Is Selling Homemade Candle is Really Profitable – Quick Insights

Is Selling Homemade Candle is Really Profitable


Is it possible to make money selling homemade candles from your comfort? Nowadays making scented candles has become a business for many. 

A side job has evolved into a full-time position. Unlike some hobbies, candle making can be turned into a full- or part-time business.

Nowadays many are turning into specializing their hobbies and turning them into profitable businesses. If you are ready to make exceptions and work with the prospects keeping in consideration.

Selling homemade candles has the same price as purchasing the materials to make them. However, the quality of the end product does add value.

So that sums up the final price. One of the good things about making candles. It’s that there is no end to making good candles. 

Depending on the preferences of your clients, you can create several candles that are long-lasting and fragrant. In this post, we’ll discuss the most popular candle varieties, how to sell candles, how to launch your own business from the comfort of your home, and much more.

There are a lot of factors that go into candle making. But it complicates the cost of making candles which isn’t obvious. Here is some exciting news for you. Where you can learn to sell homemade candles. 

What Do I Need to Start?

If this is your first time starting a business there are some of the basic concepts and information on becoming an owner of one. 

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When it comes to selling homemade candles. You will also have some information and certain decisions to make regarding this type of candle. You want to sell and it’s a process to make one. The profit margins for candle-making and selling are two different concepts. 

You need to do your research and develop the products. Just to make sure your products are safe and awesome.

Best Types of Candles to Sell:

There are many different types of candles you can make. From standard candles to scented ones in a simple container to a decorated container and jars. 

You can create your mixed scents with a variety of colors. You can also scent candles with essential oils which are made with therapeutic properties. 

In today’s market of candle making the two competitors who give tough competition are soy and paraffin wax. 

Soy Candles:

Soy candles have become so common and more popular for a good reason. They are long-lasting which are less soot and derived from soybeans. 

Though they are more expensive and have less scent. But they are famous as a good option. 

Paraffin Candles:

Do you know that paraffin candles have a powerful aroma and are less expensive and more accessible? They are very marketable because you can build them in a variety of sizes and unique shapes. This candle is ideal for individuals who want to use scented candles but are on a budget.

The other types of candles include decorative candles, aromatherapy candles, and other candles. Choosing the right wax will depend on your target market. 

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Is Selling Homemade Candle Business Profitable? 

It all depends on good marketing strategy and planning. Though the cost of making candles is not much, it depends on selling them to the customers. It will take nearly four to five months to achieve your standard feat of success with a gross percentage of this business. 

Guide Plan For Candle Making For Beginners:

Here is a list of steps to follow for perfect candle-making from your comfort. The majority of people who buy candles nowadays are not only looking for religious purposes. 

But also keeping their vibes intact and able to decorate their homes with the scent. Due to this many innovative minds have started to turn their hobby into a fully-fledged business. 

  • Firstly you can take an online or offline class. To make candles from experts. You need to ensure that candles burn from the start till the end with the perfect scent. 
  • You need licenses or permits to legislate about your new business. 
  • Choose a business structure under which you are going to start your own business. 
  • Choose about various types of products you are going to choose for your business. Do some research about what type of ingredients and things are needed to make candles. 
  • Write about your niche, business plan, target audience, and public relations plan with a detailed analysis. 
  • Create the right setup for organizing and managing the setup. 
  • Get some raw materials at the required rate and details of giving a creative touch to your scented candles. 
  • Keeping a stock of scented candles and promoting them on social media platforms.
  • Just make sure to test your candles before you begin selling them. 
  • Continue to practice the formula and make sure to get the right ingredients. Don’t compromise on the quality and tweak your idea to find the right combination for your products. Once you feel confident don’t step back to create different types of candles for your business. 
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Also, make sure to test your making process and don’t try to copy others. It’s good to get some ideas and create a  niche for your raw materials. But always create your candle recipe. 

Don’t get upset when you are not able to sell your candles to everyone. Because you cannot expect everyone to purchase your candles. But your candle price should deliver the customer’s requirements and meet your expected profit margins. 


Yes, selling homemade candles is a profitable business. If you learn the craft of managing and handling it. In any type of business, the important factor is its sales. 

As it will help you to become a better salesperson. Talking and connecting with your target audience will let you know. How and where do you need to tweak your ideas? 

With no eyes, comes no sales. Getting into the line of selling homemade candles in front of your new potential customers is required to grow your business. 

Make sure to keep a note of every little detail you want to add to your business plan. So that you can access and manage it with your determination and hard work.