Polar Bear Ice Cream Franchise – Business Model is Growing Consistently

polar bear ice cream franchise

Do you belong to South Indian, especially from Bangalore? In that case, you might have heard of the polar bear ice cream shop; the shop filled with one of the delicious, most pleasing, and delightful ice creams; want to know more about the business partnership with a brand, then read the complete information about the polar bear ice cream franchise.

One of the fastest-growing cities in South India is Bangalore; It’s a hub for many foods and other financial startups. The primary purpose is to cover the South Indian market to reduce the investment cost as compared to costliest cities and introduce your new product to a broad audience range.

Polar bear ice cream is one of the startups which is purely based from Bangalore and still the brand is growing and expanding their exclusive outlets across India.

If you are new to this brand or haven’t heard the brand before, then it’s a Bangalore-based brand and not much popular in other big cities like Mumbai and Pune. 

Polar Bear Ice Cream Menu and Products:

Polar bear ice cream, as the name sounds quite unique, and their products are very significant and provide exceptional quality with a refreshing experience.

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If you cannot visit their physical store location, you can order their ice cream from food partners like Zomato and swiggy.

  • Chocozilla
  • Superbowl
  • Lychee Sundae
  • Banana Split
  • Mango Berry
  • Mega Death by Chocolate
  • Pineapple Ice Cream Cake
  • Red Velvet Choco Sin
  • Death by Chocolate (If you are a chocolate lover, then I recommend you to try death by chocolate. Yummy :))
  • Ice cream pizza
  • Tiramisu Sundae
  • Roasted Veggie Sandwich

All of their ice cream and cake products are 100% pure veg and taste of flavors like a premium ice cream. I am surely going to try one day.

Polar Bear Ice Cream Franchise History:

Polar bear ice cream shop is not an ordinary ice cream parlor, but you will find various desserts and cakes that make the shop a whole package.

Within a decade, the company has managed to reach the highest point where the company is primarily known for the fantastic product and world-class innovation. 

Sundae, One of the popular products of polar bear ice cream, is made from scoops, choco toppings, sauce, syrup, dry fruits, etc.

Over the last two years, the company has shown tremendous growth in the market; as per the data of 2019; There are more than 78 fully working shops and 15 kiosks in India.

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Kishore Kumar Rai, The Director, The man behind the polar bear ice cream and two other partners Prashant Prakash and K S Narayanan, They have continuously made innovation to their products to reach exceptional quality, the present data shows there are currently 87 shops are in India.

The first doors opened at Bangalore in 2008. The recent ice cream shop has been open at the Jigani location, which located in Bangalore.

The unique point of polar bear ice cream is there is no artificial sugar, 100% vegetarian, and no vegetable fats added, purely made from milk and dairy products.

Polar Bear Ice Cream Franchise Cost:

I know you landed on this page, which means you are looking for business opportunities with polar bear ice cream; yes, they are ready to offer the franchise partnership.

Every organization has set its criteria for the franchise, But the company has never stated anything specifically on the official site or anywhere else.

The shop you need as a commercially purchased or rented with a crowded location where people can easily reach to you is the general requirement.

The remaining cost is associated with the manufacturing units’ investment in ice cream materials and dessert preservation equipment.

For the accurate franchise detail, you need to contact the company’s office staff via the mention contact form.

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http:// polarbear .co .in/franchise-enquiry/

Office Address:

Honeycomb Retail (India) Pvt. Ltd.

No. 38/1, 9th Cross, Kuvempunagar,

Dodakallasandra, Vasanthapura,


Karnataka, INDIA, 560 061

Email: polarbear@polarbear.co.in

Phone: +91 97411 30033

Bottom Line:

The investors are always looking for the best franchise opportunity with the minimum investment; if you belong to those categories, then I suggest you try the polar bear ice cream franchise. The company is ready to assist you from start to end in every process of the franchise business. The training, resources, necessary equipment, everything you will get from the company and guide you whenever you need any help. Within a decade and with the full Giants competitors in the ice cream category, the company has made their position and cover the almost whole market of South India, is just possible only because of an uncompromisable taste and the fantastic products. Let us know what you think about the above post. If the post is really interesting to read, kindly share it with your friends, colleagues, and family members.