Open a Blaze Pizza Franchise in City – Complete Cost and Profit Details

Blaze Pizza Franchise


Blaze Pizza company was founded in 2011 is based out of Pasadena, California. Blaze Pizza operates a chain of pizza franchises throughout the United States. 

It was started as a dining restaurant brand by Elise Wetzel and Rick Wetzel. The company has been registered as Blaze Pizza LLC. Blaze Pizza offers signature pizzas, drinks, Salads and desserts. 

The favourite menu of Blaze Pizza also includes S’more pies, blood orange lemonade and Agua Fresca soft drinks. Blaze Pizza Franchise has successfully operated its opening with 252 outlets across 39 states in the United States. 

The Blaze Pizza Franchise is looking to open its franchise in new locations in the U.S, Canada, The Middle East and North Africa. 

Currently, the franchise has its opening in the locations. Such as Alabama, Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arizona, Atlanta, Colorado etc. 

The company owns its 12 franchises outside the country. Blaze Pizza turns out to be the fastest start in the food industry of the United States. 

Brand Ambassador Of Blaze Pizza:

LeBron James, one of the World’s most famous athletes, owns 17 Blaze franchise locations with his partners. 

It all started with LeBron himself being the first investor who began the franchise store using his influence. 

His influence on Blaze Pizza was announced on all social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Some of the other investors of Blaze Pizza are American famous Film producer John Davis, Brad Kent, ana Top executives and Graduate of America’s Culinary institute from Newyork. Jim Mizes is the CEO and the company’s president. 

Best Features of Blaze Pizza:

  • This high-quality and fast, convenient Pizza is also a Lucrative Pizza market. The best features of this market include the customer can customize their artisanal Pizza with a good choice of ingredients. 
  • The franchise’s whole growing chain of restaurants has not only grown into more numbers. But they have also reached new growth in their income with each new franchise. 
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Blaze Pizza Franchise Cost:

The initial franchise fee for the Blaze Pizza Franchise is on the average amount. But buying multiple franchise locations requires a low franchise fee. 

But you have to be a well-Capitalized investor once you get a certification for a training location—various locations. You can pay the franchise money. 

The initial franchise fee for Blaze Pizza is $30,000. It is reduced to $20,000 for the additional locations. 

The ongoing royalty fee is 5%. and the ad royalty fee is 2% of gross sales. The initial investment cost 454,400 – $1,131,000. 

The liquid net worth requirements cost $500,000. The estimated total startup costs $397,500 to $989, 500.

How To Open A Blaze Pizza Franchise?

  • Make sure you have adequate capitalization worth more than $454,000 to open a Blaze Pizza Franchise. 
  • Also, it would help if you considered the additional cost for equipment, building and real estate costs, signs, the cost of insurance, the cost of Uniforms, and permits etc. 
  • Before applying as a Blaze Pizza Franchise owner, evaluate yourself as a person experienced in this business. 
  • Look out for the availability of locations in the market. So get access to your desired site and Research about the place before proceeding with the franchising application. 
  • After the application is submitted, the Blaze Pizza Franchise team will review your application. A confirmation receipt email will be sent to you upon your online application. In that, you will have to provide additional details regarding the contact information of the franchise owner. 
  • After checking your financial and background checks, the Blaze Pizza Franchise team will send approval to the candidates who meet all the requirements of franchise owners. 
  • The Franchise agreement goes up to ten years after the completion of the contract. The franchise can be renewed, which meets the standard set by Blaze Pizza. 
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Three Things To Expect As A Blaze Pizza Franchise:

Blaze Pizza is looking for a significant number of Franchises to expand their business. Their dedication includes helping people to create a future in their business as a franchisee. They agree to an aggressive schedule of store openings and a commitment to the quality of the brand. 

Blaze Pizza Franchise looks for the desired location where people seem to be connected. The area should be familiar with all types of work and shopping. 

The site for the franchise should be measured between 2000-3000 square feet, which should also include an outdoor patio. The franchisee should be looking for prime zone areas where the crowd is seen more often.

Blaze Pizza companies are committed to their sustainability. They follow a simple guide principle,” A Commitment to Green”. The franchise restaurants are constructed with recycled and sustainable materials. 

They also provide Eco-friendly packaging in all their locations to save the planet and people. They follow the simple guide of intelligent choice for our pizzas and people. And allow customizing the Pizza of their customer’s choice. 

To save the cost of electricity, all of the franchise locations have energy-efficient LED lighting. 

Blaze Pizza Franchise also believes in the power of social media. It is how it connects to their Customers. With the power of LeBron’s voice. 

They were able to reach across people with their initiative formula. This pose of social media increased the rapid growth of Blaze Pizza and made it a great business. 

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The customers also want to reach their millennial mind and their buying power. 

The Right Formula of Blaze Pizza:

The rapid growth and development of Blaze Pizza can be defined by its aggressive franchising plan and improving its customer growth experience. 

Their three minute service time and happy customer growth, customized made to menu order which features fresh, natural ingredients free from artificial ingredients, are the right Formula for their business growth. 

Blaze Pizza company has won many accolades, including the entrepreneur’s franchise 500, top #1 Spot in the fast-casual movers Top 100 Movers and Shakers, and Franchise Times’ Fast Serious list. 

Blaze Pizza Training & Requirements:

The company provides training & support to its franchisees. The training goes for two weeks on-site at their corporate office for the eligible candidates. 

Under the mentorship of management, principal, director of operations, and multi-Unit Supervisors, the franchisees are offered training. 

  • The Blaze Pizza team also supports the grand opening or launch of the franchisees. 
  • They support their on-site location and online. 
  • They ensure the franchisees are provided with the ad templates to ensure their success. 
  • They also support safety measures and maintain their quality standards. 

Blaze Pizza company Corporate Address:

BlazePizza is the official website of the company. The franchisee can directly contact the company via their website. 

35 N. Lake Ave., #710 Pasadena CA 91101


Blaze Pizza has a tremendous response to its aggressive expansion of opening new franchises at different locations. 

The brand is looking forward to tapping into these regions for exponential growth and expanding its business in the coming years. The development team in the Blaze Pizza company has contributed to leverage their propel of multi-unit deal signings. 

Their dedicated support and commitment to operational excellence have attracted many multi-unit operators.