Mio Amore Franchise Model – The Cost, Expenses and Profit Margin

mio amore franchise

Looking for a budget-friendly franchise option, then Mio Amore franchise is one of the best ice cream chains from Eastern India you can try.

Have you ever noticed Mio Amore is not a familiar name to pronounce? That’s because two Italian people have started the brand. That might be the reason for the brand name.

The brand Currently offers cakes for every occasion, and the brand originated from Kolkata.

Founders and History:  

Arnab Basu, The legendary man behind the Mio Amore, But the history of origin is a bit different because the brand was previously under the Switz Group Private Limited.

Switz Group Private Limited, The Family of Bakery company, primarily offers cake and confectionery products. Before the birth of Mio Amore, they were selling the product under the Monginis brand.

As per the mutual agreement, they decided to take off their store from Kolkata and allow Switz Group Private Limited to start a Mia more stores around 2015.

Market Expansion and Growth:  

Mio Amore, the famous brand in the Bakery and confectionery product category, has now reached the 300 Plus shop in Eastern India, that is, West Bengal and Odisha.

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The brand offers products at a great price; that is why the middle or average income groups especially love to visit and buy bakery products.

The primary target market is Kolkata and Odisha. If we talk about numbers, then almost 50% of ice cream market has been captured by Mio amore and around 30% of the market of Odisha.

Why Mio Amore:

Mio amore, The well-known Confectionery and Bakery brand from Eastern India, offers something more valuable than the rest; here are the highlights below.

  1. The brand offers updated and fresh products to the consumers.
  2. The reason behind Mio Amore’s success is that they targeted the average income group; that’s why they have pocket-friendly menus.
  3. Mio amore present in the market than 25+ years. 
  4. The brand is well recognized and has received prestigious awards as well.

Products and Menu:  

Mio Amore offers a Wide range of cakes and bakery products. They have occasional special cakes at a great price. Below is the menu.

  1. Signature Cakes
  2. Cake Library
  3. Photo Cakes
  4. Customized own

Mio Amore Franchise Overview:

If you are from India’s easter region, especially Kolkata and Odisha, it’s an excellent opportunity for you; Mio Amore offers franchises to investors. Details as below. 

  1. If you are about to take the Mio Amore franchise, then the first requirement is to have a commercial space around 250 square feet and outer space for the parking.
  2. To start Mio Amore’s franchise, the initial amount you required is 12 Lakhs; that amount bifurcated into advance, security, and other expenses, including decorations.
  3. The company will provide training and materials to the franchise owner; the minimum staff needs 2 to 3 to manage inside operation. ( the company official does not state the team inside the store.) If you are applying for the franchise agreement, then the company also analyses your educational or business background. 
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Contact Details:

Email Address:  mioamore@switzindia.net

Address:P 36&41 Kasba Industrial Estate, Phase I, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata 700107, West Bengal. India.

Bottom Line: Mio amore is one of East India’s most well-known and favorite ice cream brands. This brand is number one in the retail bakery chain. If we talk about the franchises, staff will help you with everything from training to opening a shop. For the updated franchise and cost structure, you can directly talk to the team. If you have some excellent information here, you can share this post with your friends or family members.