Lenskart Franchise – The Complete Overview of Eye-wear Business Model

Lenskart Franchise

Are you looking for an Indian based franchise opportunity than the LensKart franchise is the best option you can try out today.

LensKart is the first Indian base optical eyewear shop that continuously works to improve its sunglasses and frames.

Within ten years, or we can say decades of hard work, the company has managed to raise its ROI only with the help of the Indian market.

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The brain behind the innovative eyewear company lenskart is Peyush Bansal, Sumeet Kapahi, and Amit Chaudhary.

LensKart is the one-stop-shop for all of your eye-related accessories, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, frames, etc.

Lenskart Founders and History:

Amit Chaudhary, Peyush Bansal, and Sumeet Kapahi, the founder of Lenskart, is a successful brand that spread across India.

Suppose we talk about the success of the lenskart brand till the date. Then as per data of 2019, the stores of lenskart have 500 numbers in around 70 cities in India.

The stores are not limited to India, but the company also Has a manufacturing factory situated in China. It helps the company to make nearly 50% production alone.

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After successfully covering the whole Indian market, the company has planned to target the US market.

LensKart marketing and branding technique is really unique, and they always focus on how the user interacts with the brand.

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As you can see, if we check the website, we get a 3D trial base model on the website, which helps us identify the frame as per the face, and these are the best thing you can try, and nobody offers 3d tests for the frames before buying. Innovative thought.

Lenskart success graph is always upward; that’s why top eyeglass competitors always try to get a new idea for the businesses. GKB opticals, coolwinks.com, specsmakers, deals4opticals, lensbazaar, vision express, Titan Eyeplus, etc., these are top competitors are of Lenskart.

Industry Expansion and Stocks:

The innovative ideas always attract investors. That’s why the LensKart brand has built a significant association with the top companies, Softbank, Tata, Infosys, Wipro. This big organization has invested in the brand and lift the company valuation to $1.5 billion.

One of the significant manufacturing units situated in Delhi nearly makes 300000 eyeglasses in a month, which is vast. After eight years, Lenskart has decided to launch another brand name of the brand is John Jacob, Which was successfully established in 2017, and within two years, the brand reached 500 Crore revenue.

As of now, Lenskart does not have any shares to offer stakeholders, but within one or two, year company might release its public IPO very soon.

Why Lenskart:

Lenskart a unique Revolutionary eyewear brand that provides the top quality frame and glasses for men, women, and kids with face tests.

In 2020, the brand offers every variety of frames and glasses as per your budget. You can also get a chance to buy your loving sunglasses 50 to 60% off on special occasions.

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Most people would love to buy their sunglasses offline because they had to check the quality, appearance, and colors of the frame before purchasing. After the digitalization, the brand has decided to go online, and now they have successful E-Commerce stores.

If anyhow you are not able to reach the store then you can directly contact or book an appointment with the staff, and one of the team comes to your home with multiple frames to take you an eyes test at home, that’s a very convenient way to deal with the customers.

If you are a new customer or haven’t tried any LensKart glasses, then it’s the right time to buy the first sunglasses. In the first order, they always give the new customer free, so without wasting time, visit the website today.

Eligibility for Applying Lenskart Franchise:

LensKart is a well-known eyewear and sunglasses brand in the world, and now they are expanding their market to the USA also, so if you are really interested in investing in this brand, then one of the two ways definitely works to you.

The first way is to buy their franchise and start your own LensKart business at your place. The second thing is if you have land or property, which has excellent foot traffic to the nearby areas, then you can directly contact them, and they will set up the store in your property, and you will get in return some amount as the rent.

If you like to start a franchise of Lenskart, then the first significant thing you need is the commercial area, which must be 300 to 500 square feet. And it’s okay if it’s near to the market or High Street.

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LensKart is a very reputed and famous brand in India, so you need to have 3 to 4 employees in the store to maintain and keep everything functioning.

The company provides everything to you before establishing a successful franchise Store, employee training, like the employee, must know everything about sunglasses, frames, the designs, and how to interact with customers.

As you know, franchise cost is always out of budget for young entrepreneurs, but a franchise of Lenskart, you need to have at least 25 to 30 lacs in your pocket and the additional around 2 lacs for the royalty fees of the brand.

Contact Details:

Lenskart always welcomes investors and entrepreneurs to expand the reach of the LensKart brand across the country. The process of applying for the franchise is straightforward.

The company has already defined the franchise’s parameters so you can check out the link below for more information.


You can directly contact with them in one of the below ways.

Lenskart Franchise Contact Number: +91 9555510896
Email for Franchise Queries: beafranchise@lenskart.in

Bottom Line:

The first Indian based optical specialty Store Lenskart, have grown tremendously in the past decade, so if you are really interested in the franchise business, then you can consider a LensKart for the investment. Let me know your thoughts on the lens card franchise post and share it with you: friends, colleagues, and family members.