How to Open a Mcdonald’s Franchise in India – Complete Steps

how to open a mcdonald's franchise


McDonald’s is a name which needs no introduction because we all are familiar with its brand name. 

The burgers are world famous of the McDonald’s and its being in India will bring more and more profit to the country as well as the ranging employment will also strike higher than itself. 

The cost and fees will be investment and profit that can be revealed with the franchise which can explore employment all around the world.

Food industry has always been seen pumping in India because there are many people who live with different communities so it is the country of many variants of food. 

So now we will discuss how one will open the McDonald’s franchise. Here we are doing a listing of what you have to do to open a franchise of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is a name which will work at any point of place it can discover the ranging profit. 

Now we are discussing how to open a Mcdonalds franchise.

Becoming a Franchisee Owner.

There are many basic needs available that need to be understood well about taking the McDonald’s franchisee. It comes with the different types of deals offered by McDonald’s. 

To become a franchisee owner the deals and offers can differ from location to location and actually manages that menu changes accordingly. 

McDonald’s is basically the most popular brand when it comes to burgers and is the best food chain service restaurant in the world. 

The basic introduction of the McDonald’s which serves around 69 million customers it has around 37000 outlets across the globe. Actually, it is estimated that of the 75 hamburgers, 9 million pounds of fries are sold every minute in McDonald’s. 

Our suggestion is that the food service industry has always been the divine part of this country. Already the 400 outlets across the country and 80 to 85% profit which is a franchise model.

Mcdonalds has a very divine which actually has a worth to know it actually was started in San Bernardino, California by two brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald the year of incorporation was 1948. 

Actually, Ray Kroc was a salesman by profession who actually saw the ample of opportunities in the Mcdonald’s and was the first one to start the franchise in Illinois. After the huge success he actually acquired McDonald’s. The brand is always verified by its varied and different logos. 

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The reason behind it’s huge success is it’s out of the box thinking of food in affordable deals which can make even a less financially adaptable people also visit once and can be grabbed as a go to snack whenever one wants it to be. 

It can actually Cater the people from all the age groups without a second thought or in no deprivation of quality. The opening of McDonald’s franchise in India will be a very profitable investment in every sense possible.

It has become one of the create a due to its unique selling techniques and propositions towards underlining the cultural adaptability over every place like in India especially they have started the vegetarian burger by seeing the higher number of people eating vegetarian here. 

The quality and branding has never been compromised which is why it is considered as one of the best chain service restaurants ever.

McDonald’s Franchise Owning Investment Cost Details.

The franchisee of the Mc Donald’s is a must-have and is desirable because it gives the assurance of branding and quality of the affordable cost. Basically, the deal of starting a traditional restaurant comes with the basic outflow $45000. 

The traditional restaurants actually typically are located in the food courts, freestanding, building and storefronts. 

The franchisee agreement for such a traditional period is 20 years with the proper agreement which you need to take as per the typically located food courts. There are other types of deals that Mcdonalds offers to its franchises that are referred to as the satellite locations that are basically offering the quick service offerings. 

The actual initial investment for starting such types of goods in the food joints is $22500 the duration of the franchiseeship differs on the different locations. The above two locations there are two or more locations than Mc Donald’s offers the distributorship for the franchising of Mcdonalds. 

There are basically two types of locations which are STO and STR. The STO location that denotes the Small Town Oil Locations the initial investment to start such a franchisee in such an oil station is actually between $172,425 and $627050. To start the McDonald’s in the gas stations the initial investment is between $837750 and $1.2 Million. 

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To open Mc Donald’s franchise in India, the initial investment for the locations that every franchisee is charged at the cost of 4% royalty fee actually per month which is actually dependent on the actual gross sales of the month. The actual break-even period for the anticipation for the McDonald’s franchise in India is actually 2 to 3 years. They have clearly understood their business models and decided on which you actually wanted to be associated with them. 

Advantages of Becoming a Mcdonald’s Franchise Owner:

There are many varied advantages of becoming the Mc Donald’s franchise owner is also follows:-

You can start the franchise after that attending a world class training which gives a best in class service for your customers. 

It is choosing a McDonald’s franchisee that automatically gets connected with the 1000s of other franchisee owners that are surrounding you.

Company is providing the full range of support to its owners and operators right in between the business operations training and also the supply chain management which is basically supported by the world class support of marketing.

McDonald’s franchisee owners have to become more and more branding. It is world class from the franchise owner. The brand itself is already famous. 

You do not spend any money for the brand advertising and marketing etc is very much needed for the Mc Donald.

It can guarantee you the highest rate of returns on the investment that you have been keeping on the radar.

The best suppliers in the country for the running of the franchisee it is necessary.

Requirements To Start McDonald’s franchise

It is not an easy task for you to become a franchise owner of McDonald’s in India for which the first thing needed is the franchise disclosure document which is basically a 375 page document that has derived transparent information which is a cost, location and eligibility plus various other information. 

The second thing which is needed is basically a franchise application that is a bit tricky to get an approach for to directly start a franchise. 

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It has authorized two persons Mr Vikram Bhakshi and Mr Amit Jatia to sell the franchises in India. Now let’s put the franchisee starting process into action so here it goes given below:-

The first step is actually to send the two authorized persons based on the varied regions with the wish to open to franchise.

Once that application is reviewed along with the other documents you submit that will be interviewed over the phone.

And once you clear the telephonic interview with the Mc Donald’s franchise that has been actually concerned nearby that learnt about the working of the franchise.

That you need to go though the final level with the interview in person with the respective McDonald’s team after which one can start the franchise without any hesitations.

McDonald’s franchisee owner the investment needed in India is nearly around 6 to 14 crores INR roughly. Apart from this the franchisee owner needs to pay the 30 Lakhs INR as a franchisee fee to the royalty fee along it.

It is a popular franchise so no need to worry about the costing as it is a quick and most desirable service restaurant with the most loved brands in the country. It is actually the best thing for the investment.


Mc Donald’s is a quick-service restaurant and the most loved brand in the world. It is about starting your own business which is not worried about the investment that one can apply for the franchise of Mc Donald’s. 

The best time to get the Mc Donald’s is best for your investment which is actually expanded and just go and grab the franchisee of your own.

Mc Donald franchise owners in India can really be the most profitable with the details you have needed that has been given to you which is really opening to the details that is needed to open the McDonald’s franchise in India.

With the many queries and suggestions that can be definitely that has been grabbed so it has been definitely going to be worth it so go ahead if you are planning for the best becoming the Mc Donald’s franchise owner.