefits of lassi there USP is relatively high.

Here Are Some Benefits of opening Lassi Shop Franchise :

  1. Low investment: You can’t start your franchise without a lot of investment, but this is not true with the lassi franchise. You can open it with a small investment. Having a low investment means the benefits first low risk, and you will start profiting from it in less time. 
  1. Less Area Required to open the lassi shop. The minimum Area required is 200 square feet.
  1. Summers are too hot and lengthy in India. The most extended season is summer. Not even summer in the rainy season people also like to take drinks So the sales will last longer. 
  1. There is no need for the advertisement since the lassi is already very popular among people so you don’t need to give an ad about your shop.
  1. People are getting more attracted to the cafes, which will also benefit the lassi shop.
  1. It is an excellent opportunity to earn more with less amount of investment. 
  1. The lassi shop franchise also provides you with extraordinary support, including different product recipes, supply chain of materials, Brand name, Proper training for your staff, and most importantly, insurance.

How to start your own Lassi Shop Franchise?

Here are some Requirements You Need To Know Before You Go For:

Area: Around 200 square feet will be enough. Just make sure that your shop must be widespread or populated to have a great sell. 

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Skills: You don’t need to have any skill in lassi making, neither will your staff. The franchise will provide the training program. 

Investment: Most of all, how much money will be required to open a shop? 

The minimum amount is around ten lakhs; however, the maximum depends upon you how much you want to invest, but the maximum amount will be approximately 40 lakhs. They also don’t take any brand fee, which is quite good since many companies do so.  

Process to Take Lassi Franchise ? 

  1. First of all, you need to visit their official website and fill-up the form, and then you need to wait until they contact you.
  2. After they contact you, they will set up a meeting (mostly virtually) to give you brief details about their terms and conditions.
  3. After that, you have to deposit two lakhs directly by check or online method, since the company doesn’t accept cash. You will receive a payment slip for that payment which will be proof that you are now a member of them.
  4. Now you have to send them your shop’s location where you want to start your shop. The company employee will check it and verify where it is a good location or not, and if it is not, they will also advise you of a good location.
  5. Then you will have to pay the rest of the amount to settle up the lassi shop, which will be around eight lakhs. 
  6. You need to hire at least four staff and give them their IDs to start your work. The company will provide the training program. 

That’s all. You are now an owner of the lassi shop franchise. These all processes may take up to 30 to 60 days.

How Much Revenue You Can Generate From Lassi Franchise?

This thing depends upon many factors. But still, depending upon the facts, the profit margin is around 60%. 

The lassi sale market rate has grown up to 20% in the last four years and is still growing. It is expected to average 32% in around five years which seems quite reasonable and profitable. 

Also, meeting the company will provide you with brief details about their profit and how much you can earn from it. Make a note that you also have to pay a royalty fee of 5% on your total sales. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Lassi Franchise in India?

Q. How much money is required to open a lassi shop?

You will need at least 10 lakh to open a lassi shop. 

Q. Do I need to learn the skill of lassi making to open a lassi shop?

No, you don’t need to learn any skills to open a lassi shop. Also, you will be the owner of the shop, not the worker of the shop.

Q. Did the franchise take any security money to start a lassi shop?

Technically, they don’t have specifically mentioned security money type of word, but you have to pay a fee of 2 lakh when you meet their employees, so I think those two lakhs are security money. 

Q. How much do I expect to earn from my lassi shop?

Well, technically no exact data about that but the highest sell is around 7.5 lakhs per month.

Q. Can lassi be able to replace other drinks in the market?

Lassi will dominate the market; however, it will not completely wipe out the other market competition.

Q. What are the things which are included in the Lassi Shop menu?

Mostly you will find a different variety of lassi, but the menu also contains various types of other cafe items. Some of them are 
1) Lassi (of course)
2) Faluda 
3) Milkshakes


As per the growing young and working population, they are spending more on beverage drinks. Lassi is quite famous among youths and people of all ages. Parents also prefer lassi over other beverages. 

The summer is getting hotter and hotter as every year passes, and in India, people prefer desi things over another foreign brand, so opening a lassi shop franchise is quite a good and profitable idea for you. 

We cannot find details about how to contact them; it is also not mentioned on their official site, so we do not include it right here. 

That means we only added the real and legit facts which needed to open your own lassis shop franchise. I hope this article helped you. Thank You for going through this article.