La Pinoz Pizza Franchise Business Model Help you Start own Store

la pinoz pizza franchise

Looking to enter in the fast food business segment, then here we have the best option to invest in la pinoz pizza franchise today.

La pinoz pizza Indian pizza brand, which currently deals with all the varieties of a pizza and allows the food lovers to order online from anywhere.

The good news is the company offers a franchise for the investors so if you are looking for  the easy approval process for the business then do not go beyond La pinoz Pizza franchise.

Founders and History: 

Sanam Kapoor, The man behind the birth of la pinoz Pizza brand in India, the first outlet was open At Chandigarh in the year of 2011.

Sanam working well in an IT company also had achieved a well stable position in the IT sector, but still, the mind refused this job and realized that something was missing in life.

At the initial stage, the brand was facing a lot of barriers and a roadblock because the financial crisis is always there and The market response is like the sea wave. 

But still with a lot of struggle the brand finally made its position to the market, even in the presence of big brands.

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Market Expansion and Growth: 

The brand is now successful even after 10 year the first outlet opened in 2011 and now the company has achieved 60 plus count for the outlets in India.

Because of the brand’s success, the company has planned to expand its outlet to the country and abroad as well, most expected outlets open soon in UAE, Canada, Australia, and USA.

The brand is very active socially, even on social media as well, every location the brand launched various pizzas to attract the crowd. The recent pizza has launched in Noida known as the monster pizza.

Why La Pinoz Pizza: 

There are so many reasons why you need to consider the La pinoz Pizza franchise for your next Fast Food business.

  1. The brand is well versed in the Indian market.
  2. As the company knows how to survive  even in the front of big players.
  3. The owners have adopted some different ingredients for every Pizza that’s the success mantra of la pinoz franchise.
  4. The company provides every support and nursery material for the franchise owner.


Do you know Pizza is the only one food but with an innovation in taste and ingredients we can create many flavoured pizzas, here is a menu of La pinoz pizzas.

  1. Half n half
  2. Standard with
  3. Classic pizza 
  4. Jain pizza 
  5. Pasta
  6. Tacos
  7. Bread
  8. Shakes and Beverages
  9. Combo Pizzas
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La Pinoz Pizza Franchise Overview: 

Before you can move ahead just take a look at the initial requirement to apply for the La pinoz Pizza franchise.

  1. The primary requirement is to have the commercial space which is around 350 to 450 square feet to establish an own la pinoz pizza store.
  2. The initial investment required to start la pinoz Pizza franchise is caused to around 30 to 50 lakh it varies as per the location and the locality.
  3. You need minimum 3 to 4 staff inside the store to manage inside operations like cooking and crowd management.

Contact Details:

You can directly visit the official website and drop your queries or call to the available numbers below.

Address: Booth No. 10, Sector 9-D, Inner Market, Chandigarh, 160009

Bottom Line: Hope, I have told you all the things related to opening the La Pinoz pizza franchise here, if you need some more information, then let us know your opinion through comments. One good thing to know here is that the company will give you 95% profit and will keep 5% as commission on its own, so that you are in a good profit. If you have got good information in this post, then you can share this post with your friends and on social media.

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