How to Apply for PURE EV Electric Scooter Dealership

pure ev dealership


Pure EV company, also known as pure energy, is an electric scooter manufacturing company based in Hyderabad. The company has been leading and working in the field of renewable energy, hybrid solar storage products, and many prestigious groups. 

Pure energy also works with universities, residential communities, hospitals, NGOs, and schools. When they started to manufacture electric two-wheelers they came up with the name Pure EV.  The company also produces lithium batteries in the name of pure lithium. 

So if you are looking for a profitable franchise then starting a Pure EV dealership is the one for you. As with the increasing sales of electric bikes in recent times. The surge of manufacturing has doubled potentially. It is predicted that it will certainly increase in the market in the coming years. 

Pure EV company is India’s leading global EV startup founded by Dr. Nishanth dongari. He previously worked in Germany and then moved to the UK. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the Pure EV dealership and its contact information, investment costs, and how to obtain the company franchise. So without further delay let’s get started. 

Pure EV Electric Scooter Bike Dealership 2021:

If you are interested in a Pure EV dealership then you will have a great chance to work with the company. 

As it is a dream come true for the founder to expand its company’s business all over India. Dr. Nishanth Dongari is currently working as an assistant professor at IIT Hyderabad India. 

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The CEO and co-founder of the company are. Rohit Vadeta presently works in the Oil And Gas sector of Abu Dhabi. It is the leading energy form from around the world. After some time he came back to India to pursue his MBA in finance and operations. 

The products of the pure EV company are 

  • ETRON+
  • LI Battery

Pure EV Electric Scooter Dealership Approx Investment Cost:

The investment cost to start your dealership is about 75-125 lakhs. As we have discussed, the company also deals in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. If you are interested to join as a dealer in the pure EV company then you need to submit their inquiry on their official website page 

Company NamePure EV
FounderDr. Nishanth dongari Mr. Rohit Vadeta 
Company Products 5
Investment costs75-125 lakhs
Inventory requirements Yes 
Official Portal Pureev. in

Pure EV Dealership 2021 Apply Online:

 Here are some of the steps to follow to apply for the Pure EV dealership online. 

  • For inquiry, you need to visit the official website of pure EV. puree. in
  • On the website, you will see the customer’s inquiries and dealership inquiries to options. 
  • If you desire to become a dealer. Then kindly click the dealer inquiry option. As a result, a new page will be opened before the screen. 
  • On that new page, you will be asked to fill out the form to obtain the pure EV Electric Scooter Dealership. 
  •  Firstly you have to enter your email ID, name of the company along with your name, e, and the branch address of the company. 
  • After that kindly select the answer from the given options of (proprietor, director, employee, other) for your contact number designation. 
  • Next, you have to choose the area in which you want to have your dealership. From the state name, then district name to existing business sector, role in that sector. It includes (manufacturer, distributor, retailer) number of years in operation. 
  • In the section, you have to further fulfill the other details. Such as the turnover of the previous financial year along with the GST registration number. 
  • Following that you will be asked questions like whether you want to own an inventory or rent a warehouse. If yes then please specify the area of the square feet. 
  • The next question you have to choose the answer is to have leased a showroom. Choose option 1200 to 2000 square feet, above 2000 square feet, the third option is No.
  • Here comes the next section where you have to answer is the working capital. Whether you are willing to commit to work inventory in lakhs. Because the options start from above the 75 lakhs to 125 lakhs. 
  • Then you have to answer the main question. How did they hear about us? You can choose from the options like YouTube, news, friends, LinkedIn, Facebook, convention/exhibition, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
  • Now comes the last section where you have to write a comment section about your goals, and business plans. 
  • Finally, after completing all the sections you have to submit and your form is submitted successfully. Later on, the company officials will call you after going through your application form. 
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One can apply from any state of India for the dealership. As at present the pure EV company deals all over India. Pure EV Electric Scooter company manufactures four electric scooters and lithium-ion batteries in India. 

The area required for this dealership is about between 1200 square feet to 2000 square feet minimum. You can also increase the square feet area above 2000 square feet. Also at the time of the dealership, the company will ask you whether you want to apply for rent/own a  warehouse for the inventory. 

You have to select the yes and no options. Though there is no official contact number or helpline number for this company to contact. But you can visit their official website page, fill out the inquiry form and submit it to the company. Then wait for a few weeks to hear from the company about the same. 


These are the basic information and the requirements of a pure EV company. You can do your research and think about whether you want this dealership for a booming business opportunity. As the surge of electric scooter business is booming. 

It is a good idea to have this dealership and start this business venture. If you have liked this article, inform us by reviewing it in the comment section below. 

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