How to Start own Premium Food Store with Jumbo King franchise

Jumbo King Franchise

Today we will explore one of the revolutionary brands and its well known in the local Indian market. Let’s see how we can buy the jumbo king franchise.

More popularly, we can say it’s an advance or new version of Indian vada pav and the best version of burgers for the Indians foodies.

Why is jumbo king so famous and has great taste? Let’s see why their product menu is incredible. Maybe the reason the brand is continually growing?

Founders and History:  

Dheeraj Gupta, The man behind the jumboking brand’s birth, started the first store in Malad, which is Mumbai, around 2001.

When the first outlet opened around 2001, the owner had identified the market and the local vada pav price, which was around 2 Rs, so to survive in the local market, the product must be at the same price’s; this is the reason the people started accepting it.

If the street vendors sell their vada pav for two rupees, why not get a bigger vada pav in the same amount with the many ingredients and prepared in a clean environment. Right?

Market Expansion and Growth:  

Undoubtedly, the jumboking sells the bigger and better version of Vada Pav with the many ingredients. If we talk about numbers, then there are more than 200 plus exclusive outlets in India. 

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Due to the popularity and huge success, the owner of jumboking has planned to launch a quick-serving restaurant chain in India.

Jumboking is always looking for the best opportunity and ready for the customers. Last year they tried something new, i.e., they launched their food truck near the Pune Railway Station.

Why Jumbo King:

Jumboking offers various benefits to the investor if you are about to buy the franchise. Then check out the below points.

  • Fully functioning for two decades in the market, jumboking has understood the Indian market and learned as many new things to adapt in the market, so from the franchisee perspective, you are about to be the partner of a 20 years old brand.
  • Jumbo King is a famous brand in India in the fast-food chain category.
  • From Mumbai to all over the nation, the brand has successfully reached every corner of India.
  • Once you plan to buy the franchise, the company will provide every support for the franchise owners.


In the beginning, the jumbo king was selling only vada pav and with the Other variation of it, but now jumboking have changed their menu and are selling much more than only vada pav.

  1. Sharing Combo Packs for Vada Pav
  2. Burger
  3. Coke
  4. Fries 
  5. Premium burgers 
  6. Wraps
  7. Shakes 
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Franchise Overview:

If you are interested in buying a jumbo king franchise, you have to read the below checkpoints to determine whether you are ready for it.

  • The first priority I always recommend to the investors is the commercial space because it contributes 50% of your whole expenses. For the unit franchise, the minimum area required is 250+ Sq ft. 
  • The company expects you to invest your 100% time for the business; also, a minimum of 2 years of experience in a food serving category is preferable first.
  • Before investing in the franchise, you have to be clear that many other elements cost you much; if we talk about the rough amount, it will reach 20Lakhs or more for the unit franchise.
  • There are other costs involved like Franchise fees, security deposit, and The store setup cost, which varies as per the carpet area, so make sure to contact them first for the accurate details.

Contact Details:

JumboKing Contact Number

022 – 2927 1286 / 2927 1357

Jumboking Head Office

Jumbo King Foods Pvt. Ltd. 73, Virwani Industrial Estate, W.E.Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400 063.

Bottom Line: I have covered every point in this post. Let me know if you need any info. Jumbo King has diversified their products like the company is now offering the dine-in, quick-service restaurant. So if you have more space or the budget, you can try out for the dining restaurant franchise. At the initial stage, the company will provide everything, including the necessary materials, logistics support, and training lasting for more than 3 days. Let me know what you think about the jumbo king franchise. If you found this post helpful, then kindly share it with your friends and family.

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