Proven Ways to Earn 500 Per Day Without Investment

Earn 500 Per Day Without Investment

If you want to earn 500 per day without any investment, you need to check out the below ideas that hopefully work for everyone.

Earning 500 – 1000 per day is a dream of many youngsters, and hopefully, we now have more resources to utilize our skills and make some money within a day.

As an employee, if you are earning 20000 per month, then you can still calculate per day earning from the job; and surprisingly, you will find the Per day company will pay you 600 to 700 that’s too low.

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Everyone is talented and possesses some kind of skills, but they don’t know how to utilize it and earn some good money out of it.

If you are a professional employee, then you can quickly determine which thing is beneficial for you in terms of earnings, and for students, they haven’t any professional experience but still, they can earn 500 per day without any investment,

Time is an Investment, and most full-time employees don’t have it. Right, that’s why most of the startups fail because you have not enough time to work on your startup plan, but students have that much time and curiosity to explore more.

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The college pass-outs are mostly not satisfied with their job because they don’t have any experience to demand more, and they have to work as the company declared and return what they get a small penny.

Genuine Ways to Earn 500 Per Day Without Investment:

Offline Works:

You can earn 500 – 1000 per day without any investment, so I have bifurcated work ideas online vs. offline. So you quickly determine which one looks easy for you.

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Start Selling Household Items:

Please take a look at your house and see the small things we have not given attention to most of the time, toys, hairpins, bags, educational items ( book, pencil, eraser, pain, etc.).

Above mentioned items are quickly sold on the street, and you don’t need to establish your shop in the market; these are the best way to earn per day as you sell items.

If you love to prepare the food, I suggest you start selling small snacks, including vada pav, patties, Frankies, idli, and many breakfast items. To prepare this item, you do not need much investment, but you can still earn more than 500 per day easily.

Sale Organic Foods:

Foods are the essential item in human life, and you can sell necessary food items, which include organic to fresh veggies and fruits, even from the small stall.

Vegetables, fruits, fish are live foods, and you need to sell them within 24 to 48 hours, and that’s why they are highly demanded in most occasions and festivals.

There is always a demand for fresh organic and live foods from the crowds, and the people love; if the material is fresh and well in good condition, then you can get more than a regular price.

Become Delivery Guy:

The delivery job is really tough and skillful; you have to cut the traffic and navigate to the destination within a stipulated time.

There are so many companies that offer part-time work as a delivery boy. If you have your bicycle or scooter, then you can easily apply for this work.

As a delivery guy, you cannot wholly rely on this work, but we can easily make 500 per day without any investment from an earning point of view.

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Transport People:

If you love to travel or like to move in the near place, you can consider this work as part-time work to earn 500 to 1000 per day.

From auto rickshaw to four-wheeler, there are numerous vehicles you can consider for transporting people in bulk from one place to another place.

As per my knowledge, this is the best part-time work where you can make money as per trip, and if you have your vehicle, then it’s an entirely profitable job.

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Online Works:

Let’s come to the online world. We are in the digital era, and thanks to the internet, we can easily access any resources.


YouTube is the best self-expressing platform, where you can teach and inform your community on any topic without any subject restriction. As per my knowledge, YouTube does not ban anyone’s channel until a strict policy violation occurs.

The online world gives us the freedom to earn as we like, but there is still one concern. Youtube does not grow in one day or a month, and you should be consistent for at least 6 months on YouTube.

There are so many categories and subjects you can cover on youtube. If you don’t have any professional knowledge, don’t worry, there are still many YouTubers who don’t provide any educational or professional skills related video content.


Blogging is one of the most popular and still trending in 2020 to start, and it’s the best way to communicate and share the best knowledge to the audience.

Anyone can start a blog and earn more than 500 per day without much more significant investment, but remember one thing: the online world gives you much more money than any other work, and the bitter truth is you need a lot of patience.

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The evolution in blogging has created more opportunities to earn. The previously people will only work to get more earnings via display ads, but now the affiliates’ market has begun, even you can sell your products via blogs.

Create Referral Environment:

Suppose you are not interested in creating video content or writing a lot of the blog’s content. In that case, you can alternatively consider a referral platform to earn 500 per day without any investment.

Many Android apps provide referral bonuses after successfully signing up, and we all know 80% of our day to day routine work is related to mobile apps.

We can refer apps to our friends and colleagues to earn sign up for the commission, Helo App, Winzo Gold, MPL Pro App, Google duo, Gpay, etc.

Work As Freelancer:

Becoming Freelancers is a complete skill base and pure knowledge base work where you can be the boss of your life and work as you like.

There are many ways you can easily earn 500 per day without investment, and some jobs are also available for the hard work guys. There are no restrictions on you to have professional knowledge.

Data entry, Transcription, data sorting, surveys, presentation maker, and tons of other ideas where industry knowledge does not matter, but you can still easily make money with the above skills.

Bottom Line:

Knowledge is not everything for making money, I know somewhere at some point, you need the knowledge to break the barriers, but still you can use the above ideas to earn 500 easily without any investment. Let us know your thoughts on the post. If you like the blog, kindly share this with your friends and family.