How To Open a Sonic Franchise Store in City – Details of Cost & Profit

How To Open a Sonic Franchise

Today we will explore one of the delicious brand and popular fast-food chains in America, that’s Sonic Drive-in, here we guide you on how to open a sonic franchise restaurant in your city.

If you haven’t heard the name of this brand yet, you’re probably missing some food taste in your life; like other big brands, sonic restaurants have a strong presence in the USA.

Do you know? In the last year of 2020, Sonic brand achieved 14th place in QSR Magazine’s among the top 50 for fast food and quick serving restaurants in the nation.

Founders and History:

The Sonic founder Troy N Smith Sr. opened the first store in 1948, but Sonic didn’t fully set the brand up, but the restaurant was at the initial stage.

After working and purchasing several food businesses, the owners have identified the drink with burgers as a super solid strategy that works and improves ROI.

The idea was clear and straightforward, delivers burgers and drinks to their car with a speed of sound; people love the concept, then owners have decided to expand with the model.

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Market Expansion and Growth:

Do you know sonic is the early brand that offered a franchise model to the investor around 1953? After a huge success, the company decided to rename the brand in 1959.

The brand finally realized the franchise setup, equipment, and machinery needed for the new franchise. Then, the sonic supply came into the picture around 1960 as a trusted franchise guide.

Sonic, the 60 years old brand, has almost covered the united states with franchise stores. If we talk about numbers, then 3500+ stores fully working in the nation.

Why Sonic Franchise:

There are many other giant players in the same category, but what makes the sonic brand unique from the rest.

  1. Others offer traditions standing in queues for food, but Sonic has carhop services.
  2. They also offer milkshakes and drinks along with burgers.
  3. The well-known brand has a solid fan base.
  4. The brand ranked for the best franchise in the nation, so it’s an excellent opportunity for investors to invest without any hesitation.

Products and Services:

The Sonic fast-food brand is famous for quick serving items, such as burgers and shakes, but their menu is much longer than the rest. As below.

  1. Burger Combos
  2. Hot Dogs
  3. Chicken Variations
  4. Sticks and Fries
  5. Fresh Deals
  6. Breakfast
  7. Kid’s Meal
  8. Drinks
  9. Frozen Shakes
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Franchise Overview:

Here is good news for investors: Sonic drive-in offers Various unit franchises, but we need to consider the below-listed criteria for the franchise Store.

  1. For the interested entrepreneurs, you need to understand various models Sonic drive-in restaurant offers as a franchise such as Traditional Drive-in, Indore Dining, Travel Plaza, Conversion model, and Counter Service.
  2. To buy the Sonic franchise, you required a minimum of $500k to $1M for the single unit, and If you have a budget of more than that, you can apply for the business partnership for a multi-store unit.
  3. For the Sonic franchise model, you also need your area, which is large enough to accommodate 20 to 30 vehicles at a time.
  4. Another requirement is the franchisee must be experienced or have at least how the restaurant’s model works and must be active in a social community.

How To Open a Sonic Franchise:

  1. The location you choose must be within a state; that’s a better way to manage the restaurant within the Same area.
  2. To get more accurate detail and estimation about the cost, you can fill in your details on the official website through the contact form.
  3. If you have everything as stated above, you will have a better chance of being accepted.



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Bottom Line: I have provided you all the information related to how to buy the sonic franchise here. The franchisee should keep in mind that the sonic driving brand is from America, so he is looking for his partner mainly in the same state, so if you have all these things or you can manage them, it will be a beneficial deal for you. The Sonic Staff will provide you with all types of training and resource materials so that your daily inside operation can be completed. If you liked this post, you could share it with your friends on social media.