Potato Chips Business Plan – Step by Step Business Guide

potato chips business

Are you seeking some suggestions before starting your potato chips business? Then you are landed on the right page. Stick with the post for more information.

First of all, Congratulations, you have decided to start your potato chips-making business, but before we can move further, have you sure about it.

The photo chips business sounds very simple, but it is not; every business needs in-depth Research and the capital to invest in the initial phase.

Let me remind you first the snacks industry captured by the most prominent player from the globe. Don’t worry, I am not here to oppose you, but if you want to make your reputation in the market, then you need some uniqueness in your product.

First of all, the product you are selling must be in great shape and have a good appearance, which draws the audience’s attention. Many biggest competitors are continually changing their existing chips shape to make them better than the rest.

Some chips makers brands reworked to the shape of the existing chip and convert it into, like a triangle, oval, straight line, etc. this not applicable to you at the initial stage once you grow as a brand and people start knowing about you, then you have to revise certainly for diversifying your product classification.

The second thing which is always on top priority is the packaging? We are clear on every point, and now it’s time to think about how you can design and make packaging more attractive? Now and then, the companies reinvent their packaging and branding concept to add some refreshments to their product.

You are in 2020, so ensure that everything is unique and does not replicate anyone’s products whenever you appear in the market with the product.

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The flavor, the most demanding and growing business strength, and the flavoring you are about to give your product must be tasty and preferred by the users. No matter what taste you choose, salty or spicy for your chips, the test must remain forever in the customer’s mind, and that’s how they remember your product.

In the making process, you will need five machines which save your time and automate the chips making process.

It’s time to inspect and revise the chips’ flavor by continually analyzing the recipe that you have planned for the chips, the oils you have used in the process, and the frying technique.

Sometimes, whenever you are preparing your food, it’s evident that not every ingredient is cooked well. You need to check repeatedly if the ready chips are fried well and perfectly blend with the spices.

Now it’s time to look at the chips making machines we will use in the process.

Potato Chips Business and Making Machine: 

Potato Peeling Machine:

The potato peeling machine is the first device that quickly takes off the potato skin; removing skin from potato is tough and hard skilled work. 

The machine is very straightforward and does not take much space, so you can place wherever you want it.

The peeling machine completely removes the outer skin of a Potato within a minute, and you can drop 20 to 30 potatoes at a time and add water after it.

Inside the bowl, everything grinds and mixes cleanly, So finally, you will have a Potato without skin, and there is a remaining outer portion of the machine which emits the water. The water we added to the device helps to speed up the skin removing the process of potato.

Potato Slicer:

We are in the second step, and now we have to take all the peeled potatoes to the slicer, which is a straightforward process and does not take much time.

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Once you drop all the potatoes in the basket, all potatoes are cut into small and thin slices within a minute, which you can collect in the container.

Potato Chips Dryer Machine:

Here is the third step, now we have sliced pieces of potato, and we require a potato chip drying machine, which is readily available online.

Still, our potato slices are wet, and we need to shrink and remove all the moisture from it; that’s why potato chips dryer machines play a significant role in this step.

Potato Chips Fryer:

The potatoes we collected from a dryer machine are now ready to be fry in oil; here are our slices ready, so make sure to prepare the oil at minimum temperature.

Drop all of the pieces into the fryer machine and keep an eye on it. You need to remove slices from a container before the turn into the Red color.

Too much fried in oil can suck it’s all nutrients from the potato and convert it to tasteless chips.

Potato Chips Mixer (Masala)

Here is the last step of our potato chips making process; after the pieces are gone through the frying process, the thing remains is the masala, the flavor we are about to add to deliver the final touch to the chips.

Potato chips mixture is like a grinding machine, and you can drop all of your pieces into the machine and add the flavor ingredient and your secret masala into it. Also, adjust the amount of ingredients whenever you add and examine before making chips ready for packaging.

Band Sealer:

Band sealer is a General packaging machine used by the retailers and manufacturers, as I said before, to make sure your packaging design is ready to deliver.

Fill your packet with chips and then seal it with a machine; that’s it; here are your overall potato chips business and strategy to execute. 

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If you are running potato chips making business from home, you don’t need a professional food license. Still, whenever you are about to extend your location into the market, then you need to get approval from the food authorities.

One of the Primary authorities in a food category is FSSAI; whenever you are about to launch your food product, you need to get approval and legal license from the administration.

Where to Sale your Potato Chips:

We have gone through every step now; it’s time to launch your product into the market; analyze the overall manufacturing cost and tax before you can decide the final price of the product.

This is where we need to calm and analyze the overall expenditure that we have calculated so far in the process of chip making.

Nobody can promote your product in the initial stage because many other giant competitors have already created their own space in the consumer’s mind. Try to promote your product with the local bakeries and retailers, and this is how your product is entirely apparent to the consumer.

If users love your chips’ taste and flavor, you will soon become a brand in the chips and snack-making category; this is how every brand grows from zero.

Bottom Line: 

Here is the overall potato chips business plan; the process and manufacturing are straightforward and do not cost you more; the Machines mentioned in the blog are readily available on The E-Commerce platforms, ranging from 20k. If you have your own space, it’s good to start and save the rent of commercial space; once you start growing and the product selling ratio increases, you can begin to work on Advertising and Marketing. Let me know your feedback on the potato chips business through the comment below. If you found the helpful information from the post, then kindly share it with your friends and family.