How to Get Xpressbees Courier Franchise in Your City – Complete Details

xpressbees franchise


Xpressbees is one of the fastest-growing courier companies which specializes in E-commerce logistics services in India. 

With the digital era leading to getting everything from the Internet. Most people nowadays have ventured into online business due to the pandemic. 

The rise of the digitalized world is increasing day by day. People prefer to purchase from food to shopping for their necessities online without going out of their homes. 

Significant to small businesses are leading to supply their products online with fast delivery and user experience.

One of the companies which have occupied the top place in the field of courier service is Xpressbees. 

In recent years Xpressbees has reached great potential. With the Lockdown restrictions in the year 2020 & 2021.

The sales estimated In the E-commerce has a staggering growth of 1.5 trillion USB across the globe. Hence, the courier industry has risen to a growth rate of 20-25%.

This article will talk about Xpressbees, and its specialties, key benefits of owning an Xpressbees franchise. 

The market potential of its successful profit along with its Eligibility criteria and financial costs. Most importantly, we will discuss why you can start your small-time as an Xpressbees franchisee in India. So let’s get started.

About Xpressbees:

Xpressbees has 100 years of experience in E-commerce logistics. The company processes more than 70,000 orders a day. It is now the popular choice of small businesses and people due to the user experience and fast delivery. 

Supam Maheswari and Amitava Sava started it in the year 2015. Xpressbees company offers to deliver at the doorstep the customer’s products with complete safety.

One of the best quality services they provide to their Customers is their last-mile management systems.

Xpressbees has been associated with top brands such as Myntra, FirstCry, GE, Bajaj, MI Store, Landmark, etc.

They are the most trusted delivery chain partners in India. With expert groups of technical support, management systems. 

The courier firm has a strong base with quick delivery and customer support. The reason behind their growth depends on their creative work ethic protocol, along with bridging the gap between technology and the employee management system.

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Suppose you are starting a new business. Then consider an Xpressbees franchise which lets you earn while running the business. 

They have a simple Process of delivering the products to the desired destination and earn a commission out of it. This business can yield a good margin profit with the initial investment and proper planning. 

In addition, Xpressbees company offers partnership deals by maintaining simple terms and conditions.

Specialities of Xpressbees franchise:

  • They maintain same-day delivery and following-day delivery services.
  • Xpressbees franchise deals with reverse logistics, which is seamless.
  • They have a proper planning with their team. The team executes the transportation services with an intelligent framework.
  • They offer quick responses and support to their customers.
  • They lead sturdy end-to-end operations.

Benefits of Xpressbees Franchise:

Compared to any other business. Xpressbees franchise offers profitable income with lesser investment. Running this franchise is simple as you have to deliver the products to the exact address on time. 

Then you earn a commission from it. It is an ultimate choice to start a business that has a good investment policy along with other benefits. Such as

Excellent Service Team:

The Xpressbees company allows the franchisees to explore the arrivals and the core management team. Then, they help you in creating a trained team of well-experienced professionals.

It is one of the valuable points of the Xpressbees company. They also offer 24×7 customer support services.

Easy-to-use Software:

For each franchisee, the company offers easy-to-use Software to manage the deliveries efficiently. In addition, they provide an online tracking tool to their customers to track their shipments.

Duties of the Expert team:

In terms of travel complexity, the Xpressbees team looks after the issue and scrutinizes it.

Healthy Returns and Commission Opportunity:

Suppose you own this Xpressbees franchise at a minimum investment. You can get maximum profit by playing the role of time to time service to the company. Each delivery comes with a handsome commission which leads to the total gross amount of the delivery.

Easy Technical Integration:

The company has user-friendly software devices which track and manage shipping activities. They also provide advanced technical support for uninterrupted tracking and delivery.

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Advertising and Marketing:

The company itself looks after advertising and marketing. As you only have to look after the details from the shipment center of the Xpressbees delivery.

Market Potential of Xpressbees franchise:

Here are some of the potential policies followed by Xpressbees company on a day-to-day basis. They are

  • Shorter delivery time.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • Try before you buy.

To cope up with the competitive world. The Xpressbees company has come with this marketing strategy to get positive reviews from the customers. 

Each initiative is a crucial component of the company, which is solely based on the management team. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, they can return the product, and the amount will be credited to their account.

Requirements of Xpressbees franchise:

Before starting any business franchise, you need to look after the requirements and basic details about starting this business. Here are some of the things required to create this Xpressbees franchise.

Area Requirements:

To open this franchise, you need to have a minimum area of 300-400sq. Ft. You can either rent a place or start at your property. But before applying for the franchise application. Look after the site and its required details.


The company will provide training to your team by the official experts. The support team will look after all the work of the logistics service and offer you the materials. You will be operated on how to do the Xpressbees software and update the orders daily.

Experience and Skills:

There are no specific skills or experience required to start this business. But if you have the talent and passion for running this Xpressbees franchise on a whole different level. Then go for it if you have experience with logistics. Then it will be a plus point.

Eligible Criteria required for business:

You need to submit the essential valid documents. To present the application form, you need to have copies. They include Voter Card, Ration Card, Property Legal Paper, PAN Card, Driving license.

How to Apply for an Xpressbees Franchise?

To apply for the Xpressbees franchise. First, you need to contact the support team. Once you get them, they will provide you a link for the online application form. Fill in the necessary details and submit in due course of time

Make sure to fill in all the required information as with the lack of details. It is said that the business team rejects so many proposals.

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In the application form, you will find the option of years of experience in this field if you have any kind of prior experience in the courier service, E-commerce, and logistics field. 

You can fill in Yes/No. Also make sure there is no other Xpressbees franchise in your area because there are chances of rejection of your proposal if you have any Xpressbees franchise.

Xpressbees Franchise Cost:

You need to contact the Xpressbees officials directly for a clear outline of the investment cost. After the selection of your application form. The official team will contact you directly and verify all the documents if your application form goes through all the points of the section. The team will contact you within seven days.

Profit Potential:

You can expect a profit of 30% potential from the franchise business. I was considering the demand of the market and its potential.

Contact Information:

To contact the business support team. You can either email or give a call to the address mentioned below:

Phone No: 020-49116100

Email ID:

Xpressbees Courier Official website –

Franchise link –

Head office Locations – Building# B1, Kumar Cerebrum IT Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra – 411014

Phone: +91 (020) 4911 1900 (Board number)


Starting this Xpressbees franchise as your business has good potential. Working under a reputed brand has its perks with hard work and compassion. 

You can solidly run this franchise business on your own since Xpressbees has bagged some of the famous brands under its kitty in the country. One can expect high deals of returns for your investment.

We hope along with the necessary details of this Xpressbees franchise. We have provided you with all the guides on applying for this franchise in the same city. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a franchise business, Understand the essential details, collect information, and research this franchise. Before starting it. If you feel you are capable of handling the franchise business.

Then Xpressbees company is the one for you. This business solely runs on the delivery services of the logistics. So you can earn a good commission by delivering to the respective address on the same day and time.