Top 10 High Return Small Business Ideas in Mumbai to Start Today

Small Business Ideas in Mumbai

Mumbai is the dream place for us to live a peaceful life; if you are an Indian, you know how much it means to us. In this post, I will take you on a tour to explore small business ideas in Mumbai.

One of India’s wealthiest cities, every year, there are thousands of new commerce from outside of Mumbai and young entrepreneurs you will find, and they only came here to try the luck in business.

If you are Mumbaikar, you know there is a statement that is the most common and heard from everyone “Nobody sleeps hungry in Mumbai, everyone gets food”. Right.

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There are so many ways you can earn decent money from business/side work/job, but not all of them want to work for others, and they choose their path to start work on their own startup.

Nobody can decide which startup plan/business idea will work in Mumbai, but the end, the result matters, and it shows how much you spend and your efforts to reach the top position.

In Mumbai, if you want to make your own identity in the market, you should spend money on your business to be better than others.

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In this post, I have explained the top 10 small business ideas in Mumbai, which might need some capital to invest; as we all know, nothing comes for free. Right.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Mumbai:

Do not make/create your own opinion by just reading the small information, Business/startup plan does not grow in one night, so whatever you prefer to make sure to stick with it.

Become a Trainer:

Become a Trainer

If you are an expert in any field or activity, then here is your chance you can train people, and in return, you can earn money.

The training sector is enormous in terms of opportunity and earnings; for example: if you are good at dancing moves, then you can teach others who are interested to learn.

Due to social media, another trending work is rising, which is known as photography. You can earn real money by becoming a self-independent photographer to get a photoshoot contract for the auction/ occasion/ celebration/ promotion, etc.

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Do you learn enough techniques in photography? Then you can teach newbies to make a career in photography.

Do you think motivating someone emotionally can make a huge difference in someone’s life? Nobody can tell you to become a motivational speaker. Still, if you are good at convincing someone or have that much potential to become an influential speaker, you can motivate and inspire people.

Mobile Shop:

Mobile Shop

Do you know the mobile shop business is still profitable in this digital age? Yes, you heard it right. Before expanding the online world in India like almost A decade before, almost everyone went to the shop for mobile prepaid recharge.

And the situation has not changed much in 2020 (Due to many mobile wallets, youngsters prefer to recharge online). However, people are still visiting almost regularly at the mobile shop to buy some stuff, including portable cases, covers, earphones, and other repairing services. ( replace damaged parts of mobile and to break the security lock and software updates, etc.).

To start your own mobile shop business in Mumbai, you must complete the certification in mobile repairing and maintenance. That is not costly. The other cost is associated with legal documents and license to start your shop.

Tailor Shop:

Tailor Shop

To become an expert tailor in Mumbai, you must be passionate in this field and continuously update the skill to get daily work; the more you put your effort into designing clothes, the more chance you get business.

With the simple Home sewing machine, Which cost you not more than 20000rs, some devices are also operated by the computer if you want to check out then search on Google as “computerized sewing machine.”

The primary cost you need to start your tailor shop in Mumbai is the commercial store and before you get into the business, make sure to inspect if there are any other tailor shops present in the local area.

Tuition Centre:

Tuition Centre

Do you think you can teach someone to demonstrate some concept so well, then the tuition center is your perfect business idea in Mumbai.

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Even 90% of students from Mumbai have taken tuition from private classes, and there are so many Institutes who provide study-related education and exam preparation. Chances to earn in this field are more. Still, first, you have to struggle up to the 2nd and 3rd batch.

The teaching industry is vast, not only in terms of educational resources but if you want to broaden your skills to earn more, then the government exam is the best choice to invest your time.

Food Stall:

Food Stall

Food stalls are a common thing you have usually found on Mumbai’s street, and yes, anyone can start easily without much spending on resources.

The chances you can get variation in a food stall is uncountable, take a look at the street where you live, and observe the type of food items and booths are there.

The original foodie Mumbaikar is always ready to taste new food items. If we talk about the all-time favorite food items that are mostly selling on the street, I would first like to prefer vada pav, idli, Dosa, pani puri, Sev puri, and more.

Do you really want to explore more food-related business ideas, then click here.

Clothes Shop:

Clothes Shop

Clothing stores are trending and all-time profitable Small Business Ideas in Mumbai; as per the market and people’s demand, you can broaden your clothes category to the kid’s wear, ladies’ wear, etc.

For the beginners who want to make a career in the clothing business can start selling clothes from home to cut down your renting charges and other expenses.

Here is an excellent opportunity for the digital expert guy by creating a digital platform for a simple woocommerce based store to virtually kick-start your clothing shop.

Beauty and Spa Saloon:

Beauty and Spa Saloon

The beauty salon is the one-stop-shop for ladies to find available every makeup related item and accessories to grooming for the occasion.

The business segment is vast either you can convert as a service-based salon or design as a beauty accessory shop where you can sell makeup related kits and accessories.

I would like to tell you that the ladies’ accessories are always costly because 90% of the brands are premium and international, so you have more opportunities to earn easily.

Juice Centre:

Juice Centre

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Juice Centre/Shop, we neglect mostly in all seasons, but when we are on the way to the summer season then, it’s an effective and instant way to feel pleasure by having sweet, chilled juice.

There are various flavors and tasty ingredients you can add in your juice to make it unique in the local area, and that’s the only way you can do better than others.

Start your own Juice Centre shop, the first thing you need is commercial space near the high foot traffic area, and the second thing is the juicer; the cost of the juicer’s cost might vary with the specification and model. 



Blogging yet another beautiful platform where you can earn easily, but not quickly, the bitter truth is that the online-based business doesn’t grow overnight.

The people usually avoid blogging due to excessive content writing and offline promotion and move to YouTube. But before you get into the Blogging field, make sure to choose your topic.

There are many myths and rumors in the online world about blogging, usually observed on Reddit and forum like website, some say blogging is challenging in 2020. Some say it’s easy; that’s a different story. Nobody knows when content goes viral, So be consistent and make your own identity to the online world.

Sports and Fitness Accessories Shop:

Sports and Fitness Accessories Shop

Sports, yet another highly demanding, profitable business segment and unique small business ideas in Mumbai to start anywhere.

If we talk about sports accessories, then you will find numerous items under the Sports segments like sports kits, wearable items, football, head protective helmets, and more.

There is another associated category related to the sports that’s a fitness shop, and you can stock many items, including gym bags, protein Shaker, protein bars, gym gloves, etc.

Bottom Line: 

The business name sounds very tough, but with depth research and a small investment, anyone can efficiently execute their startup plan. Mumbai is where small, medium, or large ideas can work but make sure your idea is unique and helps users solve their problems. I hope you like my post top 10 small business ideas in Mumbai. If you enjoy reading, kindly share the blog post with your friend’s family and young entrepreneurs.