Start a Wingstop Franchise in City – Complete Cost and Profit Details

Wingstop Franchise

The Wingstop restaurant is famous for its Variety of highly-seasoned Chicken wings. Wingstop landed on the scene of serving ultimate buffalo wings in 1994. 

But its functioning started in 1997 in response to the entrepreneurs opening their Wingstop franchises. Today Wingstop Franchise LLC owns more than 450 restaurants in over 26 States. 

They continue to add more stores with the rate of almost 30% annually. 

Suppose you are looking to open your Wingstop franchise. This article will give you the necessary information regarding its details and guide you on whether you need to open a Franchise of your own. 

Let’s get into the details. 

Wingstop Franchise Information:

The Wingstop restaurant has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. However, it was founded in 1994. But the franchising started in 1997. 

The Company owns over 1200 outlets in the United States. The other outlets are located in multiple countries. Some of the specialised menus they offer are Fresh-cut French fries, different foods and beverages, including beer and wine. 

Customers love spicy-flavoured chicken wings speciality in their menu. Many entrepreneurs have recognised Wingstop Franchise success and own more than 1000 restaurants. 

Suppose you are entitled to open a Wingstop Franchise. Then it should be opened at the desired location. 

One of the factors the Wingstop is famous for is its highly focused robust take-out as they believe in running their business on top of their brick and mortar presence. 

It is why many of their storefronts are smaller than the average fast-food ones. 

How to open a Wingstop Franchise? 

  • Suppose you want to be a Wingstop Franchise. Then the initial investment cost more than worth $360,000.
  • The Franchisee must have an adequate investment amount, including equipment, real estate and building cost, cost of Uniforms to licences and permits, etc. 
  • The candidate must have prior experience in handling these types of the franchise before applying for them. 
  • Calculate and evaluate the presence of the location, which should attract customers. 
  • Then they have to apply to the Wingstop franchise team. The Company will review your profile. Go through all the background and financial checks after meeting the requirements of the Franchise team. You will receive an email receipt that confirms you are eligible for the role of Wingstop Franchise owner. 
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How much does the Wingstop Franchise Costs? 

The Wingstop restaurant was started under the leadership of Charlie Morrison. The Company has been seeking new franchisees in international regions such as the Middle East, Asia, Europe. 

The term of the agreement to start a Wingstop Franchise is 10 Years. 

The initial franchise fee costs $30,000. At the same time, the initial investment for the Wingstop franchise is $376,300 – $724,000. The liquid cash requirement is $600,000. And the Net-Worth condition is $1,200,000

The total initial investment range of this franchise was $346,775 to $733,249.

The Ongoing Royalty Fee: 6% is the franchise monthly gross sales. 

The Ad Royalty Fee: 4% is the marketing and advertising campaigns which the corporate executes.

Wingstop Franchise Program offers two different opportunities in markers across the United States. 

  • Single-Unit Operators
  • Multi-unit developers

Single-Unit Operators:

The minimum requirement to develop as a Single-Unit Operator is the net worth of $250,000, of which $100,000 liquid Capital. 

Multi-unit developers:

These developers must have development experience and restaurant operations. They must have liquidity of $100,000 per store. 

Wingstop Training and Support:

The Wingstop Franchise team offers extensive training programs and a list of ongoing support options to run their business for the franchisees. 

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The Franchisee, along with their general manager, has to participate in the training programs, which consists of 154 hours with a three-week orientation at the corporate office of Wingstop in Dallas. 

The training programs and their on-site training has been split up in varying amounts. 

Suppose this is the first restaurant of the franchise. Two opening restaurant trainers will be helping and looking after the restaurant for a consecutive 14 days. 

The following requirements, such as refresher training, Supplemental, recertification examination, is required for all the franchisees and their general manager. 

Each franchised unit must have at least 8-10 employees to run the restaurant. The qualification of the franchisees should be the broad business experience. 

The additional areas of support offered by the team include real estate, pre-opening, Daily support, Design and construction. 

The Ongoing support offered by the wing spot franchise team is 

  • Meetings and Conventions
  • Purchasing Co-ops
  • Field operations
  • Proprietary Software
  • Security & Safety Procedures 
  • Grand Opening 
  • Newsletter
  • Toll-free line
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Franchisee Intranet Platform 
  • Site Selection 

The Marketing Support of the Wingstop Company also offers their candidates assistance to help establish and flourish the franchisee business career. 

The Marketing team offers National media, Social Media, Co-op Advertising, Ad Templates, Regional Advertising, Website Development, SEO, Email Marketing, Loyalty Program/App. 

Wingstop Achievements:

The Company has ranked at #125 position at total Global Franchise. It is the 17th Fastest-growing franchise in the United States and other countries. 

Wingstop has rated #2 for Chicken Top Food Franchise. Among the 500 ranking franchises in 2021. The Wingstop has ranked at #22 position. 

Wingstop Franchise Profits:

The income of the entrepreneur depends upon multiple factors. The goal of the franchisees is to expand their sales while lowering their operating costs and increase their quality of Products and services. 

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The operating cost also includes Supplies For Products, Staffing, Utilities, royalty fees, Utilities and other items each month. 

The Growth of Wingstop Franchise:

The Wingstop Franchise has reached a higher level of growth during 2016 – 2019 with a 38% number of Stores. There are several things to consider in this growth. 

So if you are looking to start this franchise, keep in mind that you can choose only a multi-Store development that includes three units only. 

The Franchise ownership with the agreement includes at least 10 Years per term. Currently, the franchise has 1035 enterprises. Wingstop Franchise is the hottest franchise concept available lately. 

Compared to other franchises, Wingstop has its own Pros and Cons. So it would help if you considered certain things before you apply for this franchise. It is not just about the quantity. But one has to look for quality too. 

The Growth of the Wingstop Franchise is from its relatively low cost with a low-end royalty fee. 

They offer protection to your franchise from other franchises and the market sales. 

They have a limited strategy to hire employees. Most of the business is performed online. 

Wingstop Franchise Info:

Corporate Address

5501 LBJ Fwy., 5th Fl. Dallas, TX 75240, USA


All of the necessary information regarding the franchise are included in this article. Suppose this business venture seems to be good for you. Then you can apply to the official website before applying for submission. 

Make sure to talk to current and former Wingstop Franchisees and hear out their success and the process and relationship of this franchise business.