How To Start Laziz Pizza Franchise In Your City

laziz pizza franchise


We all have heard about pizza franchises in India. But have you heard about the Indian-based pizza franchise that is one of the leading food chains in India? 

If not then this article is for you, because we are going to talk about the Laziz Pizza Franchise that is proudly owned by Kiran Enterprises. 

Did you know Laziz was started as the first pizza kiosk outlet on 15th August 2011? Since its inception as a franchise in 2013, the Laziz brand has opened several outlets across India and foreign countries. 

About Laziz Pizza Franchise:

The brand has earned the loyalty of its customers with its customized portfolio of pizza to savor their taste buds. Due to this, it has built up more investors and satisfying franchises. The brand Laziz Pizza is run by Laziz food & beverages based in Kolhapur, Western Maharashtra. In 2018 the brand was awarded as a Pizzeria chain by Global Magazine Staffordshire United Kingdom.

Laziz Pizza has established its strong presence through its endeavor over these past years. They started franchising in 2013 and currently, there are 150+ outlets in India. The best part about this Laziz Pizza Franchise is you don’t have to share your profits. The module of this franchise is uniquely designed to make you self-employed with their business domain. To ease the management of operating a franchise, the franchisor provides you with training operational manuals to assist you with your business. The brand has a target of opening about 200 Laziz Pizza outlets in India. 

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Franchise Model Of Laziz Pizza Franchise:

There is FOFO model As kiosks and QSR. 

Space200 sq. ft350 sq. ft
Kitchen Assembly2.37 lakhs2.37 lakhs
Franchise Fee2.5 lakhs2.5 lakhs
Set Up Cost 2.5 lakhs2.5 lakhs 
Security Deposit 25k refundable25k refundable
Total Investment 7.62 lakhs9.12 lakhs
ROI8-10 months10 – 4 months
Royalty 0%0%

As per government rules, the GST rules will be applied to each payment. Moreover, the set-up cost includes Partition, counter, frontage glass, paint, electrification, signage, posters, Fans, computer, printer, music system, CCTV, Tv, fridge, kitchen crockery, bikes. 

The training for the franchise will be held in the head office location. And expert guidance from head office will be provided for the franchisee in opening their outlet. Thanks to its customer base, Laziz has been able to gain a strong following since its inception and serve a wide variety of diners. The location for the Laziz Pizza Franchise should be in a commercial location. 

Plus the Laziz has joined hands with India’s favorite coffee day to provide a ravishing delight along with a hot coffee under one roof. So come and join our realm to enhance this collaboration. 

Why You Should Try Laziz Pizza?

  • Laziz Pizza aims to serve the best quality pizza at affordable rates. 
  • They are known for their taste and variety of pizza. 
  • Laziz Pizza is one of the first kinds to provide a delectable variety of pizza based in Kolhapur. 
  • Even if you wish to start veg and non-veg outlets as a part of this franchise. You can start this business in a rented or an owned space that requires a 350 – 1000 sq. ft shop. 
  • The side products of Laziz Pizza are grills, sandwiches, pasta, garlic bread, french fries, burger, fried chicken, etc. You can keep shakes, soft drinks, juice, ice creams, etc.
  • From raw supply materials to pizza cartons and other seasonings provided by the brand will be borne by the franchise.
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The brand also provides the franchise with a start-up kit. That includes 

1) Deck Pizza Oven – 1

2) Grill machine – 1

3) French fries fryer- 1

4) Delivery box-

5) Pizza Cartons (3 ply corrugation) – no. of 8inch. 10 inch-

6) Brochures with your address & phone number.

7) T-shirts, caps, trays, sauce bottles, pizza lifter, pizza cutter, chop boards, knives, aprons, kitchen caps, sharpening stone, peeler, slicers, pizza hot bags -, Laziz Pizza Software.

8) Chili flakes and oregano sachets each.

9) Training for 2, stay facility for 2, food, Operational Manual, PPT, pizza Pans

The above list will be provided by the brand as a start-up kit. Later you will have to buy supplies whichever is needed from the franchisor in branding format. Staff Training and Support in Recruitment along with on the job training Support.

Guidance – Standard operating procedure module to maintain the standard and quality of the brand.

Agreement & Term Details:

The Laziz Pizza Franchise has a standard franchise agreement that offers 4 years term franchise. Moreover, you can connect with the head office if you want to renew this contract for further years. 

If you have the commitment, competence, and capital in taking forward any business opportunity. Then you can achieve your goal and get successful. As these three are the core ingredients for any startup business. Above all, you don’t have to be experienced in any food & beverage industry. Because if you are capable enough to take care of 3’C then you are already on your way. The franchise is available in all the regions in India. To help you select the right location the site selection help is provided by the team. The locations to open a Laziz Pizza Franchise unit have preferred sites like schools, colleges, and near shopping areas. The franchisor will provide all types of support to the Franchisee. 

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One of the biggest advantages provided to a franchisee by franchisors is a multiple support system throughout the opening process. There is a proven formula for doing business, so there is no need to invest in setting out the strategies. So these are the following details regarding the Laziz Pizza Franchise in this article.

The brand has a strong presence all over its franchisees, thus it has become one of the leading food chains in India. If you have any doubts regarding this matter, let us know in the comment section below. Feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.