Jockey Franchise Requirement and the Cost in India

Jockey Franchise

Are you looking for franchise business ideas in India, then you’re landed on the right page? This post will give you complete detail on how you start your Jockey franchise in India and its eligibility and requirement?

Jockey Is not an Indian brand, but still, the youth and young generation love Jockey in 2020. There are so many brands in India that come up with innovative ideas for innerwear, underwear, etc. no one could able to sustain the best place in the market like Jockey.

Jockey Founders and History:

Jockey International is previously known as Cooper inc because that time, the people were used to giving their name to company or startup, and Brain behind the Jockey is Samuel T. Cooper from St. Joseph, Michigan, in 1876.

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The owner started this business only to focus on wool and other socks-related items, making humans feel comfortable and peaceful to hang out.

Industry Relations:

Jockey International is an American inner cloths manufacturer and retailer of clothing, sleepwear, and active apparel for kids, men, and girls.

With more than 120 years in the market, the Jockey has spread its core business to 120 countries, with more than 14000 specialty stores and departments working in the USA alone.

As we know, the brand’s origin is not in India, but we can still start a franchise of Jockey. Page Industries Limited, situated at Bangalore, India, has owned the exclusive licensee of JOCKEY International Inc. under the agreement the Page org responsible for the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of the JOCKEY® brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the UAE.

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Suppose we talk about the success of the Jockey brand in India. In that case, we can explore the page industry. As per the information, in 2017, in India, there are almost 384 Exclusive Brand Outlets, which are fully working with 286 stores on high streets and 98 stores in shopping malls with heavy footfalls.

Jockey International is a USA best original sports outfit brand, and it’s for more than 120 years alive in the industry so you can trust the reliability of this brand.

At the moment, Jockey is your one-stop for all of your clothing necessary,  including sportswear, gym wear, t-shirts, innerwear, swimming suits, socks, and kids wear, etc.

The one more thing you can consider about the Jockey is the price of their products. The brand belongs to the USA, but still, its outfit are more demanding in India too. The gear they manufacture are very cost-effective, that’s why they have a spread in more than 120 countries.

The brand is always creative with its advertisement and marketing,  so it makes them create the best place in the user’s mind easily.

The clothes and the outfit the manufacturer are built to last longer and have much more superior quality than any other brand.

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Jockey International is always passionate about following the cloths trend; that’s why they are introducing the next outfit with the refreshing design in every period.

Eligibility of Jockey Franchise / Distributor Cost:

The brand is open and always attracts investors to join and invest in the franchise, so below is the requirement you need to have before applying to the Jockey franchise.

Jockey is a highly innovative innerwear brand. You can trust it’s a franchise, and they genuinely care how their business is growing in particular regio, so once you decide to invest, they will provide you everything from resources to operational manuals.

The leading and most creative innerwear brand Jockey loves to support and helps you resolve every query. That’s why they have a very loyal customer base. If you need anything from them, you can directly contact their office because The staff guides you in every process, including opening, launching the Store, promoting, etc.

The first thing you need to do is go to the franchise page and fill the necessary detail,  which they ask like name, address aspect, contact number, etc.

The primary concern is the Store,  whether you have your Store or did you rent it. They are very curious about the Store which they are giving their franchise.

The foremost important thing is the carpet area of your Store. It’s obvious they really wanted to know the carpet area of your Store and also they are specifying the three choices of the carpet areas, You need to have at least your carpet area more than 1000 square feet.

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*1000-1200 sq.ft,

*1200-1400 sq.ft,

*1400+ sq.ft

The carpet area is essential because it varies the franchise cost you buy from the Jockey. Price,  as we all know, every brand costs you some franchise amount for material and brand resources, and the Jockey also defines the franchise cost is 45 lacs, which is minimum amount And for the maximum range  50 lacs Plus.

One more thing is they do not apply franchise fees from investors in India, the cost you read in previous points is the whole amount for the material and resources they provide. Employee requirement is a must. 5-6 Employees must maintain and keep the store operations fully working.

As we know, the brand is very supportive, so they guide you in every step from the opening of the franchise stores, the launching process, legal guidance, training to the staff, etc.

The Minimum Amount You Need is 45 lacs and more.

Below are the contact details and official head office address so you can contact them as you see fit.

Jockey Head Office

Page Industries Limited, Umiya Business Bay-Tower-1, 7th Floor, Cessna Business Park, Kadubeesanahalli, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru- 560103.

Jockey Franchise Contact Number

Ph: +91-80-49464646, +91-80-49454545

Bottom Line: 

Franchise businesses are beneficial because from 0 to the reputed brand’s support and resources, you will get everything from the brand. So if you have that much of capital to invest in them, I suggest you go with the Jockey franchise. If you find this post is intriguing, then share it with your colleagues and friends.