Start Own Fast Food Store with Minute Burger Franchise Model

minute burger franchise

Are you in the Philippines and looking for a fast-food franchise Business? Then I suggest you look at the minute burger franchise and its approach.

The Philippine base brand minute burger now Spread to all over the country, and the company is looking for the right franchise, so you are the one?

As we all know, there are many Giants brands in the burger and fast food category, but why the minute burger is still growing from the date of establishment. Let’s see.

Founders and History:

The minute burger first door opened around 1982 in the Philippines, a brand is a subsidiary group of Leslie corp, the famous chips making brand clover. 

The minute burger has existed in the market for more than three decades; also, they have acquired the crowded place for the store like metro stations and street areas. 

Within a few years, the burger has been accessible more to the consumer, and around 2003 the first franchise store opened in the nation.

Market Expansion and Growth:

If we talk about the number, then Minute burger has a strong presence in the nation also, more than 500 plus outlets are operating and fully working.

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The minute burgers idea is to buy 1, Take 1 is worthwhile, And most of the burgers are affordable and fantastic in taste; that’s why the brand is continually growing.

Even in the latest pandemic crisis, the company has never seen any downfall, but opposite, they have plans to launch a new 60 franchise stores in the nation.

Why Minute Burger Franchise:

There are many reasons why minute burgers are still growing in Filipino. Let’s look at some of them.

  1. Minute burgers are affordable and have their unique taste.
  2. The brand has its solid strategy for the franchise.
  3. Companies have existed more than three decades in the nation so that you can trust the brand.
  4. The burger taste easily defeated the big International companies.

Products and Services:

People from the around Nation love the burger, but the company does not have a single product line and offers multiple foods in-store as below.

  1. Burgers
  2. Nachos
  3. Smoothies
  4. Hotdog

Minute Burger Franchise Overview:

If you are really impressed by the brand and its strategy, it’s a great deal to start a minute burger franchise store in the Philippines. But before you proceed, make sure to check out the criteria first.

  1. To start your minute burger franchise store in the City, The first thing you require is the commercial space which must be 500+ sp ft. The company has never stated anything regarding the commercial area, but this is just a rough estimate.
  2. The good news is that the company offers economical packages for the minute burger franchise, divided into three plans. The company aims to start two stores at the same time. The economic plans cost you around p190,000, p240000, p290000. Contact the official company staff for a more accurate price estimate based on the location.
  3. The above-stated cost almost covers the Franchise Fee, Stock Bond, Site Processing Fee, License to Operate 2 Stores, etc. The additional store development cost is around 20k/sq mt.
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Contact Details:

Below are the official contact details of minute burger stores; talk to them first for the rough estimate.



Bottom Line: I hope that you have got all the information related to the Minute Burger franchise store through this post. One thing that is good that brands bring different offers for franchise stores, such as economic packages. Let us know your opinion about minute burger brands. If you like this post, tell us through the comment box, and you can share this post on your friends or social media.