Preschool Franchise Opportunity – Top 5 Recommendation in 2020

preschool franchise

Looking for an exciting way to earn money by investing one time, this post is ideal for you. In this post, we will explore the top 5 preschool franchises you can open today without any hesitation.

This post gives you all the whole ideas on how you can start your own income source or say business.

From the last decades, there is a massive demand for Preschool or maid who can handle and delivers values to the newborn’s life.

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Nowadays, parents like mom and dad both are working, and they don’t get enough time to play with the child, but still, we can’t ignore this, because every child is unique and deserves some level of education and playtime in that age.

Preschool is a secure method to earn money by investing one time, and you need to complete the registration procedure and license approval.

Whether it’s a small food stall or standard business company, you need to follow every legal procedure to secure your assets for the long term.

If you are in Maharashtra, then you need to know that the state government has its own policy to start a business.

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First of all, let me clear you what Preschool is?

Preschool, as the name, suggests its pre-school programs specially dedicated to children who are under age for school. Basically, preschools help you, child, to control behavior, emotions, and how to treat others without any punishment is a smooth way to teach newborns that are not aware of society and our human community rules. If you wish to enroll in the preschool program, then your child must be two years old.

Why is Preschool Necessary?

There are so many reasons we need preschool for our child; it’s not about ignoring our Childs precious age, but behind the scene, not everybody aware of it lets find out.

We don’t know any preschool in a back day like 15 decades ago, so we usually not aware of how to develop their emotional skills.

As of now, every parent has decent money to spend on a child’s personality development.

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One of the precious times is to teach your child some valuable skills like social skills, emotional skills, caring nature, etc.

Not every kid is born smart, so we have to teach academic lessons in a fun way.

You are exposed to your child to others, so they develop mutual understanding too.

Preschool helps the child indirectly to develop survival and problem-finding skills.

Preschool is a fun way to energize your child both physically and mentally.

What is the Franchise?

The franchise is basically a business expansion model, in which the company and organization allow others to invest in the brand.

Whether its gov or private organization, once you buy its franchise license, you are officially its business partner. You will get all benefits from the organization, like fees, marketing promotions, customer, etc.

If you wish to invest in one of the profitable franchise, then check out my recommendations.

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Top 5 Preschool Franchise:

Kidzee Preschool Franchise:

Kidzee is one of the widest preschools not in India, but overall Asian market, as of now, kidzee has more than 2000+ centers in 800+ cities.

Recently in 2018, kidzee has been awarded as one of the leading preschool brands of the year.

Why is kidzee so successful? Because this Preschool has an associated with zee network media and Essel group.

How to apply for the franchise:

First of all, you need to fill out your complete details via partner with our details form, and then they will analyze your information and call you back.

As you know, kidzee is similar to a school, so you need to have your own property to establish your private Preschool with a minimum area of 2000-3000sq.ft and minimum 12 Lakhs initial payment.

These are primary requirements if you wish to become the partner of kidzee Preschool.

Wish to get face to face inquiry, then you can visit below center as you are comfortable.

Links for Ref:

Eurokids Preschool Franchise

Eurokids preschool is one of the reputed preschools in many countries, as of now, euro kids have more than 1000 schools that are launch in more than 350+ cities and towns.

Eurokids is not a new in-market. This school has been in the market for 17 years, so that you can trust this investment school.

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Preschool, but EuroKids has expanded its business to the various sectors, including fitness, yoga, and music field.

How to apply for the franchise:

They are looking for enthusiasts organizers who are dedicated to learning and serve creativity amongst new children.

You need to pay the brand royalty fees to them, which ranges from 12-20 lacs; these values vary as per your geographic location.

And the built-up area around 2000sq ft and additional outdoor space, this is necessary to bifurcate space in 6 classrooms later.

Wish to contact them, then you can directly fill out the contact form or talk to them via telephonic number:

Here is the link:

School fun

TreeHouse – Preschool Chains

Treehouse is a recommended preschool brand in India for providing child education services.

You can trust this organization for valuable investment because they are awarded as one fast emerging preschool brand in India for the western region by ET now.

Treehouse group offers various learning programs like playgroup, kids nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG, summer camp, teacher training course including daycare services, and hobby class. They effectively look for opportunists who wish to invest as per territory.

How to apply for the franchise:

You will have to contact them via online, and they don’t have any center or corporate office address.

As you know, Preschool needs a space for the establishment, and the royalty fee is mandatory because you are using their brand name, their services, and all other educational material, resources.

Link for Ref:

Hello Kids Preschool Franchise:

HelloKids brings a new concept in the market to teach children while playing and learning music, and this is the best way to get them in rhythmic mode to grow and develop personal skills.

As per data of 2015, Hellokids has 550+ branches India, and so we can easily consider more than 800+ offices in all over India as in 2020.

Currently, Preschool offers four different types of educational programs, pre-nursery, nursery Montessori, Lkg Montessori, Ukg Montessori, etc.

If you wish to apply for this Preschool then it’s very affordable for everyone, let me tell you how

How to apply for the franchise:

HelloKids is the first Preschool that offers franchises without any royalty fees, so anyone who wishes to join with minimum investment can easily enroll.

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You need minimum space to start your classroom, which is 1200+sq.ft, or if you wish to open the classroom in Mumbai, then space requirement reduces to 500 sq ft. With active CCTV operating systems.

There is a considerable chance to invest, and the amount will be lower as per your area, for rural areas, you need 2.5 – 4 lac in your hand to spend, semi and urban has similar cost around 3-4 lacs, and for the metro city, you required 4-6 lacs.

If above does not suit, then you can convert your existing Preschool to hello kids franchise, which costs you up to 70k to 200k.

Link for Ref:

Cambridge Montessori Preschool franchise:

Cambridge Montessori Preschool is one of the fastest-growing preschool chain in India, with a corporate office in New Delhi.

At the moment, they offer various educational programs including little hearts for (1-2) years kids, tender heart for 2-3 years kids, a nursery school for 3-4 years kids, LKG for 4-5 age group UKG for 5-6 age groups, also daycare program, mind lab session and teacher training.

This school primarily focuses on providing a unique environment and learning styles in the background. Most of the centers are well managed with 24hrs CCTV, live GPS tracking, RFID installation, and complete security.

How to apply for the franchise:

First of all, the primary requirement is to have ample space or property with an area of 3000 sq ft.

And for setup and other procedures, you need to have a minimum of 10 to 12 lakhs in your pocket to start your own Preschool in India.

You can convert your existing Preschool, too, once they will audit your existing Preschool setup.

It would be best if you waited at least 1 and one-half months for open school because of the survey, property analysis, and other local research, once you pass nobody will stop you.

Link for Ref:

Bottom line:

These are the top 5 preschool franchise business. If you wish to invest, many other schools offer franchises. After in-depth research, I thought these 5 are top and well to invest securely. Hit the share button if you love the post.