How to Get Distributorship of ITC with Complete Details

how to get distributorship of itc

Are you looking to start a successful business franchise from a multinational company? You’ve enough capital but cannot find the right choice of franchise. Then don’t worry because we will tell you how to get a Distributorship of ITC. 

ITC is a multinational company that has its headquarters in Kolkata. The ITC limited was established in 1910 as Imperial tobacco company of India’s limited. But in 1914, it was changed into India tobacco company limited. 

The company offers five segments, is listed under BSE and NSE, and manufactures many other products. Some of its segments are food, stationery, personal care products, safety matches, FMCG, Agribusiness & information technology, lifestyle retailing, Cigarettes, etc. 

People associated with this franchise are earning a lot, and it is one of the demanding businesses. ITC, over the years, has created a diverse form of its portfolio and has become the second-largest company in the FMCG sector of India. 

Some of the top brands under the ITC limited are Sunfeast, Aashirvaad, Wills navy cut, Engage, Fiama, fabella Classmate, Savlon, Vivel, and more. Today more than 30-40,000 employees work in this company, and more than 5000 women from living with the come of this company. 

The company has gradually increased its network by providing its distributorship throughout India. So if you are willing to start a franchise, then it would be best to consider how to get a Distributorship of ITC. So we have mentioned the respective details about this dealership only for you. 

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What is ITC Distributorship?

A dealership is similarly a distributorship where one has to sell the respective companies’ products. ITC offers these brands and products for distributorship in India. 

Food, stationery, personal care products, safety matches, Agarbattis, paperboard information technology, packaging, printing, and hotels. 

  • Food – ITC has major food brands that come under its distributorship. They are Natural B, Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Yippee, etc. It is the largest brand seller with over 6 categories present in the food business. 
  • Personal care products – Haircare, Skincare, and perfumes come under this category. The major brands are Engage, Fiama, Vivel, Superia, etc.
  • Stationery – Classmate, color crew, and Paper kraft are the leading brands in the ITC limited company. 
  • Safety matches & Agarbatti – Mangaldeep’s incense sticks, Aim, Ship I know they are a few brands that have partnered with ITC.
  • Hotels – Fortune park, welcome heritage hotels are the brands subsidized with ITC.
  • Dairy products – Sunfeast wonders milk 

ITC Franchise Requirements?

To start your franchise in any business, one must check the following requirements that meet your business needs.

Space Requirement: If you want to have a good commercial location, you need to invest more for a perfect place. As for a larger business, more land is required. While if you are willing to start a small business, only a small area is needed. So for the office and the storage, you need to have a separate area. 

Office – 150 – 200 sq. ft. 

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Storage godown – 1500 – 2000 sq. ft 

Other Space – 200 – 400 sq. ft

Document Requirement – 

Some of the document that is required to file for a franchise is 

  • ID Proof – Pan card, Voter card, and Aadhaar card. 
  • Address proof – Electricity bill and ration card. 
  • Bank account with passbook 
  • Photographs, Email ID, phone number. 
  • Property Documents are checked with the title and address. Along with the lease agreement and Night. 

Training Details :

  • The company will allow the franchisee to have some training in the field. 
  • The officials will assist you, and the Head Office will give expert guidance. 

For any business, a lucrative investment will yield great outcomes and benefits. So 

  • The distributorship fees may cost – INR 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs. 
  • For godown, it will cost INR 2 – 5lakhs. 
  • Stock – INR 2 – 5 lakhs. 
  • Other expenses – INR 1 lakhs+

How To Apply For Online ITC Limited Distributorship?

If you want to apply for an online ITC distributorship, then here we go. 

  • First, you need to visit their official website
  • Then on the homepage, you will see the Contact Us option. Click the link. 
  • Then a form will open up in front of you to fill the form. 
  • After filling in the information, carefully click the submit button. 
  • Now your registration is done, they will contact you soon with one of their representatives. 

For all the profit margins related to the ITC franchise dealership. You need to contact the officials. The company gives profit based on the segment in which they do their business. For example, the average profit margin is 5-10%, which comes out of all margins. 

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The more you sell, the more you earn. So to not face any hurdles, the company does all of your marketing. The company assigns you some selling targets, and if you meet those standards, the company will give you some commission from its profit. 

You can start earning money at the earliest if you follow the pattern of selling and buying stocks with greater need and value to your customers. 

How To Connect With ITC Limited Distributorship?


Virginia House,

37, J. L. Nehru Road

Kolkata – 700071, India

Ph: +91-33-22889371

Fax: +91-33-22880655

Corporate Identity Number:


For any queries or grievances, you can mail to this ID here

The ITC distributorship margin is based on the area and the city’s current terms of the ITC. So check upon those details when they inquire about it. 


So basically, we have mentioned the necessary details on how to get a Distributorship of ITC in this article. We hope you have everything you need to check out in this article. 

ITC Limited is a multinational company that provides interactive and great opportunities to business providers. You can start your own business with this dealership and overcome your loans within a year with the successful benefit. 

One must know the term franchise is for over 9 years, and the team provides a standard franchise agreement to the franchises.