Start Own Ice-Cream Parlour with Cream Bell Ice Cream Franchise

Cream Bell Ice Cream Franchise

Cream Bell is one of the finest and most promising brands in the ice cream and dessert category. One of India’s oldest brands, and many investors are looking for a business opportunity with the brand because of their trustworthiness and exceptional products; In this post, I will elaborate more about the cream Bell ice cream franchise and stay tuned. 


The whole market has been covered by the most significant players in the ice cream category. The cream bell has entered the market around 2003 in India. With the help of RJ Corporation, the parent company, now the company is a leading player in the ice cream market.

Cream Bells offer products as below:

New selection range of products Which is the combination of mix flavors.

  • Cakes
  • Tubs ice creams with variations
  • Premium ice cream
  • Novelties
  • Cones
  • Choco bars
  • Healthy tutti frutti tubs
  • Party packs
  • Sticks
  • Kulfi
  • Jumbo family packs
  • Cups

Additionally, the company had decided to develop a new product range, Which is identified as Maxxum Mini range Ice cream stick, with the two delicious flavor chocolate cookies and pina-orange.

Currently, the cream Bell company has approximately 15% of the market share in the Indian Ice cream industry With the exclusive 19 state locations in India.

The company has major manufacturing plants across India: Goa, Baddi, and Asansol, Kosi near Agra, and presence of 35,000 retail outlets across the country.

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The cream Bell Has expanded its products range into a variety of milk and dairy products. According to the official insights, the company has reported a tremendous six times growth from 2008 to 2013.

Cream Bell Ice Cream Franchise and History:

Cream Bell first arrived in the market around 2003, As a business partner with the franchise dairy major candia. 

The continuous innovation in the product and flavor makes the cream Bell one of India’s most promising brands in the ice cream category.

According to the sources, the cream Bell has successfully managed to keep brand position in the top 4.

Since the launch, the cream bell has innovated around 140 plus different products with taste and flavor variation.

The company has achieved many awards in the whole journey, including India’s most promising brand 2014 and 2015, Make in India award excellence 2015, Great Indian ice cream contest. Etc.

Cream Bell Ice Cream Franchise Requirements:

From the beginning, the cream bell has never faced any major downfall in its journey. The people are likely to trust more if the brand is continuously growing from the establishment, and Cream Bell is one of the powerful Ice Cream brands that offer franchises. Let’s look into it.

For the cream Bell ice cream franchise, the company offers three SIS models (Shop in Shop), Mini parlor, And parlor.

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The three business models vary with the equipment, location, and the Security amount you have to pay to the company is not refundable.

In the first scenario, shop in shop, the area required up to 70 square feet, And the location of the shop must be in a Highly crowded place. 

This is the location requirement and now let’s look into the overall cost of the first type.

  • The equipment cost is around 45000.
  • Security deposit which nonrefundable is 15000 
  • Interior branding 500rs per square feet

The next business model is the Mini ice cream parlor, Which is a little bit advanced to that of the first business model.

If you want to invest in the Mini ice cream parlor, then the location criteria are approximately 100 square feet or more, And the location of a shop must be in the High Street Shop or shopping mall.

  • For the Mini ice cream parlor, the cost of equipment you have to pay is 1,15,000.
  • The security deposit amount is 75000.
  • The company provides branding per square feet, which is now more costly here 1500/sq ft.

The third business model is a full version of the parlor and requires more than the Mini version, but a complete ice cream shop.

To invest in the Cream Bells parlor franchise business model, the primary location you require must be around 300 square feet, and the location of the shop must be in the shopping mall, High Street shops, and near to the highly crowded place.

  • The equipment provided by the company is around 155000rs.
  • The security amount is 175000, which you have to pay for the company.
  • The company wants the inside promotion to handle themselves, which is starting from 2000rs square feet.
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Cream Bell Ice Cream Franchise Details:

You can directly Drop your inquiries/message to the official website; here is the link for more information.

If you have a specific inquiry like a franchise business model, then the link mentioned below will help you.

Contact Address: 

Devyani Food Industries Ltd.

Plot No. 31,

Institutional Area Sector-44,


Tel: +91 124 4643400

Fax : +91 124 4642203

Bottom Line:

Cream Bell Ice Cream Franchise Is truly offering unmatched quality as compared to other competitors; that’s why the brand is still growing. There is always a massive demand from the investor for the franchise model. The information mentioned above might be a mismatch/updated. For more information, you can directly talk to the staff of the company. The Food Industry is continuously growing, and evolving day by day, immense opportunities are available to invest. I hope you get all the information from the cream Bell ice cream franchise blog. Kindly Drop your message through the comment if you need more help. Spread this post with your friends and colleagues if you found helpful content here.