How to Start a Burger King Franchise in Your City – Complete info

how to start a burger king franchise


Who doesn’t love burgers? Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, the burger is a most loved food. It is a  quick and easy meal to prepare, burgers are the perfect snack for creating memories with loved ones at an event, party, or dining room table. With a large number of varieties, flavors, and choices to create the perfect patty, there is no doubt that even the pickiest eater goes hungry.

Most of the time when we are in a  hungry mood or having cravings to eat something hamburgers are one of the best foods to eat while on the go. No matter what part of the time it is whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner we can grab a burger and might throw in some fries and a soda to go with it. Many restaurants are known to make their burgers in a specific and different way.

Preparation of the burger differs from restaurant to restaurant. But what really makes a burger taste so delicious? Based on where you go they will taste different but they are all structured the same. It is made of a bun, a ground patty (vegetarian or non-vegetarian as you desire), and often ingredients such as cheese, lettuce, onion slices,  and other condiments. The burger that is served must not only taste delicious but also must be presentable for it to be appetizing. Undoubtedly burgers look very appetizing to our eyes and are round in shape with many layers of nutrients.

How to Get Burger King Franchise 

Burger King is the most popular burger franchise, having more than 200 branches in the country of India including cities like Bangalore, Chandigarh, Pune,  Mumbai, and Delhi. There are various benefits in investing in Burger King and becoming an owner of your franchise. The Burger King company provides support and help in most of the things like opening events, evaluations, and many more. 

Burger King offers three options to an investor as to what kind of a franchise he wants to invest in. These options are as follow:

  • Entity Agreement
  • Individual Agreement
  • Corporate Agreement
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About Burger King

Burger King is the second-largest food restaurant in the world. The company started initially with a small branch now it is operating in about 73 countries with missive income and success. It has become a popular worldwide brand that attracts all types of customers irrespective of any traits. Burger King has many franchises set up around the globe and is one of the biggest burger seller companies.

How to open a Burger King franchise?

  1. Be sure you have an adequate budget.
    In order to start up a  Burger King franchise, you must have a net worth of more than 3 Crore INR .
  2. Calculate your prior experience and strengths.
    You should thoroughly calculate your prior business experience before applying to become a Burger King franchise owner.
  3. Decide market availability.
    You should have to look and check out the market availability for Burger King franchises and see if there are available markets in your desired location before beginning with the franchise application.
  4. Submit your application.
    The application that is submitted by you will be reviewed by the Burger King franchise team. You will be emailed with  a confirmation message after your online application has been reviewed, where the Burger King Franchise team will additionally provide the contact details of the franchise owner.
  5. Receive approval & begin your Burger King franchise.
    You will receive approval for your franchise once your financial and background checks are completed. Approval will only be given to individuals who meet all the requirements of franchise owners.

Burger King Franchise Cost 

One important thing that each and every investor has to know before making a decision to invest or not in a company is the cost of investment needed.  The amount of money that an investor has to spend in order to become the owner of a Burger King Franchise costs around 2.5 crore rupees. Not only that, an individual also has to pay a royalty fee of 4.5 percent to the Burger King company.

Burger King Franchise Requirements

There are various requirements that an investor has to complete in order to own and run a Burger King franchise. 

1.Your Burger King franchise has to go through a training program organized by the company to learn the scope and techniques of the business so that an investor can completely understand how to run the franchise.

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2.The location of the store. Burger King has made a division of 3 places where a person can start up his or her Burger King store. 

  •  The first place are  institutional locations like train stations,airports, bus stations, government developing areas, sports areas, etc. 
  •  The second place are the  commercial areas like shopping malls, shopping streets, e.t.c  for Burger King restaurants.
  •  The third place are  non-conventional areas like gas stations, convenience stores,  etc.

3. An individual has to use an outlet for the vital purpose of running a Burger King franchise and also has to keep the franchise open for the minimum hours as specified in the franchise agreement.

Tips to start and develop your burger franchise:

1.Advance your product:

Based on where you launch your burger franchise, customers will have various burger and patty choices. With the modern development of food delivery services, people have access to a burger 24/7.

The taste of a burger is not enough. Many customers buy food because it’s affordable, conveniently located, and has other food items people want. Some restaurants with average food taste are wildly successful because they offer their customers many entertainment choices too. Quicker and faster courteous food service acts as a basic selling point for many restaurants.

 Don’t forget to test your product with objective potential consumers. Be sure you don’t ask your friends and family what they think – they’ll be supportive and tell you everything’s fantastic. 

2.Choose your location wisely:

Location is the most important aspect of the Burger King franchise business. Your Burger King Franchise is to be located in a high-rent district to compete. Basically, locate your franchise near your target customers this makes it easy for the customers to pick up and becomes affordable for you to offer doorstep delivery.

You also have another modern option of starting up with a food truck, this initiative offers a less and affordable price than signing up a multi-year lease agreement. This option would allow you to move to various high-traffic locations, enables you to do further observation and testing on your new products, and build a name for yourself.

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3.Pricing Your Product

Once you have designed your meal, make sure to come up with a burger and other menu items that you think are unique handout of the box idea. Take some time and think about what it will cost to make your burgers and other items in your menu. This will need contacting suppliers of all of the ingredients and equipment you need and you plan to use for your burger and other menu items to learn your cost to make each burger meal.

You must have a budget for running a franchise completed before you can set prices because the customer’s cost for a meal will have to cover your expenses(e.g., labor, insurance, rent, marketing) and desired profit.

Check out what your competitors are pricing to make sure what you can likely charge for your burgers, sides, meals, and drinks. Add your food, budget, expenses, and profit costs to assure what prices you’ll need to set for your burgers and other menu items.?

Remember, the more orders you sell, the lower your expenses cost for each and every order. Design three different sales scenarios (realistic, optimistic, and pessimistic) to check where you might need to set your charges.

3.Design a Promotion Plan

Determine how you are going to promote your burger franchise restaurant business. Your choices can include social media, using coupon packet companies, local radio, local print publications, and TV and outdoor advertising.  Check out and think about where and how your competition is advertising. Do not assume you should blindly follow what other popular burger companies are doing – people who buy your burgers might be choosing you for different reasons than when they buy fast food.

Final Line

Burger King records sales of more than 375 crore rupees per year. The company also has plans to open 700 branches in India by the year 2025. Burger King is on a path of a wild rise in terms of sales, branding, and popularity and has no reason to slow down. If you have any further queries, feel free to call the toll-free number of the Burger Franchise company. The team members will be happy to help and assist you with your queries.