Ibaco Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities – Details of Cost and Profit

ibaco ice cream franchise

Today we will explore one of South Indians’ favorite Ice Cream brands, ibaco, and the ibaco ice cream franchise’s requirements.

Have you heard the name of Ibaco ice cream? It might be because it’s not popular in Mumbai; it’s a South Indian base brand managed by the parent company hatsun agro Limited. 

One of the pleasant and delicious ibaco ice cream has continuously risen to the South Indian areas within five years and is looking to acquire more of India’s areas.

Ibaco is known for the fresh and original dairy products, including cakes, ice cream, chocolates, candy bars, etc. The company is continuously evolving and making changes to their existing product’s appearance and taste for the festive season and occasions like Valentine’s and Christmas. You will find special edition cakes and ice cream.

I was looking for the ibaco ice cream franchise details, But then suddenly I encountered the search term “how to pronounce ibaco”, that surprised me; people even searching for this term.

Do not exactly go for the brand’s pronunciation. I have searched this term on google and analyzed it with voice search; it’s a simple word with a straightforward pronunciation and nothing. No matter how you tell, it’s up to the receiver how they catch.

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History and Ibaco Owner:

Ibaco Is an Indian brand and part of a hatsun Agro Product Limited, and the brilliant mind behind the owner is G Chandramogan.

Suppose you are looking to be a partner with hatsun Agro limited. In that case, you will have six sub-brands to expand your startup, including Arun ice cream, arokya milk, hatsun, ibaco, Santosa cattle feed, and hatsun daily.

Invest in ibaco Ice Cream Franchise:

Ibaco, the rising premium Ice Cream brand from South India, Anyone can open an exclusive ibaco ice cream outlet in India. You will see the various range of products as below in outlet:

  • Ice Cream (Which varies from flavors, toppings, sauces and make your own sundae)
  • Ice Cream (Easily differentiate by the serving capacity, 20, 10, 6, and mini edition)
  • Ice Cream Bars
  • Signature cons
  • Chocolate (Center filled and chocolate bar)

As per last year’s survey, There are currently more than 150 ice cream outlets in India, and the latest one has opened at Nerul West, Navi Mumbai location.

For the ice cream outlet, the commercial space we need is around 500 square feet, And it’s okay if the location is near the market and crowded places. 

The brand officially does not specify anything related to the franchise requirement. However, this is still an essential requirement, and the data I have mentioned here gathered from the internet. 

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The expense required to set up your ibaco ice cream franchise outlet costs you almost 20 Lakhs, including the Machines and equipment. (The amount mentioned above is just a rough amount; you need to contact the corporate office first to get accurate details.)

Ibaco Details:


Telephone Number: 044-24501622.

Fax No: 044-24501422.

Email: info@hatsun.com

For the franchise details 


Bottom Line:

if you landed on the post, that means you are looking for a franchise business idea, and the ibaco ice cream franchise is one of the profitable Indian brands to invest in. Before you get into any franchise business: Determine the capital, the commercial space, the market condition, local region, and the monthly expense. If you are new to the ice cream business, you might be aware that ice cream products are seasonal, and sometimes you will have less and more demand for products. So plan it accordingly and then take a decision.

Let me know what you think about the post. Drop your comment below if you found something helpful on this blog.