Start Own Medical Diagnostics Center with dr Lal Path Lab Franchise Model

dr lal path lab franchise

Today we will discuss the reputed laboratory franchises, one of India’s oldest and trusted brands that are known as the Dr. Lal Path Lab franchise.

Health is wealth. After the pandemic crisis, everyone is well aware of their physical condition and illnesses. Dr. Lal Path Lab is a trusted laboratory that helps you detect any disease with a quick test.

Business opportunities everywhere, right? I have covered most of the fast food and other related topics that are trending on this website, but why not we can focus on Swadeshi brand like lal path lab.

As we all know, health-related businesses are on the top of the list, and the service requirement will be increasing in the upcoming days, so why not invest in the medical and health care business. 

Founder and History of Dr. Lal Path Lab

India’s top-notch Quality Services you will get in the Doctor Lal Path laboratory, you will find various test kits available in the center related to health and diseases including cytopathology, molecular diagnosis, biochemical, microbiology, Immunology, and radiology, etc.

Dr. S. K. Lal, The man behind the dr Lal Path laboratory, started around 1949 in Delhi, Dr. SK Lal, the specialist junior doctor in the British army.

In the initial days, Dr. Lal Path Labs’ principal operation is to perform testing and diagnosis along with routine tests ( blood tests), general infection tests, and preventive screenings.

After so many years of operation and continuous top-notch service, the Doctor Lal Path was finally highlighted by the VCCircle media and awarded as the best diagnostic service company in 2013.

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Industry Expansion and Stocks:

Since more than 60 + years in the business, Dr. Lal Path Labs can reach 800 cities with 2,000+ collections centers and have around 10 Million patients per year.

Due to the trusted and accurate healthcare data, the company decided to build a National Network based in New Delhi. Then around 2015, the company launched its IPO to the market.

The Doctor Lal Path laboratory has received many awards and accreditation from the top authorities in the whole journey. Awards as below.

  • Emerging Company of the Year award in 2008
  • The Best Diagnostic Service Company in India
  • Diagnostic Service Provider Company of the Year 2012
  • Award for Service Excellence in 2018


Every company has ups and downs; in the whole journey Dr. Lal Path has also gone through various stages, but why Dr. Lal Path ltd has reached the top list of Pathology laboratories in India. Let’s see below.

1. Throughout the network, the company, efficiently offers 3,368 diagnostic and healthcare-related tests. 

2. The company provides online access for the consumer to see their report; in more critical cases, the staff even collects the samples from your home at your convenience. as per the stats, the company has collected 21+ million specimens year 2015.

3. Due to the all in one test kit and samples at one place with convenience, the name has become top in the Healthcare industry. 

4. Due to the extensive network of centers and blood sample collection Stores, overall 3000 Plus staff has currently managed the inside operation; that’s why the data and samples kit is most accurate. 

Eligibility for Applying Dr. Lal Path Lab

The excellent news for the investor to work in our laboratory and medical field, dr Lal path laboratory offers franchise opportunities in India.

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Dr. Lal Path Labs are known for top-end quality services to its customers domestically and internationally. It’s one of the trusted places for the internal and external quality checkup.

Dr. Lal Path Lab offers franchise outlets in the form of different functioning stores; the first one known as the Diagnostic Centre franchise and sample collection center franchise.

  • Diagnostic Centre franchise
  • Sample collection center franchise

How to get a franchise of dr lal path lab?

To Start your own Dr. Lal Path Lab franchise in India, you need to pass their national Diagnostic Centre’s requirement criteria. 

Dr. Lal Path Lab is one of the best Diagnostic Centre in India, and due to the vast staff center can test more than 3500 diagnosis tests at the same place, that’s why the minimum area requirement for Diagnostic Centre is 3,500 sq. feet, and the location must be central and ground floor preferable.

In the Diagnostic Centre, we will perform Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology, and Preventive Health checkup.

The staff you need is from a Pathology background or must possess previous lab experience. 

The most important thing, the project costs you around 1.25 crore, and the franchise amount will be exceeded, including lab/testing instruments.

If you want to establish the Diagnostic Centre at a Global location, which means outside of India, then the above requirement is almost similar; additionally, customer care staff is mandatory.

If you do not fit into the Diagnostic Centre criteria, then do not worry; you can apply for the sample collection center franchise. 

How to Start Sample Collection Centre Franchise?

To Start your sample collection center franchise in India, you need to read the below points before applying.

  • The sample collection center is different from the Diagnostic Centre, and here you will require less equipment than a diagnostic tool.
  • The minimum investment you need is 3 – 4 Lakhs to start a sample collection Store.
  • The staff or investor must be from the medical background for the collection center.
  • The area required to establish a sample collection center franchise is 200 to 250 square feet; the ground location will be preferable with the toilet facility. 
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Benefits from Dr. Lal Path Lab Franchise

  • Dr. Lal Path is one of the highly trusted Diagnostic centers, and due to the centralized network system, anyone can access their test result via barcode signs.
  • Dr. Lal Path Lab’s staff helps you from start to end, including purchasing medical equipment and test kit to set up everything in the store.
  • The company will handle marketing and sales support to the local Hospital and medical fraternity.

Contact Details:

You can directly visit their corporate office or contact them if you are near to that location.

Corporate Office:

Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd. 

12th Floor, Tower B, SAS Tower, 

Medicity, Sector-38, Gurgaon-122001, 


Bottom Line: 

Dr. Lal Path’s laboratory is a highly equipped Medical Diagnostic center with a skillful medical staff. If you are looking to invest in the medical or Healthcare franchise facility, then the Doctor Lal Path Lab is one of India’s trusted facilities. You can check out the happy client review on the official website.

Do you think you have enough capital to invest, so why not to consider the Dr. Lal Path laboratory? If you found helpful information on this blog, then kindly share this with your friends and family. Let me know what you think about the post. Kindly Drop your suggestion in the comment box.