How to Apply for Iffco Fertilizer Dealership in India 2022

iffco fertilizer dealership


Do you know about the IFFCO Fertilizer Dealership that has been making rounds on the internet nowadays? Are you a person who is looking forward to investing and opening their agriculture product shop? If yes then this article is for your purpose only. The IFFCO term is derived as Indian farmer Fertilizer cooperative limited which is a multi-state Cooperative society. That does all kinds of business in the fertilizer field. There is a high demand for products like UREA, DAP, and other organic Fertilisers in this company. So if you are thinking of starting a franchise of IFFCO Fertilizer Dealership. Then you will be given a  fixed commission for selling the products of IFFCO. 

About IFFCO Company:

This IFFCO Company was started in 1967 with 57 member cooperatives. It is the largest fertilizer manufacturer in India which has a lot of demand in the market. It is a widespread business in India that aims to provide its IFFCO service and products to the farmers. So new outlets are coming to the market in the name of IFFCO bazaar. IFFCO urea agency. 

What is the IFFCO BAZAR Franchise?

IFFCO Company has been giving their IFFCO Fertiliser Dealership as a franchise to interested people. Under this franchise, the person can use this name of their company and give franchises in India, and in return, they get paid for that. 

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Benefits Of Starting an IFFCO Fertiliser Dealership:

There are so many benefits of stating an IFFCO Fertiliser Dealership. Some of them are 

  • One of the foremost things to note is the largest fertilizer in manufacturing and distribution in India. 
  • It is easy to manage and be self-employed. 
  • Every farmer uses the IFFCO products and likes them.
  • By joining as a franchisor you will get to have your business name and brand identity. 
  • The demand for the products is so high because it is the largest fertilizer company in India. 
  • Also, you won’t need any marketing process in the market for this franchise. 
  • IFFCO agricultural products are modern and efficient stores in the market. 
  • All you need to do is to be focused on selling the franchise products and expanding its business network to grow. 
  • The company will give a franchisor a tool number. In case of any help they can, call that number. 
  • The company helps in setting up the franchise and helps in every stage of work. 

Eligibility Criteria for IFFCO Fertiliser Centre:

Here are some of the rules for the eligibility criteria for IFFCO Fertiliser Dealership for you given below. 

  • Any person can be an applicant unless they belong and live in India. 
  • To get an IFFCO Fertiliser license 2021, it is necessary to have a minimum qualification of in agriculture or chemistry. 
  • The applicant must be a single dealer, entrepreneur, or individual. 
  • To open an IFFCO Fertiliser Dealership then you need to have 1500 – 2000 Square feet of land. That should be your godown or a store. 
  • When you are going to start this business you need to have your total set of documents in hand. 
  • Also, the applicant should have a computer, printer, POS, UPS machine, painting on the wall, furniture, electrical appliances, and civil alternation. 
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Documents for application of Franchisee:

  • You need to request a letter and fill out the application form. 
  • Then submit the documents mentioned in the application form. 
  • DD/RTGS Rs. 1.00 Lakh (for men franchisee)
  • Signed agreement copy (each page should be signed) 

Before starting the operation:

The documents you need to submit are 

  • Photographs of the showroom. 
  • License copies of pesticides, Fertilisers, and seeds. 

Documents and Licence required:

  • Personal details include the Aadhaar card, Pan card, voter Id for identity proof. 
  • For address proof, you need a ration card and an electricity bill. 
  • Current A/c and cancel the cheque. 

Requirements For An IFFCO Fertiliser Centre Franchise:

Here is a basic requirement to start your business as an IFFCO Fertiliser Dealership. They are 

  • Space requirement – A good amount of space is required to open a store or a godown in it. 
  • Documentation requirement – Few of the documentation is required to open this franchise. 
  • Worker requirement – At Least 2 or  3 helpers are needed to be in the store or godown. 
  • Investment requirement – A good amount of investment is required to open this franchise. If you have a minimum of INR 5 – 6 lakhs rupee then you can go for it. 

The IFFCO Company is a privately held business in New Delhi. With over 51 – 200 employees in the retail sector of agricultural products. The land cost of the godown should be around INR 50 – 60 lakhs to open this space. The security fee will cost you around INR 1 lakhs. Also, the office space and godown will cost you around INR 3 – 5 lakhs. After the verification and completion of all the requirements. Then you will get a green signal from an IFFCO officer and execute an agreement with IFFCO Market. 

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You will get a license after you deposit a security deposit in IFFCO. Then you will be given guidelines according to the IFFCO e-market. A salesman will be appointed for the operations of the IFFCO franchise.

IFFCO contact Details:

Toll-Free Number (Mon-Sat: 9 am-6 pm)- 1800 103 1967


How to apply for IFFCO Fertiliser Dealership:

First of all, you need to apply for the dealership from their official website. For the IFFCO Market franchise registration where you will get full detailed information on the front page itself. Then you will be asked for your details. Such as your name, address, mobile number, email ID along with the message to the company. It will take nearly 10 – 12 weeks to get accessed by the company and they will look into the other details. 


These are the requirements and details for the IFFCO Fertilizer Dealership franchise. I hope we have given out the best details about this franchise. Please go through each of the sections before you apply for this franchise model.