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Ribbons and Balloons Franchise

If people want to be completely fascinated with your business, then Ribbons and Balloons will allow you to do this. Let’s see Ribbons and Balloons Franchise Cost and how you can up store in India.

If you roam in a city like Mumbai, Bangalore, you must have heard Ribbons and Balloons Cake Shop’s name.

I know, I have promoted most of the food franchise-related business ideas on our website. One of its primary reason is that the food business ideas are not too costly, and we can set it up as an easy one, and the Ribbons and Balloons Franchise is one of those that we Can start with a little cost.

Whether it is for a birthday, good news, or an achievement, it is impossible to celebrate any moment without cutting the cake.

Without wasting more time on discussing, Let’s get into the ribbons and balloons franchise and its approval process.

Ribbons and Balloons History and Founder: 

Satish V Shetty, The man behind the ribbons and balloons cake shop chain, It was started back in 2005 in Mumbai.

The primary aim of bringing the brand into the market is to give the nation one central product line where everyone can celebrate their happy moment.

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Ribbons and balloons cake shop chain rising from the beginning and have never faced any downfall in the journey; this is because the product and ingredient are of the most top quality and most of the components directly supplied from the origin that is the from farmers and remaining toppings they have created inside the company.

Ribbons and Balloons Expansion and Market Position:

If we take a look at the market covering ratio, then you will find most of the outlets are in Mumbai, Pune, and Mangalore, 

You will find the hundreds of cake shop outlets, including three cities mentioned above because people in the Metro city will always love to welcome creative cake and bakery products.

Ribbons and balloons have recently opened their outlet in Downtown Dubai; the local people genuinely love it.

The staff almost follow every event and location, including a new taste for Christmas and New Year to the cakes and pastries. The ribbons and balloons are one of the fastest-growing franchise and bakery chains, and within the last three years, the company has successfully added new 18 stores to the list.

Primary Products: 

Ribbons and balloons are the primary knowns for the bakery product, but their most demanding products are cake and pastries, and occasionally you will get some limited-edition flavor of products as well.

  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Biscuit
  • Savory
  • Deserts
  • Titbits
  • Bread 
  • Tea time cakes
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More of that you will find some special moment cakes like a wedding cake and seasonal cakes as per the requirement.

Ribbons and Balloons Franchise Cost:

Mumbai-based brand ribbons and balloons are always looking for business expansion and market capture in the Bakery categories. If you are interested in the franchise business, then read out the below criteria first.

The primary requirement is to have the right place, an area that is centralized and must be in a crowded place like a market, The minimum carpet area required to establish the franchise outlet is around 500 square feet.

The initial cost you required to make a franchise agreement is up to 10 to 20 lakh; the cost includes everything related to the outlet setup, interior, and other expenses related to the products.

Before you get into the Bakery business, you must have some experience related to baking, the company will provide initial training and detailed guidelines for how to bake good taste and good looking cake, and you will also get sessions from the company regarding the training to understand the current market demand and the requirement.

For the outlet, you need a minimum of 7 to 8 internal staff who can handle every activity inside the store.

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Contact Details: 

If you are near Mumbai or belong to Mumbai, you can directly visit their Mumbai head office.

B/16 Sidhapura Industrial Estate, 

Ghatkopar West, Mumbai – 400086,

For online inquiries is you can directly mail to the company by using email id: info@ribbonsandballoons.com; talk to them directly 18002096323 for more queries.

Bottom Line: Ribbons and balloons are one of the finest cake serving brands in a top metro city, including Mumbai. If you plan to start your franchise outlet, then ribbons and balloons are one of them you can consider. You will get every help from the company regarding setting up the store and franchise agreement. I hope I have covered every aspect related to the ribbons and balloons franchise. If you found some helpful information on this blog, kindly share it with your family and friends.