How to Apply for Moti Mahal franchise in Your City

Moti Mahal franchise


In today’s bustling life most of us are living so busy. That we don’t have enough time to cook for ourselves or anyone at all. Even though we keep running in one direction to meet our needs and commitments. As many of us depend on the food joints for our meals. 

The food industry has been a turning point in our lives by making it easier for us with our health standards. So here we are considering a franchise that has been making heads turn with its policy and fine dining experience. 

Moti Mahal group introduced their food joint called Moti Mahal Franchise. They offer good hospitality and services. So here we are discussing how to apply for the Moti Mahal Franchise In Your City. 

About Moti Mahal Franchise:

Moti Mahal is a group of hotel franchises founded by Shri Kundan Lal Gujral. There are nearly 150  Moti Mahal Franchises in India where their main aim is to provide healthy food to people. Their famous dishes include tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and dal makhani. 

Moti Mahal is one of the prestigious franchises where they serve authentic food. Moti Mahal is known as the nation’s taste buds for tandoori delicacies and earned fame for it. With a decade of experience, they have unmatched hospitality and services.

Mission & Vision Of Moti Mahal Franchise:

Moti Mahal Franchise has a mission and vision for its customers. Where they have set up outlets with its expenditure. While maintaining the standards of efficiency and quality with their extensive menu. 

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They promote the finest and exquisite quality food to deliver to the customers and offer the best dining experience. Moti Mahal serves delectable food with its mouth-watering Indian cuisine with its contemporary style. The team is responsible for providing the best culinary creativity with flavorsome food. 

The building expertise of the Moti Mahal Franchise has unparalleled hospitality and good establishment. That you don’t need to have any efforts on building the marketing team. 

Overall the franchise has gained much support and faith from the people over the decades which is unshakable. Also, the brand’s social awareness makes it stand amongst its competitors who are equal to no fame. Due to its quality and variety, Moti Mahal has always stood up to its competitors. 

Objectives of Moti Mahal Restaurant:

  • One of the main objectives of Moti Mahal is to have outlets throughout India, the USA, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and South East. 
  • Also to increase the number of customers per outlet from 200-400 per day. 
  • Increase the sale revenue by three times in 6 months. 
  • To include efficient Indian cuisine distribution in all of its international outlets. 
  • Also, future programs will be online sales to registered and repeated customers.
  • We aim to sell, market, manufacture, and export our blend of Moti Mahal spices and ready-made packages and frozen items.
  • We wish to set up a network of cloud kitchens across the world to connect and provide authentic Moti Mahal dishes. 
  • Our vision is to provide a fine dining experience with fast food concepts for malls and restaurant systems. 
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Cost of Investment and space requirement to become a Moti Mahal Franchise:

Here is the list of costs of investment for the space and requirements to open a Moti Mahal Franchise. 

The cost for opening a food court kiosk      –    6 lakhs

Equipment fee     –   8 – 10 lakhs

The cost of fittings – 10 – 12 lakhs

Royalty fee    –    6%

On annual gross

Also, the return on investment for this model is expected to be about two and a half to three years. To open a food court kiosk the return is about 400 square feet to 600 square feet. 

Franchise Fee For Fine Dining Restaurant:

The fine-dining restaurants are high-class restaurants with moderate and sommelier accommodations.

To open a fine dining restaurant franchise costs  –  8 lakhs to 12 lakhs

The equipment fee –  15 lakhs to 20 lakhs

The cost of fittings –  50  – 70 lakhs

Royalty fee  –   8%

Space required  –  2500- 4000 sq. feet

The return on investment for this model is expected to be about two and a half to three years. 


The preferred location for the casual dining model is Malls, high streets, hotels, shopping complexes. These are family-style restaurants with an atmosphere to help people with their extensive menu and unlimited wine pairing. 

The investment plan should be – 50 to 70 lakhs

Royalty fee  –  6%

Advertising fee   – 2%

Space Area Requirement – 1500 sq. ft

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Why Moti Mahal Restaurant Franchise?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Moti Mahal Franchise as your partner. 

Firstly it’s one of the best opportunities for your new business. Secondly, it’s the worldwide growth to be a part of Moti Mahal Delux with the world’s finest dining restaurant. Then it’s a proven business model where you get to have experienced team members to run your business successfully. 

The training will be conducted at the franchisor head office by the recruit team members. Important raw materials will be provided by the brand with sales and marketing strategy support. You will earn the profit margin by 35 – 40% with an online delivery setup. 

Brands of Moti Mahal:

Some of the brands which come under the Moti Mahal group  Delux are 

  • Moti Mahal Delux – The Modern Indian Kitchen. 
  • China Wall –  Pan Asian Cuisine. 
  • Dosa n Chutney – Eat n Joy at South’s best. 
  • DARYA – Mexican Grills and More. 

Contract Agreement Moti Mahal Franchise :

A contract will be issued by the Moti Mahal Restaurant for the entrepreneur. To officially nominate an agreement-based letter based on the Moti Mahal Franchise. The initial period of the contract will be for one year. However, it can be later on renewed with mutual consent. 


These are the complete details of a Moti Mahal Franchise in this article. The company’s main office is located in New Delhi. 

Since its inception in 1920, it has had nearly 100 outlets that have dined in and taken out models running successfully. So be a part of this entrepreneurship and begin your journey as a franchisor.