IFruit Ice Cream Franchise – The Cost, Profit, and Risk

ifruit ice cream franchise

Looking for a way to start your own business without much investment, I suggest looking at the ifruit ice cream franchise business model.

Why always businesses need to start from scratch, there are immense opportunities available out there; the thing is we need to invest some amount in acquiring the ready-made resources.

If you are in India, you know people spend more on ice cream and snacks than any other food materials.

The more you are productive, the more you get preference, so always develop a unique idea that can capture potential users’ attention.

In this blog post, we explore why the Ifruit ice cream franchise Is growing at steady rates along with the Giant’s competitors and cost-cutting environment.

If we look at the numbers and stats of an Indian ice cream market, Then As per the survey, it’s estimated that 60 billion worth market in 2015, And in the upcoming ten years its value reaches up to 90 Billion.

The History of ifruit Ice Cream:

The unique concept ifruit ice cream business is not new but exceptional, but it is still in the market since 2016 and continuously growing up to date.

Ifruit ice cream is a retail chain business, and it’s been efficiently handled and operated by Avi Products India Limited (the multi-product organization)

If you see the brand name the first time, let me tell you first, ifruit Ice Cream, an Indian base retail business that offers unique and innovative ice creams, desserts, and snack items.

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With the innovative ideas in the product, Ifruit Ice Cream has managed to reach all over India, and in the upcoming years, the company can expand it beyond India.

The name of the brand Ifruit defines itself; they use fruit variation in every ice cream that makes them unique and innovative.

Products and Category:

ifruit Ice Cream is a retail business chain with the specialty of ice cream, snacks, and dessert, and their primary selling products are as below.

Rollies Ice Cream:

The product’s role is the most demanding in the ice cream parlor, and they are preparing the Ice Cream in front of you; that’s why people loved it the most.

Rollie’s ice cream served in the cup with four rolls inside perfectly blended with the chocolate syrup and mixed fruit and nuts.


The perfect ice cream cone filled with fruits and nuts with a delicious taste.

Hard Ice Cream:

The name hard ice cream is like a family pack which comes in a big size.


As you already know, the waffle is a crispy item with its shape and size and generally made from batter.

You will find the three flavors in the ifruit menu like Belgian, Éclair, Doughnut. 

Milkshakes, Thick shakes & Fresh Juice:

The varieties of milkshake and Juice which will be found at Ifruit ice cream center.

Fries and Sandwich:

The other related snacks item which are the most common french fries and sandwich.

ifruit Ice Cream Franchise Opportunity:

Ifruit ice cream offers excellent franchise opportunities for the investor with the minimum capital to invest; the franchise business doesn’t need to have prior business experience.

The iFruit ice cream franchise staff offers a complete set of devices and equipment, the necessary materials and training for the team and chefs; with the essential skills and prior business knowledge, anyone can effectively start and Excel their business quickly in no time.

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The below ice cream and snack items are sold quickly and generate more profit.

Waffles Stuffed, Softie Ice Cream, Crushed Ice Drinks, Hard/Normal Ice Cream, Gelato Milkshakes, Sorbet Waffle, Sticks Ice Cream Floats, Ice Cream Rolls, Frozen Yogurt

The Requirements:

First of all, you need to find commercial space which is around 150 square feet.

The second thing you have to do is submit the legal document and start the Legal procedure; also, you have to give 1 lakh initial amount while signing the contract.

The company does not have any restrictions regarding the shop’s interior; you can design and decide color as per your choice.

It would help if you had at least two chefs/staff at the beginning step, and the company will provide complete training for them.

Once your business setup finished, you need to pay the remaining amount to the company.

Also, one more additional cost is for you; whatever materials and equipment they will transport to your location, you will have to pay them.

It would be best to have your accommodation whenever the companies staff comes to your location for the training and another discussion.

The good thing is the company does not charge any royalty fees, profit, and Per year commission from the owners. 

The Cost of Equipment:

Every franchise business has its resources and equipment, the cases are the same, and the overall cost of business can vary due to the machine and devices and the product range you are offered to your customer.

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Ice cream making machines are not reasonable. They are too expensive, sometimes. Most of them we usually find in the shops are Batch freezer, Waffle machine, Single Roli machine, soft serve machine, Deep freezer, electrical fryer, commercial blender, etc. 

If you need every machine to your store, then the devices price range could reach up to 7,25,000/-* 

In the second case, if you opt-out from any one of them, like soft-serve and batch freezer, then the total cost of equipment for you is 6.25 to 5.25 Lakhs.

Overall your ifruit ice cream franchise plan costs you anywhere from 4.25 lacs to 8 lakh.

Raw Materials Requirements:

Every business has its secret recipe, so before you can go into the ice cream shop business, make sure to buy the company’s cream powder.

Chocolate syrup, paste all the things you need to buy from their local vendors, and it’s mandatory.

Contact Details:

Email: ifruitindia@gmail.com 

Contacts: 7798693939 /8657531605 / 9223444316 / 9324607948

For more information, drop your comment here:


Bottom Line:

Every business and it’s a sale could fluctuate according to the season, and Ifruit ice cream franchise is one of them, the business model is very profitable, and I have mentioned everything in a clear and detailed manner through the blog. The brand already belongs to Mumbai, so you don’t have to pay any extra charges for the locations. Let me know your thoughts on the above post. If you found helpful information on this blog, then and share it with your friends and family.